March 29, 2009

The Paper Tiger vs The Tiger with Paper

The Geithner-Krugman affair on ABC's This Week is another showcase of the type of criticism that is allowed and tolerated by the ruling elite on national television. Krugman's critique of the Obama-Geithner plan for the economy is deeply flawed and laughable if it weren't coming from a Nobel prize winner. I just feel sorry for the guy, he's making a fool of himself while setting an example for future generations of economists of what not to say during market downturns.

"It's a plan to rearrange the deck chairs and hope that that keeps us from hitting the iceberg," the Nobel prize-winning economist said of Geithner's bank plan.


We've already hit the iceberg. The plan's real purpose is to provide the lifeboats for the money changers, the oligarch fascists, and corporate patrons while the rest of America is forced to drown. The titanic analogy is a faulty one anyways because the captains of America's ship saw the iceberg miles away and purposely hit it. A crisis of this magnitude is not an accident, and the crooks writing the new laws are not innocent.

This economic dweeb got a Nobel prize and all of a sudden were supposed to take his word as gospel? Truth is prestigious, not awards and titles. The professional retards allowed center stage to criticize Obama belong to the Special Olympics of opposition. If this was bowling, Krugman would have trouble putting his fingers in the wholes.

The private charter that has been endowed to the Federal Reserve Bank must be repealed. Nationalize or End the Fed. Either democratize the issuance of money or make gold and silver legal tender and allow it to be traded on the market. That way, a number of currencies can compete for commerce within the country. The solution is not one currency backed by a single, multinational government but a range of currencies. You attack the establishment by exposing and attacking the Fed. You do not attack the establishment by using the establishment's arguments and instruments of warfare.

Krugman is allowed to be on TV challenging the Obama administration because his views are non-threatening and his analysis is generally very weak. He is a paper tiger, the real opposition will not be televised. If by chance some real voices squeeze through they won't be on air for long or their opinions will be marginalized as fringe and not workable. The idea that must be attacked is the use of paper to recover the economy which will only put the country in a far worse position. But again if paper must be used, since we are off the gold standard, or any other economic standard, then at least hand out the paper to the honest, just and worthy citizens. One of Confucius principles for running a country is you upheld the honest and the just and punish the liars and the crooked. Obama has done the opposite. He has repeated pass mistakes and continued Bush's policy of establishing corrupt public officials in key positions. There isn't another Brownie at FEMA so the Obama admin doesn't express the vulgarity of Bush's appointments but the general trend of putting thieves and scoundrels into the highest positions in the land has continued. That type of governing is what starts revolutions. You must not favor the crooked or else you'll have blood on your hands. The majority of the blame falls on the leaders of America but one small fact still remains; the people deserve the government they get.

State Thugs Arrest Real Journalist in NY

Luke Rudowski, truth activist and founder of wearechange has been arrested by Bloomberg's security and NY police for documenting the truth and pissing off the establishment.


Spring has come again. And the earth
is like a child who knows poems by heart;
many, really many. It was worth
the long harsh lessons for her prize. The art

of her teacher was rigor. We liked the white
in the old man's beard.
Now when we ask what green or a blue might
be called, she knows, she knows! Earth cheered

with freedom, lucky earth, now play
with the children. We are spoiling to catch you,
happy earth. The happiest escape.

O you, her teacher, taught her many things!
What is imprinted in their roots and grew
long convoluted stems, she sings and sings!

- Rilke, from "Sonnets to Orpheus"

March 28, 2009

The Dark Age Ahead

Is it a provocative title? Yes, because the times we live in require provocative thinking. It is not an original title but that's not a fair criticism because I'm aiming to write about the familiar. Jane Jacobs wrote a book called Dark Age Ahead shortly before her death three years ago. She was 89 years old. She was not a doomsayer and neither am I. Laying out future prospects based on current trends is not fear mongering but totally rational. These predictions are perceived as crazy because they're made by non-mainstream voices, in other words, by non-state actors. Thinkers in this age are labeled conspiracy theorists, and conspiracy theorists are treated like the Barbarians in the Roman times,- they're marginalized, ignored, dismissed, laughed at, and treated as loony human beings who have nothing to offer to society at large. So warning the masses about future dangers remains a burden and a difficult task, but the culture is slowly beginning to look inwardly and acquiring new knowledge bit by bit. Jane Jacobs wrote "A society must be self-aware. Any culture that jettisons the values that have given it competence, adaptability, and identity becomes weak and hollow." We've had a weak and shallow culture for some time now. There is no vitality or any sort of vigor in mainstream, consumer society. A dark age, at least for a decade, may do the masses some good. They obviously haven't woken up from all the free knowledge on the internet and their general ignorance of the important issues of the day still remains staggering. Their enlightenment and exit out of the matrix still awaits them. I'm waiting on the other side lending out my gracious hand, for conversation, not propaganda or indoctrination.

Reform requires vision and without foresight into the future there is no vision. We must know what's at stake - and it's not our current way of life which is superficial and a result of post-WWII economic growth at the expense of the planet, and the third world population. That's not to say that genuine growth hasn't been made in the field of computers, communication and information technology, biotech, and so on, but the larger trend has been an economy based on debt, slavery, and resource depletion. So, let's get one thing straight, the consumer society was a historical phenomenon that was not supposed to last this long. We live on a finite planet, with limited amount of natural resources, and that fact must be the basis of all economic thinking. The era of economic-dominated public policy is over, and it's not coming back, no matter how much money is pumped into the system.

Fearing the future is a good thing, it forces us to change. Change is not a cheap slogan, the times will change and rulers can not put their own spin on it. They can try but they'll fail. The state controls society's mechanisms for spontaneous social action but that is not likely to persist 10, 50, 100 years into the future. Robert Klassen of Strike the Root writes:
All political governments fail. History shows no exceptions. Political governments are always founded by force and fraud, rule by force and fraud, and inevitably fail by force and fraud. Worldwide, political governments are no different, and this time they are all failing at once: Their 100% fraudulent monetary system has caught up to them.
If there is a dark age ahead, the state will not play such a large role in society as it does now. It simply can't afford to, because enough people won't pay into the system. We will probably go through a dark age, a middle age, and a renaissance all in one effort. A whole new word will need to be invented to describe the historical times we'll be in. It'll be a dark age with non-stop flickerings of light.

This is all speculation, of course, who knows what type of historical curve balls will be introduced. But one thing is clear, the past 30 thirty years are behind us and that's a good thing because they were in their own way a spiritual dark age.

The Mother Ship of Oligarchy

It is common knowledge now among bright, independent and educated people to describe America as oligarchic and elitist and not a free and democratic nation. Blame can no longer be put on Bush and the Republicans, that would be grossly dishonest. But to see the two party dictatorship is not the entire picture either and as new developments emerge mainstream society will finally begin to see the true face of the economic manipulators, con men and masters of the money dynasty. Glenn Greenwald's most recent post is about about former IMF employee Desmond Lachman's comparisons of the U.S regime's response to the current crisis to the governments of Russia and Argentina during their financial crisis. Greenwald asks in the article:
The key dynamic underlying all of this -- the linchpin that allows it all to happen and, historically, the primary hallmark of a deeply broken nation -- is the total elimination of the rule of law for the ruling class, with a simultaneous intensification of the law as a weapon against the citizenry. Does anyone expect there to be any widespread prosecutions for those most responsible for the looting, systematic fraud and grand-scale theft of the last decade?
The many Third World countries who are controlled by oligarchs are mere outposts of the American empire. America is the mother ship of oligarchy in the modern day and that's why the world's poor is looking to America's poor for leadership and root out the banksters and their political benefactors. If there is no resistance here then it doesn't matter how much and to what length the rest of the world resists. If you think a Revolution is too soon to suggest or too extreme, I ask you, in a country run by outlaws who's disdain for the masses supersedes all previous elites, how can you expect anything but a Revolution to make things right? America is a country of legal bribery, and it is ruled not by laws but by men. But it is also the country of the gun. The people of the Third World have have lacked the adequate resources to push back against American-sponsored tyranny but America's hyper power military is containable in one part of the world, America. You may say the odds are stacked against the common citizen but the same was said about America's first resistance to the moneyed aristocracy who were then located in Britain. Truth is, there can be no real health care reform or any kind of reform without first overthrowing the current men who rule America. Until that day comes, America is a country of slaves.


In the last six months Americans have unwillingly accepted their fate as slaves digging their own graves but this is not their destiny no matter however long the plan has been in the works. In reality America has given up its title as a free country ever since the Federal Reserve Bank was established in 1913. Poets, legislators, former presidents, and regular citizens have all voiced their disgust and shame for such an institution in what is supposed to be a free land. But the root of America's slavery lies beyond the counterfeiting of money which is a hidden tax on the worker because it depreciates the value of the money in his pocket. The root lies at the idea of taxation and its supposed use for constructing society and making it flow. If no taxes, no teachers, no highways, no space programs, no health care, so the argument runs. No taxes, no life, no civilization, no culture, no society, we would all be on our own and forced to reinvent old hunting and gathering methods to serve us. No grosser fallacy has ever been used to con men and women and steal their productivity. At no time do rational people on the left ever ask where does our taxes go, and if the money were not collected in taxes then what would it be used for?

It's not an anti-tax/tax debate, it is a question of freedom and slavery and it always was. William Buppert lays out in his article The Twenty-First-Century Abolitionist Project: Slavery an Taxation the many inaccuracies and downright lies used to inject this argument into the public mind and why the only way out is to do what free men have always done, stop paying taxes. Aside from the principle, which is wrong, the percipient and the purpose for which Americans' taxes are allocated are wholly unjust. I discount the utter gross reasons given for American's unhappiness. How can a nation of slaves be happy? And the remedies supplied such as srugs and television, regardless of their doses, can not alleviate the heaviness of the fact that America is a nation of slaves. What other country can occupy the largest military bases overseas, have access to the world's resources, and issue the world's credit, and still have rampant poverty? Only a nation of slaves allows this fact to go on for generations. The entire economc egnine that is America is in the pockets of a few well-connected titans of industry and manipulators of the political-military-financial establishment. But I'll repeat what I said earlier, this is not America's destiny.

March 27, 2009

There Will Be Change or There Will Be Blood

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
Thomas Jefferson

The general mood of the country, especially of the informed individuals, is one of anxiousness and excitement. Everybody is cleaning their ear out so they can hear clearly the second shot heard' round the world to start the second American Revolution. As much as I think the country needs a political jolt to reawaken the citizenry I'm suspicious of the course the Revolution may take. The two largest mass movements that may forge out of a likely Revolution is the Christan Right and the Illegal Immigrant movement, both of whom are not politically enlightened and tend to be swayed rather easily to passionate arguments. Both are Christian and adhere strongly to their faith, however, they are both hostile to each other. What could start out as a Revolution against the current political and financial system may turn into a wholly different animal and one I'm very afraid of in the long run. Look at what the French Revolution produced. I think the second American Revolution is likely to follow the shape and structure of that Revolution rather than America's first fairly conservative revolution.

Without an educated populace revolutions will only end destructively, but regardless of whatever may come of it, the current shape and conditions of the country can not last for long. Some good things will happen, and some bad. My most important question is will we still have a secular society? And will the ideas of the free market win out against centralizers? What shape will our political institutions take, democratic or dictatorial? I think if any worthwhile and lasting Revolution is to occur the first and only thing all sides should agree on are the core principles in the US Constitution which are separation of powers, checks and balances, sound money, and the freedom of speech, press, association, and most importantly, of religion.

I twist and turn every night when I think of the course the Revolution could take. Most of the people who attended the Glen Beck 'We Surround Them' tea party events are from the Christan Right and generally tend to vote Republican. If their fanaticism for their religion can be contained, then, bring them on board. But if not, then hell's going to brake loose. If the Revolution is going to include all factions of the people then certain types of baggage needs to checked at the door, and your religion should be number one on that list.

I've just begun thinking about the various mass movements that may emerge in the near future and the struggles that will be fought. One thing remains clear, people are angry and will soon demand change or there will be blood. One or the other, and as things are going now, probably both.

March 26, 2009

Obama is not a serious president

Need further proof, aside from the previous stupid statements he's made?

Watch this.

p.s. notice the sitcom audience laugh at the question along with the clowned president.

March 25, 2009

The Big Rapeover

Matt Taibbi writes about the underlining truths in the global financial crisis - it is about power. Power does what it wants. His title for the piece is "The Big Takeover" but since this post isn't carried by Rolling Stone and isn't read by anyone besides me I'll call it "The Big Rapeover."

And if you don't think this is a rape then read this.

Cold-blooded elites rule this country and this world. They have little to zero sympathies for the vast majority of human beings. It's been two hundred years since Blake and Shelley, but not much has changed, conditions for the poor have gotten worse, the bank's tyranny has reached whole regions of the Earth with the noble exception of a few pockets here and there, mostly in Latin America where numerous leaders of nations are resisting. The one great change that has taken place in the last two hundred years is the level and precision of propaganda in society. In 1809, people were politically ignorant but nowhere near as much as today since in that period the enlightenment was still in the air and people were familiar with liberal ideas. The generations that witnessed the American and French Revolutions were around and in leadership positions in society. The major point is not that people have become ignorant over these two hundred years, but they believe their informed and thus hold an opinion. The people are not lacking a general awareness but they carry in their minds a false awareness and this is largely because of television, but that doesn't explain everything. People today are not ignorant or poorly informed, they are the victims of heavy doses of propaganda. Effects of the press on the mind has been huge, the news makers in the 20th century were the king makers. Without Murdoch, there would be no Bush. If human culture and human civilization is to persist in any sort of healthy way, the influence of the press must be curtailed, once and for all. Dismantling large corporations who have illegally gained control of the airwaves must be number one on the public agenda of any potential presidential candidate.

The time of being meek has passed, it has left us without power, and without a world. All solutions from here on must be radical or they're not solutions but temporary fixes. The time of staying silent has passed, or else days of violence may come and that will truly be tragic.

Where are we in history?

On the precipice of the greatest age of liberty. But these next four years are going to be hell. For everybody, especially for people in wealthy countries because we are going to have our societies shaken. New, courageous leaders will emerge in this struggle and that is just one of the positive things that will happen. In boom times, leaders with no mission or conscience get ahead, in other words scum rises to the top but in bust times the real and generous leaders have a chance of reaching the people's ear. But there is some chance that some rash and irrational leaders will acquire a national profile as well, so we have to constantly be on the look out and inform people. The state and elite's propaganda is persistent, the only way of countering that is to be vigilant and smart.

So buckle up and remember Bill Hicks's message, this is just a ride.


America Is Greedy, an article by Robert L. Johnson.

March 24, 2009

The Bankruptcy of the NY Times

Anyone seen purchasing or reading this paper should be viewed with suspicious eyes. They are the hollow men, the stuffed men, the dead men who have not seen the light. People should drop this paper on the floor immediately and treat it like what it actually is, a dirty bomb, and slowly walk away from it. Case after case, the NY Times has printed faulty arguments for made up stories, and supported legislation and wars that have bankrupted the country.

Here is a case in point.

Propagandists and crack-pushers work at the Times. Anybody affiliated with such an paper should not be redeemed. May the day come when it loses its influence on the public mind.

In fact this does not just pertains to the Times but to all major publications in the US. The Age of the Press and Journalism is slowly coming to an end, the democratization of news is happening at a much faster rate than previously imagined. In less than a decade, the Post and the Times will be far less popular and prestigious. Internet publications will rise, and the landscape of journalism will not be filled with mere news makers but with broadcasters, investigative reporters and honest journalists. Will there still be corruption in these agencies? Sure. Will they kowtow to special interests? Sure. But will the public rely on one source for all of its news? No.

Mourning the death of newspapers is idiotic and reactionary. Let the times change, the future has better things in store for us when it comes to reporting and news commentary.

The Left Needs a Bailout

Seven and a half years have past since 9/11, the foundational event of the century that has shaken the political landscape, making the left and the right no longer feasible labels for politics. Journalists, commentators, academics, writers, and pundits who still associate themselves in the traditional left/right paradigm are dead men commenting on surface issues. They handle dead matter, the dry leaves of an issue, and never the root. A couple of reasons can explain their current response, one is that they are too afraid to get their hands dirty, and/or two, they have not open their eyes before them and stared clearly at reality, at all the facts and evidence presented. Their commenting on world issues from a fixed and predetermined paradigm, something like an inside-job is so out of their territory of analysis that they simply refuse to believe it. And it's not just on foreign policy issues that they're wrong but their analysis is not centered in reality on the recent financial fiasco/takeover/robbery in America as well. They blame the free market for creating economic crisis even when all things point to a corporate and fascist system that has used every tool at its disposal to squeeze the American worker and increase their profits. The government is still a pure entity to these sweethearts. They really are sweethearts. They can't for a minute imagine the evil elite's shadowy presence in world events. Just for the record, I'm not entirely bought into the conspiracy theories, I think a wide range of social dynamics can explain reality. For example, the evil elite did not force millions of American workers to take out trillions in loans to buy extravagant items and useless products.

The American people are culpable as well, and they are as corrupt as their overlords. So the public raising a stink about AIG executives receiving bonuses is sheer hypocrisy on the part of the public. Where do you think these CEO's and money managers come from? From the moon? They come from the same American culture. Please, stop the bullshit, blaming the whole crisis on capitalists and Wall Street is counter-productive. We must change the culture, and that begins with educating people that they are not innocent, and they never were. What made the Abolitionists special is their commitment to individual conscience and refusing to blame everything on the southern slaveholders or the northern bankers. The American people don't profit as much as the top crooks from this system, but they profit nonetheless. And most of the left fails to acknowledge this, instead, blaming everything on market gurus, wall street stock brokers, and greedy CEOs. As a result they're analysis of both the empire's foreign policy and its domestic policy is bankrupt. They need a bailout, but they don't deserve one and their not getting one from me. The whole left/right paradigm is shattering, and a whole new politics is emerging, one grounded in reality and that stays true to facts, both historical and contemporary. The age of mythic politics is coming to a close. New parties will form and grow. The last republican president was Bush. The last democrat president will be Obama. The right has split and shattered, and may the same happen to the left.

March 22, 2009

Nobody Fucks with the Obama..

It's getting cliche to call Obama the anointed one, or the Jesus president. He is not Jesus, not the one in the Bible and definitely not the one in The Big Lebowski since he can't bowl for shit. If he is not Jesus then who is he? He is at the core a very coarse liar, it has nothing to do with his personality or his ethics, it's just the nature of his job. If you want to be the boss you have to accept the facts of life as the boss and he has, undeniably. So my criticism of Obama is not directed at him personally, but at his position. For those of you in love with the human being; get over it, already. There are tons of gracious, good and smart individuals out there, Obama is not unique in that way. Everybody in this society has to accept what the title of the president has become and stop identifying their dreams, aspirations, and hopes with that position. Change doesn't get much clearer than that. It is irrational to look to the president for your security and comfort. Say what you want about the peasants in the Middle Ages but at least they were independent. They grew their own food and led much more sustainable lives. And they even had a better sense of humor.

So what's the point of this post?

Start fucking with Obama. Breathing down the president's neck is what collectives with power do. Corporations do it. Lobbyists do it. And people have done it. It is not radical, it is fucking American. This country is not as conservative as commentators think it is. A few bonuses went to a few irreponisble men and women and people from every political faction started calling for their heads. Imagine the response once people realize the corruption of the Fed! People haven't got angry in the past decades simply because they didn't know shit. They weren't conservative, they were ignorant, and clueless.

Journalists, commentators, and individuals of every stripe make the same tired and undemocratic point "give him a few months in office then rail against him." The undemocratic tendencies in the people reveal itselfs again, this time in a different manifestation, but the same tendency that existed in the Bush administration is at work here. The president to them is sacramonious. Don't speak ill of the pope, he represents the divine will of the higher order, and likewise the argument runs that Obama is represents the divine will of the democratic order and thus no criticism need applied. "He was voted in office: now shut up, listen and follow." Yes, but by who? The same democratic voters with the same undemocratic tendencies? That's who?

Like John Goodman in The Big Lebowski, nobody should take the Jesus seriously, he is a fucking pedeophile anyways, don't you know? So forget your projections, the president is a bankrupt position in society, just like the King was. And hopefully the day will come when no man will run for president. When the American revolutionaries removed the King and the monarchy everybody in Europe thought their system of government wouldn't last. The new American Revolution will show the world that America doesn't need a president either and this will again shock the rest of the world and draw new admiration for the country. America has shocked the nations of the world once before and it will do so again.

Down with the presidency!

What Doesn't Kill Us..

Check out this article called "Anger Could Make Us Stronger" by Joel Kotkin over at new geography.

March 21, 2009

Thoughts on The Gangster State

In a world of perishing resources, mass refugees, and cartels of every sort, do freedom-loving people honestly think that the state in the future will be less tolerant towards spontaneous social and political action? If you haven't figured it out by now, the Tony Montana inspired statesmen are here to stay. The world is theirs. Long ago the state was founded by gangsters and it is increasingly clear that today they are still run by gangsters, after all these years. Imagine that! Dynasties don't fall; they inter-marry, transform, and morph into new, bigger, and meaner dynasties.

The state always had specially trained hitmen, from swordsmen protecting the dynasties in East Asia to 21st century spies and 'intelligent gathering' journeymen. It's nothing new, these hitmen have always been trained and used to cease and protect ill-begotten wealth. In some eras they do their work with class, conducting their confiscations in the night, undercover, away from the public eye. But in other eras, like ours, when the public eye has been so denigrated with gangster images from television, film, and music, there is no need to do the drity business in the night. Dirty business is cash money now. Stealing is practically accpeted morality. Gangsters are lauded for their ingenuity, strength, and of course, savagery. Say what you want about the Taliban, at least they've still got a sense of ethics. Any mention of ethics in the West is pushed aside as idealist talk and it doesn't matter if it is brought up in casual conversations or corporate boardrooms. Looting isn't done in the wake of catastrophic storms and hurricanes, it is done by men sitting behind their desks filling out their tax forms or calculating the growth of the company for the future month.

So in a culture of glorified criminality and gangsterism can you blame the state for flexing its muscle and showing its true color to society? Like a gay man coming out of the closet, we shouldn't berate the state with insults but congratulate it for showing its actual self to society. I respect the state when it does its work in the day than the night because the problem doesn't become the state any longer, but the people. And once that happens, the finger pointing stops and real action can take place.

So what's my opinion on Mexican drug cartels influencing government policy? Good. Now people have an idea of what exactly were working with. People think in images and if they see gangsters taking care of business so blatantly they might actually jot some notes down and who knows maybe even question what type of men the state attracts. The state is inherently a criminal operation, but not all men in it are gangsters and this fact confuses some people. "But my cousin works in that department, and I know he's not a criminal?" How can you respond to that without sounding paranoid? But recent developments surrounding the propaganda of the state have been very encouraging to reality. Ever since Nixon every president of America has taken active part in criminal activities both in and outside office. The facts are coming in and they are irrefutable: criminals and psychopaths are in the highest offices of government. It's just the nature of the job. We should count ourselves blessed, for if any of these criminals were articulate, charming and had class then a significant portion of the public wouldn't be so suspicious and weary of the state. Thanks to the crooked Nixon, the sleepy and bumbling Reagan, the dull Bush, the womanizer Clinton, and the idiot Bushie, people are finally getting the picture. The American state has produced a long line of unprofessional and shitty statesman that the future existence of such an operation can only be maintained by force. There is no class left in statesmanship. That ship has sailed for good, thank goodness. Looking at Obama trying to present a respectable face to such an operation just brings laughter to my heart. Somebody needs to tell them their little operation is over. There is no saving grace. There is no going back. If the elite of America had any sophistication and intelligence they would have never allowed Bushie be the public face of their operation for eight long years. Image is everything. Like AIG, the American state's reputation has long been tarnished.

The only possible way the current elite can remain in power is if they throw their mask off and finally show off their racket, the state, as it really is, the gangster state. The next thing is instilling sheer terror in the public's mind. They have shown that this is the course they will take and they've done business accordingly. There is no more denying the actuality of the state just as it no longer possible that anyone can deny the existence of a shadowy cabal trying to gain and maintain control of the world. They take Tony Montana's motto seriously, it's not just boasting to them. The World is Their's, they believe it. The question remains does the rest of the world believe it too?

Some more thoughts:

The only sure way of bringing the untouchable gangsters of AIG and other Wall Street Giants back to reality is to prove to them that they are not untouchable. They run gangster operations but they don't think of themselves as gangsers. Unlike street-level criminals and even mafia dons these crooks don't expect a bullet in the head at the end of all of this. A real gangster joins the trade knowing full well the repercussions so they don't dry out their victims, they take just enough to keep coming back. But the gangsters on Wall Street don't know when enough is enough because they never felt any kind of pressure and there is a reasonable explanation for this; they are the only players of the game, therefore, competition is non-existent. They don't have to worry about turf wars with the locals, they fucking own the turf lock, stock, and barrel. The only pressure that is left is the people and we all know where their head is and it's not in the game.

So what's my solution to AIG and the Bank Bailouts? Easy. You send a few hitmen and let them know what's what. Regulations won't solve shit. Neither will taxing bonuses. It's the culture we have to deal it. The President is not totally clueless, he knows that if any sort of respectability is to be brought back to the future pillaging business it needs to be done with a little bit of responsibility, like say, wait for the victim to get back on his feet before you hit him in the knees again.

Sadly, though, no such deed will be done. People are either too scared or haven't figured out to gather their resources and pay a few hit men to get the job done. These hitmen won't do it out of idealism, they'll need cash, and where is the people's cash? In evil knievel's stash cause the men who stole it are blue-blooded daring devils, representing real Americana.

Moreover, the President's main job is to keep up appearances and this has been his role for a while. But now the bleeding empire is in need of a more caring hand, someone with grace. Enter Obama. He's the clean up guy like Harvey Keital in Pulp Fiction, except Obama is not 'The Wolf', he's 'The Lamb' who will be fed to the slaughter once this is all done. This isn't just a poet's analogy, Obama actually alludes to this imagery by using 'cleaning this whole mess' rhetoric in his speeches. He's a janitor in the White House. Why else do you think he works late nights and takes his jacket off?

If Obama really assesses the situation and starts to think critically and historically he might be 'The Lamb' that turned. If he is as smart as they say he is he needs to approach the mess like a detective on a crime scene and begin to collect all the facts and lock up the proper criminals. Either that or you go the McNulty route and make up a bunch of shit and fuck up the fuck up even worse. Like McNulty the President is so far a very good actor. He's second in line to Denzel Washington as the second black man with Washington to his name to win the Oscar. Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah, you treat gangsters like gangsters; it doesn't matter if they're operating in the streets or in corporate boardrooms. You put a bullet in a few once they overreach. Killers need to be killed, or else they'll turn into a new breed of killers who will live on and on and that is the situation that were in as it pertains to Wall Street and the Gangster State. If we don't get our hands dirty now then they'll live on ever more powerful with brand new tricks and adaptations. Any more backpedaling will put future generation of men and women in jeopardy. It is a question of ethics. We all know what needs to be done. Will we wait for a more cruel and savage gangster from the streets to rise amongst the masses and kill the gangsters on Wall Street? I don't know about you but I don't want to trade one type of gangster for another one.

Even more thoughts:

I want to further write about the gangster state and develop my thoughts on it. I want to write about it from a pop cultural standpoint, tracing the films that have influenced the minds of so many men and women and analyzing their subconscious influence on people's ideas about ethics, society, leadership, etc. I also want to write about slum lords and the rising gangster states of the South. Also, the states of Israel, Russia, and America will be cited as some of the big examples. If I have any sort of life in me I am going to develop this into a book and hopefully have it published ten years from now when I will be thirty. The book will be wide-ranging; I will draw from different types of sources, and analyze the whole mess from a number of perspectives. It'll be about ethics, leadership, pop culture, organizations, the mafia, and of course, the state. I'll probably be indebted to a bunch of writers who have laid the groundwork before me but I hope to put my own spin on things.

I'll leave you with a couple of lines from one of my favourite rap songs, Cunninlynguists' America Loves Gangsters.

My soul came, spent, I tried to get it back
Thinking that if my heart stopped that my body could relax
But there's no time to be laxed
Because there's a war all through creation
God's Warriors are dying and gangsters are their replacements

March 14, 2009

Political Parties and Their Followers

When the Obama administration and the man himself fall from prestige, what then? A more serious breakdown of functional society is in order, not just of the economy, to reveal the current popular facade that this particular person has any sort of meaningful power to dismantle the invested corporate interests in America and the much more powerful banking dynasties of Europe and America. The people themselves are undergoing a nervous and continual collapse. The upshoot of morale that a large segment of the American people felt for a while was short lived because it was ill-born. They were cast under a spell and misled with false hopes. It will soon be realized by indepedent minded progressives and democrats that the current democratic cloak covering the US government is no less militaristic and elitist than its counterpart party. Their foolish naivete is forgivable because hoping for the best is not an irrational human quality but their persistent shallow backing of Obama is. And they should be criticized with ardor for their labeling of opponents as 'unpatriotic.' The Republicans and their mindless boobs of followers didn't pull back from calling their political enemies as unpatriotic, commies, and on some occasions, terrorists. Likewise, the Democrats with their own version of mindless boobs, are beginning to brand their political enemies as racist and unpatriotic. Both parties and both group of followers are wrong. Each type of criticism signal the death knell of intelligent discussion and earnest opposition.