April 29, 2009

The Judge with Freedom Fighters

April 28, 2009

April 26, 2009

April 24, 2009

The Tragedy and Gift of 9/11

The events of 9/11 opened a gateway to a whole different political reality. The shadow government's influence over America, attained through infiltration in the top echelons of power, was shown clearly on that day. Many still buy the corporate-state's version of what happened on 9/11, but it takes time for public knowledge to build and with the advent of the internet the fighters for truth have an ally. 9/11 truth may lead to an unraveling of humankind's true destiny. Ordinary men and women are on a personal journey to find out their inherent nature and in the process they are unearthing knowledge that has been kept secret for a very long time.

The unforgivable deed carried out by corrupt forces of the American empire may in retrospect be seen in a more hopeful light. What happened on 9/11 has changed the face of America forever, but what that face looks like is not totally realized yet. Once the full truth is out, people's admiration for governments will being to wither and they will seek to change society through spontaneous social action rather than relying on contrived state planning. The prestige of the state will dimmer and be in the same league as the church. The church is no longer perceived as a holy place, but a place of child molestation, fraud, and cheap lies. This is not blatant state-bashing, I do believe there is a role for government but the people must write the script and serve as the directors.

I don't know how long the process may take, but that it is a process is certain so we can't expect a switch of the light bulb and suddenly the evolution of the species takes place. But evolution is taking place, I'm sure of it. People's understanding of government's inherent corruption is growing, their knowledge of banks and the importance of monetary policy is also approaching a critical mass, and most precious of all, the awareness of themselves as being part of a larger natural picture is expanding. Selfishness is no longer 'in', co-dependency is more acceptable. 9/11 has opened people's eyes and that was its gift. The tragedy is that a tremendous amount of innocent lives have been lost, both in America and in the Middle East. Let us fight for the truth so that they did not die in vain. As Samuel Johnson wrote, "If we owe regard to the memory of the dead, there is yet more respect to be paid to knowledge, to virtue, and to truth."

April 21, 2009

The National Security State: A Secret Government

Bill Moyers on the secret government, from 1987:

April 18, 2009

Central Planning: A Dead Idea

Whether in economics, housing policy, or the environment, central planning simply does not work, except during wartime when society has to be collectivized to fight a foreign enemy. But since total wars are a thing of the 20th century, an informed and engaged public can build roads and homes, and clean rivers better than big governments and big corporations. Communities printing their own money for their local market is also a viable solution in this economic depression. By decentralizing planning decisions what you get is more uniqueness and diversity, unlike housing policy in North America in the past half century. If you look at the suburbs or the inner city, they are almost always built the same with a few variations. A kid growing up in a suburb of Toronto walks on the same style of roads, lives in the same type of house, and shops at the same stores as a kid growing up in a suburb in St. Louis. Do you see the problem? Leaving development decisions to corporations and governments is not a good idea because they take a one-for-all approach to their planning and always opt for cheap design and cheap construction so they can make a bigger profit. When these corporations petition local and federal governments for grants and new regulations that benefit them, what we get is a few cheap designs from a few cheap corporations, after they buy up a few cheap politicians.

Here's a good article explaining the likely achievements of civic participation in local planning.

These UNited States: Too Big to Fail?

Speaking at one of many “tea party” anti-Washington protests held throughout the country on April 15, Texas Gov. Rick Perry touched on a theme that could, I believe, prefigure a growing trend in American politics – and, indeed, throughout the world. - Justin Raimondo
Read the rest.

Dr. Paul

This man was born to transition the American empire back to a republic and in the process become the country's greatest president. But too bad the majority of the American people were delusional, propagandized and uninformed in the fall of 2008. In the long run, Dr. Paul will be more popular than JFK, FDR, and Lincoln put together and rightfully so. The only other statesman that will be as popular as him is the one and only Thomas Jefferson. I'm sure any future great American president will have a portrait of Dr. Paul on his/her wall, right beside Jefferson.

April 17, 2009

New Peasant Backlash: Reversing the Revolution of 1776

Rolling Stone columnist Matt Taibbi is sounding a bit like H.L Mencken, describing the moronic followers of Fox News who made up the majority of the tea parties as peasants. This has been true for a long time, but it's during a crisis when these types of realities expose themselves. After all these years of state intervention in the economic sector on behalf of the rich the conservative lower class finally hit the streets but who do they follow? Lying cheerleaders like Glenn Beck and Gov. Rick Perry and not someone like Alex Jones or Ron Paul who have been speaking the truth for years. But that's always been the American tradition, dismissing the truth tellers while putting lying scumbags on top of the stage.

HR 1207

The most important bill in Congress, introduced by my favorite sage, Dr. Paul.

April 16, 2009

Rand Paul at Kentucky Tea Party

April 15, 2009

End of America as we know it

Mike Adams on the demise of America's present political and economic structure.

Gerald Celente calls for Intellectual Revolution

One of the few sensible commentators in America today is calling for a meaningful revolution.

April 13, 2009

Time Magazine: Anything but Timeless

Here is a good reason why smart people are not reading Time magazine. The 'reporter' says the banking crisis is over, a statement that not even your child believes, but this grown man actually said it and let it be on record: in the banking crisis that began in America in the fall of 2008, mainstream reporters started to lose their minds. The only subscribers left of that magazine must be dead or too rich to care. Hopefully, as the economic crisis deepens, the readership of magazines like Time will dwindle. People who write for Time are clueless as hell. They still live in the bubble and this crash will affect them the most. I don't even believe that their propagandists anymore, most of these idiots actually believe their own crap--they have to, otherwise their whole world will coming crashing down on them.

April 10, 2009

America's position in the world

The recent uproar over Obama's bow to the Saudi King by the right in America is a display of utter hypocrisy once again. Where was the outrage from these hypocrites when Bush and his father were holding hands with the king? What's worse is that they entirely miss the symbolism of the bow. Notice how the Chinese president didn't lower his head but Obama did. Two things can explain this, 1) Obama's personality--let's face it, the guy is a total suck up. He's the type to take a slap to his face and not do anything about it because he is a bitch. I doubt the guy has been in a fight all his life. He goes along to get along, even if corrupt and dishonest scumbags are along for the ride. Why is all this important? Because it matters if a so-called leader of a population of 300 million will stand up to the bullies and the moneyed men that hold sway over the kingdom's purse. You don't need a strongman or a dictator to put these special interests in check, but you do needa man or a woman who won't back down from a fight, whether that comes from the Republican opposition or the Bankers. And 2) the bow symbolizes America's standing in the world. Its the biggest debtor who won't call the shots for much longer. In other words, America better show respect, - or else.

April 9, 2009

America: The Biggest Terror State Since WWII

PHNOM PENH (Reuters) - Pol Pot's chief torturer told Cambodia's "Killing Fields" tribunal on Monday that U.S. policies in Indochina in the 1970s contributed to the rise of the Khmer Rouge.

Duch, the first of five Pol Pot cadres to face trial for the 1975-79 reign of terror in which 1.7 million Cambodians died, said the Khmer Rouge would have faded if the U.S. had not got involved in Cambodia.

"Mr Richard Nixon and Kissinger allowed the Khmer Rouge to grasp golden opportunities," the 66-year-old former jailer said at the start of the second week of his trial by the joint U.N.-Cambodian tribunal.

Read the rest - Khmer Rouge jailer says U.S. contributed to Pol Pot rise

April 8, 2009

April 6, 2009

Resist or Become Serfs

A new piece by Chris Hedges.

April 2, 2009

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