July 31, 2011

11 Reasons Why The 9/11 Fable is So Popular

1. The bigness of the lie. Adolf Hitler said: "Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." William Hazlitt said, "the greater the lie, the more enthusiastically it is believed and greedily swallowed." And Hannah Arendt said:
This doubt of people concerning themselves and the reality of their own experience only reveals what the Nazis have always known: that men determined to commit crimes will find it expedient to organize them on the vastest, most improbable scale. Not only because this renders all punishments provided by the legal system inadequate and absurd; but because the very immensity of the crimes guarantees that the murderers who proclaim their innocence with all manner of lies will be more readily believed than the victims who tell the truth. (The Portable Hannah Arendt; pg. 120).
2. Mythical archetype of Osama Bin Laden and Islamic terrorists. Osama Bin Laden's iconic image and the creed of Islamic jihad against Western civilization is exciting historical material. It makes for a good Hollywood script. People are captivated and scared at the thought of Muslims rising against their oppressors, striking at the heart of the West and destroying America's two biggest cultural artifacts, the Pentagon and World Trade Center. But it is fiction, not reality.

The imperial masters of fiction crafted the Osama Bin Laden myth to symbolically represent the new spirit of the times and the changing nature of the global order in the post-Soviet Union collapse.

How do you lead a disoriented and leaderless mob? The Neocons, CIA, Mossad, and MI6 know the trick. You put your own manufactured revolutionary figurehead in front of the mob to mislead it and misdirect it towards violence and vengeance. In this case that figurehead is Bin Laden. This trick works the same in every society and in every age. Getting in front of the mob with a flag and a simplistic creed to follow is one of the ancient tricks of statecraft.

3. Most people are children who are easily controlled by fear and mentally guided by authoritative rhetoric. They will believe any absurdity if voices of authority tell them it is true. Authority is their father, and government is their mother. The State is infallible to them. They are psychologically incapable of mental rebellion and of questioning government stories and government statements.

4. Peer pressure, and the fear of mockery and ridicule. A lot of people, especially on the left, are afraid of being called a kook and a conspiracy theorist so they don't ever go out on a limb and tell the truth as they know it. They believe it is insane to question the foundations of the official 9/11 story so they don't even bother to examine the facts and evidence that serves as the bedrock of the 9/11 truth movement. The human herd stampedes on the fields of facts and the valleys of truth to get to the desert of ignorance.

5. Terrorism is regarded as a mysterious, hidden and arcane phenomena, and by showing proof that the CIA, Mossad and MI6 are behind terror attacks in the West we give people the knowledge to re-examine their beliefs and to act.

The idea that false flag terrorism can be explained by examining historical data (Operation Gladio in Europe, Pearl Harbor Attack, Gulf of Tonkin, U.S.S. Liberty) and by researching all the evidence complied by average citizens is an idea that discomforts a lot of people. They are put on the spot, because suddenly their false perception of the 9/11 events and terrorism in general unravels and shatters.

6. The financial-terrorism-media-military-industrial-Zionist-congressional complex is a beast of prey that puts out propaganda everyday to create a culture of disinformation and myth. This beast controls the most sacred opinions of the people.

As a result of the government-media war against the public mind the truth is mistaken for a product of insanity while the lie is cherished and protected. In this state most people are like fish in the water, they have no grasp that they are living and breathing in an ocean of lies.

7. Mass social, cultural, and political brainwashing. Western society is controlled by totalitarian governments and a totalitarian media system that includes television, print media, publishing companies, films, music, and other aspects of the culture industry. Conformity is preached and uniformity of thought is encouraged. A radical diversity of opinion about the war on terrorism, 9/11, and other government myths is not allowed.

8. A lack of knowledge of history. A lot of people are unaware of Operation Gladio, the U.S.S. Liberty attack, and the reality of false flag terrorism.

9. A lack of skepticism, curiosity and a sense of wonder. 9/11 truth deniers believe all knowledge about terrorism is settled, and that the government has a monopoly on truth. So they feel free to give up their mental independence on the question of 9/11 and go with the flow instead of using their analytical skills to dig deeper.

10. A lack of humility to admit ignorance. 9/11 truth deniers have a very high opinion of themselves and a low opinion of 9/11 truth-tellers. Why? Because they are arrogant, fearful and close-minded individuals.

11. The 9/11 lie is sacred. To question the lie and say the shadow governments of the United States and Israel were behind the attacks is sacrilegious and blasphemes. Questioning the lie threatens not just an entire worldview, but civilization as we know it. The individual's sense of well-being is based on the lie being real, and he/she undergoes the terror of psychological transformation when coming to face to face with the monstrous truth about 9/11.

The lie is a psychological attack on the community, the individual, and nature. The criminal conspirators behind the attacks and the cover-up want to destroy not just the truth and the dark history of that day, but the very idea of truth itself.

Terence McKenna - Address To The Jung Society

The US Government Blockade on Information on Investigations into Torture

The US Government Blockade on Information on Investigations into Torture
By Kevin Gosztola
Published: July 31, 2011

For the past months, I have hosted a show called “This Week in WikiLeaks,” where I bring a guest on to talk about a WikiLeaks-related story or to talk about the latest news and updates on WikiLeaks, an organization that provides a lens for understanding so much about how the press, policy and politics, the national security state, etc. Sometimes, I don’t have guests on that are part of the WikiLeaks story. Sometimes they simply provide greater context for understanding the US government reaction and the players, who are a part of this story.

Continued. . .

Martial Law in North America Represents The Total Destruction of Freedom

Martial is coming to America and Canada in slow motion. The train left the station a long time ago. And the cunning conductors are not going to lose their nerve as their train of evil approaches the final destination: mass detention of activists, violent government crackdowns on protests, and slavery for the people.

Corporate fascism, government oppression and private banking tyranny didn't suddenly creep up on America and other Western countries. The crisis of freedom in America and Western civilization was foreseen years ago both by people within government (John F. Kennedy) and by people outside of government.

What blind and arrogant people don't want to admit is that "conspiracy theorists" like Alex Jones, Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura and countless other truth-tellers are the Paul Reveres of this generation.

While the people were sleeping, the same old treacherous banking tyrants that the American founding fathers and colonists defeated in the War of Independence were back to their old tricks and busy re-enslaving the people of the New World.

II. The Show Won't Go On Because The Myth Cannot Hide The Reality Forever

The charade that is taking place in Washington makes for good television drama, but you won't learn anything about what's in store for America and the global economy by paying attention to those clowns. The sad fact is that the American people have already been robbed of their future, their savings, and their country.

Trillions of dollars have been mismanaged, stolen, and treacherously misused to help pay for unnecessary wars in the Middle East and the bailout of Wall Street banks that committed fraud and cheated the public. And the U.S. military will take over American streets, standing alongside riot cops to crush pro-freedom protests, once the American people fully realize that the funds in Social Security and Medicare have been robbed by treacherous bankers and politicians.

On July 20, Catherine Austin Fitts, the former Assistant Secretary of Housing, said on Financial Survival Radio that the fiscal crisis is being used to cover up a much more profound political crisis, saying:
We have four trillion dollars missing from the federal accounts. Depending on who you talk to, we have 12 to 17 trillion dollars extended or given to the banks as a gift.

This is not a fiscal crisis, this is a political crisis because we're having a financial coup d'etat. In other words, if you can steal money every year and then say "our problem is we do not have no money," - No, our problem is not that we do not have no money and we're not living financially responsible, the problem is you're stealing.
What Fitts is describing is the greatest crime in all of human history. Never before has this amount of money been stolen from any country.

And Fitts is not the only one who is raising the alarm. On March 10, Paul Craig Roberts, who served as the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration, wrote in an article called, "Stealing from Social Security to Pay for Wars and Bailouts":
Republicans regard Social Security as an “unfunded liability,” that is, a giveaway that is interfering with our war-making ability.

Alas, Social Security is an unfunded liability, because all the money working people put into it was stolen by Republicans and Democrats in order to pay for wars and bailouts for mega-rich bankers like Goldman Sachs.
On July 17, Washington's Blog raised the question, "Were America's assets looted years ago?" The answer seems to be yes.

Also, Washington's Blog stated on November 11, 2010, "It's Not the "Great Depression." It's the Great BANK ROBBERY." Here is an excerpt from the article:
In case it's not crystal clear, this isn't the "Great Recession".

It's really the Great Bank Robbery.

First, there was the threat of martial law if the $700 Billion Tarp bailout wasn't passed. Specifically, Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson warned Congress that there would be martial law unless the Tarp bailouts were approved.
The truth is that America's political, media and financial elite have used up America like toilet paper. The decade of 2001-2011 is the decade of fraud, treason, deception and waste.

III. Rise of The RoboCops, When Good Men Lose Their Minds and Terminate Their Hearts

Ever since the unsolved murder of President John F. Kennedy by the criminal oligarchy that runs the CIA and the Federal Reserve Bank there has been a systematic denial of the American people's voice and rights by their hijacked government.

And the denial of the popular will and civil liberties will only intensify once the American economy completely falls apart and martial law is declared.

William Irwin Thompson, an American philosopher, said in his 1976 book, "Evil and World Order":
"President Nixon thought that in moving to create an all-volunteer army he was moving to demilitarize the country; actually he was completing the transformation of America into a banana republic. Professional soldiers have little difficulty in firing on civilian crowds," (Thompson, Evil and World Order: Harper & Row Publishers: New York. Pg. 18.)
Since the time when Thompson wrote those words America has been completely militarized. The fraudulent War on Drugs and War on Terror have allowed the government to take away civil liberties and place unaccountable power in the hands of government goons to do the will of the traitorous international banking establishment that has illegally controlled America since 1913.

In the last decade a lot of good military officers and cops have been brainwashed and trained to suppress protests against the banks and political elite. In the event of a civil emergency, they will be instructed to take away the guns of the American people and round up American citizens for the good of "national security," and "social order."

The mental brainwashing of the police and military will not be countered easily. The government lies and myths will grip their minds like cancer through the crisis of authority that is upon us. Even in the face of contrary evidence they will refuse to believe that they are carrying out the will of tyrants and financial parasites.

And once they start killing armed and/or unarmed citizens they will instinctively justify their acts as good and necessary. They will constantly tell the biggest lies to themselves and avoid the truth that they have been betrayed and misled by traitorous political leaders in Washington.

And the American people will suffer because of their stupidity and gullibility. Anti-government patriots will be arrested and locked up without a trial in secret detention centers that have been hid from the public. Of course, most patriots will be killed on the spot by government goons because they will resist tyranny and defend their values to their death like William Cooper did.

IV. The Declaration of Martial Law, When America Morphs Into the Jungles of Vietnam and the Deserts of Iraq

Back on February 15, 2010, Gary D. Barnett said in an article called, "Martial Law in America: No Longer Just a Possibility!":
If any of you out there think of this as some sort of conspiracy theory, you may be exactly right. The government does seem to be conspiring to gain the power to control by military force the citizenry of this country. It seems very clear to me, and there is a voluminous amount of evidence to support the conclusion that a government conspiracy is in fact already in place.

Every move we make is monitored. Every call we make can be traced. Every email we send can be captured. Every financial transaction we do is data-based. We can't travel even in our own country without being strip-searched and abused by the cretins at TSA. And if the government decides for no reason at all to label us as “enemy combatants,” they can throw us in prison and torture or kill us without even the benefit of trial. So why would anyone think that this government could not and would not take the next step in its progression of control? That next step is Martial Law, and once implemented might turn out to be the final step in ending our history of freedom!
When martial law officially comes to America, it will also come to Canada. The United States Northern Command (NORTHCOM) which has announced that it is ready to impose martial law is a tool of a larger political project to bring America, Canada and Mexico under a dictatorial political, financial, legal and military union that will compete with the fascistic European Union.

The website "Law is Cool," published a post on February 21, 2008 called "Martial Law in North America?" that questioned the legality and legitimacy of NORTHCOM. The website stated:
Canadians may also have cause for concern, as the goals of “Binational Integration” of the American and Canadian militaries has been suggested by some to amount to effectual annexation of Canada, as NORTHCOM would control all of North America.
On April 4, 2008, Jim Kouri wrote an important article called, "North American Military Agreement Signed by the U.S. and Canada," that examined the secret agreement made between the American and Canadian governments to use each other's military forces in a state of emergency. Kouri wrote:
The military Civil Assistance Plan is seen by critics as a further incremental step toward creating a North American armed forces available to be deployed in domestic North American emergency situations. According to the NORTHCOM press release, the plan "allows the military from one nation to support the armed forces of the other nation during a civil emergency."

The agreement was signed at US Army North headquarters, Fort Sam Houston, Texas, by US Air Force General Gene Renuart, commander of NORAD and US Northern Command, or USNORTHCOM, and by Canadian Air Force Lt. General Marc Dumais, commander of Canada Command.

"This document is a unique, bilateral military plan to align our respective national military plans to respond quickly to the other nation's requests for military support of civil authorities," Renuart said in a statement published on the USNORTHCOM website.
Michel Chossudovsky, a professor of economics at the University of Ottawa, has also written numerous articles about the transformation of the free societies of America and Canada into a North American police state. On March 13, 2008, Chossudovsky wrote in an article called, "The Deployment of US Troops inside Canada":
In December 2001, in response to the 9/11 attacks, the Canadian government reached an agreement with the Head of Homeland Security Tom Ridge, entitled the "Canada-US Smart Border Declaration." Shrouded in secrecy, this agreement essentially hands over to the Homeland Security Department, confidential information on Canadian citizens and residents. It also provides US authorities with access to the tax records of Canadians.

What these developments suggest is that the process of "binational integration" is not only occurring in the military command structures but also in the areas of immigration, police and intelligence. The question is what will be left over within Canada's jurisdiction as a sovereign nation, once this ongoing process of binational integration, including the sharing and/or merger of data banks, is completed?
The fears of martial law in North America are not fears at all - they are observations. It is cowardly to stick your head down and ignore the reality that we are being manipulated and deceived by traitors who control our governments.

V. The Fuse of Force

The fuse of absolute power and brute force always burns away. But when it is burning it destroys many innocent lives. The fuse that was lit by Hitler in Nazi Germany was short and highly explosive. The fuse that was lit by the Communist tyrants in the Soviet Union was a long one and it took seven decades before it was finally put out.

But neither of these fuses of power match the fuse that has been lit in the dark halls of power by the traitorous banking overlords who control America and the West. This secret fuse has been used to melt the freedoms of the American people, and the people of other Western countries.

A vibrant and open culture of freedom is transformed into a plastic culture of tyranny and death when the fuse of power is lit.

Once the fuse begins burning in a country, the sovereignty of the minds of the people is destroyed. Then their wealth and property is stolen. And finally they lose their lives, their dignity and their future.

The presence of military goons and thuggish mercenaries on the streets in a state of martial law merely confirms the obvious fact to the people that they have been betrayed by cunning and evil traitors in power.

July 30, 2011

The Norway attacks are “from the same Gladio-type stable” – former European MP

The Norway attacks are “from the same Gladio-type stable” – former European MP
By Richard Cottrell

My name is Richard Cottrell, journalist, author and former European MP.

My new book Gladio: NATO’s Dagger At The Heart Of Europe: The Pentagon-Nazi-Mafia Terror Axis is coming from Progressive Press (California) in September.

Gladio, you will recall, was NATO’s secret network of guerrillas (taking its name from the Italian branch) responsible for the wave of violence and murders in the 60′s and 80′s that went under the name of the Years of Lead/Strategy of Tension.

Continued. . .

The Scapegoat in American Culture: From Lee Harvey Oswald To Osama bin Laden

"From the very beginning, the Powers that Be have treated the Warren Report as if it is the word of God, come down from on high, etched in stone. In the picture above, that big book almost looks like a stone tablet. Why, it might was well be Moses himself placing it in Lyndon Johnson’s awaiting hands. Later, he would tell Walter Cronkite that he never believed in the lone gunman theory." - George Bailey, "The Sum Of All Things."

"Those who lack all idea that it is possible to be wrong can learn nothing except know-how." - Gregory Bateson. (1).
These famous names - Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray, Sirhan Sirhan, Osama Bin Laden - are famous for the wrong reasons. All of them are innocent of the great crimes they were accused of committing by the United States government and the mainstream media.

Oswald and Osama never received a trial. Oswald's guilt for the murder of President John F. Kennedy was never proven in a court of law, and neither can we say that Osama bin Laden is guilty for the September 11 attacks. Both men were framed by the powerful oligarchical forces that seized the United States government from the American people.

It is a fact that a ruthless and cunning oligarchy has shaped American history for at least a century in order to advance a private agenda for a dictatorial world government. When America and the West is liberated, and real history is restored, the men listed above will be remembered by future generations as scapegoats, not assassins and terrorists.

II. The Manufacturing of a Scapegoat

From time immemorial, rulers of tribes, nations and empires have created scapegoats to deflect the evils of their political system onto a powerless individual or group, and thereby stop the people living under their harsh system from recognizing the real sources of evil in their society and correcting their problems.

The American empire is no different than any other world empire. It engages in acts of evil around the world, it commits crimes against sovereign nations, and it oppresses its own people in the name of "national security." But none of this would be possible if the rulers of the empire were not exceptionally good at one thing in particular, which is manufacturing a scapegoat to justify its acts of evil and its atrocities.

In the book, "Up from Scapegoating: Awakening Consciousness in Groups," psychiatrist and Jungian analyst Arthur D. Colman explains the psychological roots of scapegoating, writing:
The creation of a scapegoat requires a process akin to the psychological mechanisms of projection and projective identification in that it uses an other to contain aspects of oneself.

The scapegoat is created by "projecting" the darker side of group life, the darker side being the reality of evil and sin in society. For the individual, the shadow contains those elements of the psyche that are not accepted as his or her own. As individuals we attempt to project that shadow onto others. Likewise, the group finds common negative ground in the scapegoat. But the scapegoat is not identical to the shadow; the scapegoat is a collective creation, a symbolic compromise for many individuals' negative projections. One can say that the scapegoat is humanity's societal vessel for the shadow--a vessel which is, by definition, innocent of the burden it assumes.

The scapegoat is a very ancient archetype and scapegoating an ancient activity, so ancient that there are few primitive societies where evidence of the practice has not been found. (2).
The scapegoat is the embodiment of all that is evil and bad in the world, and Osama Bin Laden fits the bill perfectly. He has a dark beard, a long face, a turban, a shady background, and he speaks Arabic. But he was just a man from a rich family who had connections with the Bush family. That's all. Of course, he was not a just man or a good man. But he was not the head of an Islamic movement with dreams to take down America and Western civilization.

It is clear that Bin Laden knowingly offered himself up as the scapegoat in the American empire's world drama. He sacrificed his name, image and memory and in return the American empire guaranteed to give government contracts to his family. Also, Bin Laden knew he was going to die soon because of his kidney disease, so he decided to make the best of his situation by agreeing to the use of his image by the American empire as a world symbol for terrorism.

Author Kenneth M. Gould said in his book, "They Got The Blame: The Story of Scapegoats in History," that in ancient primitive societies "a criminal or a weakling was chosen who would soon die anyway," as a scapegoat (3). Bin Laden was both a criminal and a weak dying man, making him the perfect candidate for a scapegoat.

Gould writes that rulers often use the scapegoat mechanism to cover up their misdeeds and keep down a potential rebellion:
In any event, the history of mankind is full of tragic examples of all sorts of guilt and evils being ascribed to innocent but unpopular groups or "minorities," who, for one reason or another, seemed different from the rank and file of the community, and thus aroused suspicion, fear, or hatred. Rulers soon found it to their advantage to let these popular prejudices concentrate on the heads of such groups, until widespread persecution resulted. By such means, it was easy to distract the attention of the public from the real shortcomings of the group in power, or to cause the masses to forget their own miseries. (4).
In Washington, the rulers behind the scapegoat-industrial complex work day and night to manufacture new scapegoats in order to keep the anger of the American people from being directed at them. Scapegoats like Osama Bin Laden also help generate profits for the military-industrial complex and the new terrorism-industrial complex.

The corporate/government media brainwashing machine is cunningly used as the modern version of the ancient circle of fire where the tribe huddled together around tribal leaders and priests who told them that all their anxieties, fears and problems will be taken care of if they follow their authority and do as they say.

III. Modern Scapegoats, Modern Ignorance, Modern Persecution

We like to think that we live in a civilized and advanced era because of our technological gadgets. But that is not true. Fifty years ago the world came very close to a full-blown nuclear war. And the same threat exists today. The manufactured conflict between Western civilization and Islamic civilization could easily go nuclear.

It is critical that we know the truth and understand how our brains work. How we think and what we think is a matter of human survival. If our beliefs about terrorism are not based in reality then we must change our beliefs. And that sounds easy but it is not.

Those of us who change our beliefs about the guilt of Osama Bin Laden and the reasons for the war on terrorism are denounced as "conspiracy theorists," and politically isolated. Meanwhile, the U.S. military and NATO are on a hopeless quest to hunt down terrorists in a modern re-run of the witch-hunts.

French philosopher René Girard writes in his book, "The Scapegoat," that the people who hanged innocent women because they believed they were evil witches were acting in good faith. They were convinced of their guilt, just like people today when they say "let's kill all the terrorists," and "let's drop bombs on the evil Muslims." Girard writes:
We are all able today to recognize the stereotypes of persecution. But what is now common knowledge scarcely existed in the fourteenth century. Naive persecutorsare unaware of what they are doing. Their conscience is too good to deceive their readers systematically, and they present things as they see them. They do not suspect that by writing their accounts they are arming posterity against them. This is true of the infamous "witch-hunts" of the sixteenth century. It is still true today in the backward regions of the world. (5).
What separates modern persecutors in the war on terrorists from medieval persecutors in the war on witches is the fact that modern persecutors have nuclear weapons. The obsession against "evil Islamic terrorists" could potentially lead to nuclear annihilation. Also, if the American empire continues to act like the "Great Satan," then Iran's religious leaders who are also on a stupid quest to rid evil from the world will resort to nuclear weapons.

IV. The 5 Steps of The Scapegoat Process in American Politics

1. CIA grooming of the scapegoat. This is a very important step. Oswald and Osama were both CIA agents who were groomed and trained, and told to fight against the Soviet Union. In Oswald's case he was betrayed and double-crossed by the CIA, as he was killed soon after he was charged with the murder of JFK. Bin Laden, as mentioned before, wanted to be the scapegoat. Members of the Bin Laden family were escorted out of America by the government shortly after the 9/11 attacks, no doubt a return for a great favour.

2. The execution of a violent act that is highly symbolic in nature. It could be either an assassination or a false flag attack. The goal is to cause social panic, collective fear, confusion, terror, anger, and righteous hatred in the spirit of the people.

3. The scapegoat must be identified by the government to the press and the public immediately after the violent act occurs. There can be no time for speculation, introspection, and deep thought. The masses must connect their feelings of hatred and anxiety with the designated scapegoat while they are still in a state of confusion and mental chaos.

4. The glorification and transformation of the scapegoat into a cultural symbol and world icon through the media. This image of Bin Laden is one of history's most recognized images for a reason. Images are powerful and speak volumes. The crafty neocons turned Bin Laden into the Che of Islamic terrorism.

5. Establish a cult of belief around the scapegoat. The guilt for the deed has to be psychologically glued to the scapegoat. Every other explanation for the violent act, whether it be 9/11 or whatever, must be dismissed as a crazy conspiracy theory.

V. An Empire of Myth and Betrayal

Facts and evidence are powerless against myth and scapegoating. Washington has deliberately created a culture of brainwashing and unreality, of terror and trauma, of myth and pseudo knowledge. The world is held hostage to this dumbed-down and poisoned culture.

But America's collective psyche is not resistant to truth and reality. Millions of individuals in America and other Western countries are not submitting their minds to the false beliefs and prejudices of a dumb and blind herd that is being misled by an evil and ruthless power elite in Washington and Israel.

The second part in this series of articles will be called, "The Scapegoat in American Culture: The Hidden Hand of Satan."

1. Bateson, Gregory. 1979. "Mind and Nature." E.P. Dutton: New York. Pg. 26.
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5. Girard, René. 1986. "The Scapegoat." The Johns Hopkins University Press: Baltimore. Pg. 8.

July 29, 2011

July 28, 2011

Kevin Ryan: Experiments with Nanothermite

Experiments with Nanothermite
by Kevin Ryan
Foreign Policy Journal
Published: July 25, 2011

"Scientific evidence for thermitic materials at the World Trade Center is discussed, and an experiment in production and ignition of nanothermite is performed." (Source: Kevin Ryan, Foreign Policy Journal).

R.I.P. Marc Parent, A Great InfoWarrior

I am so shocked and saddened that Marc Parent, whose twitter account @mparent77772 was a great and unique source of information and news, died from cancer on March 28, 2011 at the age of 59. Legacy.com:
PARENT, Marc Joseph Claude March 16, 1952 - March 28, 2011 On March 28, 2011, Marc Parent of Edmonton peacefully passed away at the age of 59 years. He is survived by his children, Ryan, Jason and Megan; mother Colette Parent-Savaria (Leo-Paul); two sisters, Suzanne (Len) Buchniak and Lorraine (James) Hook as well as one brother, Pierre, and nephews and nieces.
I can't believe I learned this today, four months after his death. I noticed Marc didn't post any new tweets a while ago but I just thought he went offline and stopped using twitter. I guess I subconsciously held out hope that he would rethink his decision and start raising awareness again on twitter. But that turned out to be wishful thinking.

This is an unbelievable loss. My condolences go to his family and friends. Marc will be missed by many. He heroically used his energies on the internet to wake people up to the corrupt new world order, 9/11 truth, and other disturbing realities. I ways always thankful when he spread my articles on his twitter account. His contributions will not be forgotten. Through his dedicated activism he sparked many lights that will never go out, and he helped to show the way out of the darkness of ignorance. He was a great citizen and a great infowarrior. May he rest in peace.

The New World Order's Megadeath Plan For The World: The Five Theaters of Action

"Naturally, every age thinks that all ages before it were prejudiced, and today we think this more than ever and are just as wrong as all previous ages that thought so. How often have we not seen the truth condemned! It is sad but unfortunately true that man learns nothing from history." - Carl Jung.
Two months ago I wrote an article called, "Will There Be A New False Flag Attack In Chicago's Sears Tower?" that received attention in the alternative media and provoked some discussion about the possibility of another false flag operation within the United States.

A new attack will be used by the criminal government in Washington to start another war in the Middle East and accelerate the roll out of the new world order system in America and the West.

As soon as I finished writing that article I wanted to write a follow-up article about the challenges and threats that our generation faces. People usually list climate change and terrorism as the greatest challenges, but there are millions of people who beg to differ. The three biggest threats that we as a global civilization face are endless war, a global economic collapse and a world plague.

In this decade, we will experience the "World War I-Spanish Flu-Great Depression" combination, but this time the triple threat of war, economic collapse and disease will take more lives than last time, possibly billions of people.

There are some phenomena that governments have no control over like the spread of disease and the spread of ideas, but there are some phenomena that governments create because of the greed and the lust for power by the ruling class such as terrorism and war.

Sometimes, historical events that lead to the deaths of millions of people can be explained away as spontaneous and an example of cause-and-effect. But some historical events are not accidents and are not spontaneous - like the September 11 attacks. Some events in history are deliberately orchestrated by powerful people in government who act in secret to fulfill their private agendas and private fantasies.

One of the private fantasies of the treasonous conspirators behind the creation of a new world dictatorial government is a total global war involving the United States, Israel, Iran, Pakistan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and numerous other countries.

The treasonous Western ruling elite that meets regularly in annual Bilderberg conferences and other private meetings is hell-bent on a new world war. In the aftermath of a global war that will totally destroy modern civilization there will be millions of gullible idiots who will demand a global body to "bring peace upon Earth." And the new world order con artists will step right up and tell the dumb masses, "You ask and you shall receive."

But slavery and death will be all that the crooks will give the masses. Peace, freedom, justice, who needs those? When psychopaths rule, death and slavery will be all that the people get.

II. The Death of The Masses?

Below I list five objectives that the ruling treasonous oligarchy wants to accomplish as part of a covert, global depopulation plan.

1. A new false flag operation in America involving nuclear, chemical and/or biological weapons, to be blamed on the trojan horse, al-Qaeda, or on Pakistan in order to create a pretext to start a real, overt war with Pakistan.

In May 29, 2011, Alex Thomas wrote a very informative and instructive article at the website The Intel Hub called, "The Stage Is Set For a Nuclear False Flag," that you must read. Here is an excerpt:
It is clear that the groundwork and cover for a nuclear false flag in a major American or European city has been slowly put into place.

Many questions remain. Will the numerous hardworking, patriotic Americans in the government and military stop such a horrific act from happening?

Will the powers that be realize that the blame for such an attack would be pointed directly at them?

Will a different, more feasible, false flag be used instead?

These are questions that must be answered. We the people must let it be known that we will no longer stand for any form of false flag terrorism.
A new false flag attack will bring the curtains down on the political sideshows in Washington and propel President Obama to a second term in office. The people yearn for fireworks, and all that blinding nuclear flash will further drive the people into the arms of Big Daddy government.

2. A false flag attack against the Internet by the military-industrial complex in order to shut down the free internet and phase in Internet 2 with a new Cyber Security System that will have tighter restrictions on blogs, alternative news websites, and social media. If you think this is not possible then you have not kept up to date on the quiet evolution of the presidency from a constitutional office to a dictatorial office. The President can do anything, even shut down the internet.

President Obama, like the puppet before him and the puppet that will come after him, has tyrannical power. He can kill you, your grandmother, and your dog if he wanted to.

The power to shut down the internet in a national and/or global emergency exists. Read these articles for more information on the fraud of Cyber Security:
3. Israel's extremist government will attack Iran, and drag America into a new war. Treasonous politicians in the Congress and Senate like Republican leaders Eric Cantor and Joseph Lieberman will pressure President Obama to "help our ally."

As this new war gets launched, the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan will intensify because Iran will respond to an Israeli-U.S. attack on its nuclear sites by targeting American bases throughout the Middle East. The treasonous and stupid politicians in D.C. have no problem with American soldiers being stranded like sitting ducks in Iraq and the valleys and hills of Afghanistan.

Moreover, there will be another war in Lebanon, and the crisis that is threatening the stability of Syria will only get bigger. The entire Middle East will experience an existential crisis. The whole world will also get a taste of the crisis because the threat of the use of nuclear weapons to end the conflict will get larger and larger as the war goes on.

Stupid people on both sides will demand "Death to America and Death to Israel," and "Death to Islam." They will chant these stupid slogans as if mass death is nothing to fear.

4. Release of bird flu and variants of man-made diseases to bring down the world population and further solidify top-down, totalitarian control of global society by a world government. The spread of a world plague may be a spontaneous phenomena or an orchestrated fraud by Big Pharma like Baxter that was involved in the Swine Flu hoax.

I have not made up my mind on this topic yet. For more information, read Mike Adams's article, "H1N1 swine flu hoax falls apart at the seams," along with Paul Joseph Watson's article, "Investigation Chief: Swine Flu Pandemic Was A Hoax."

5. The completion of the controlled economic collapse of America and Western civilization. The collapse of the industrial West is one of the top goals of the treasonous oligarchy. An economic collapse will lead to mass starvation, looting, crime, social unrest, riots, and endless chaos.

The global financial-military-industrial complex will officially take over America and other Western governments, with the private banking puppet masters calling the shots. Mentally challenged riot cops will have a blast when they're ordered to shoot rebels on every block.

In a state of total collapse and chaos, the ruling psychopathic elite will come out of the dark and eat their prey out in the open through their control of the government, police, military, and banks.

In conclusion, the five things on the treasonous oligarchy's to-do list are, 1) A nuclear false flag attack in America, 2) Shut down of the Internet, 3) War with Iran, 4) A world plague, and 5) A controlled collapse of the American economy and the global economic system.

You have been warned.

We are all in grave danger.

But nothing in life is certain. This article is somewhat speculative and somewhat based on facts and reality. Do not take my word or anyone else's word for it. Do your own research into these topics and issues. As George Bush says, trust your gut feeling.

And don't despair. I believe that we make our own destiny. The treasonous oligarchy that controls America and other Western countries is not all-powerful. We control our own fate.

The philosopher Theodor Adorno wrote: "The concept of fate, which subjects men to blind domination, reflects the domination exercised by men."

July 27, 2011

Obama Sending America into Bondage by Design! - Alex Jones Tv

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

President Obama Is A Mercenary For Private, International Banksters And The Treasonous Oligarchy

President Obama, like President Bush, President Clinton, and Poppy Bush, is a political mercenary for private, international banks and the treasonous oligarchy that owns the Federal Reserve Bank.

Read Washington's Blog post on July 26, called, Federal Reserve Admits: Fed Banks Are "Not Agencies" But "Independent Corporations" With "Private Boards of Directors," to read the quotes of a Federal Reserve lawyer saying in court that the Federal Reserve is independent from the United States government.

The Federal Reserve's interests are opposed to the interests of the American people and the American economy. What is good for the private owners of the Federal Reserve is bad for the average American family.

In effect, the global treasonous oligarchy is holding the American people and the American government hostage through their ownership and control of the Federal Reserve which illegally prints America's currency, a job delegated to the house of the people, the Congress, as stated in the U.S. Constitution.

Republican leaders John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell and others are also shameless and traitorous mercenaries for the big private banks that are sucking America dry and using economic terrorism to reduce the standard of living in America to a third-world level.

The object is to make the American people poor and impoverished because it is easier to control a country with mostly poor people (through government handouts, economic pressure, etc) than a country with a strong middle class and productive small businesses.

Oligarchies throughout history destroy a nation's middle class once it gains the possession of the nation's economic and financial levers. The European-American oligarchy took control of America's economic might in 1913 when they persuaded President Woodrow Wilson through their agents to set up a private central bank to print America's money.

Disguising the private and unconstitutional nature of the central bank by calling it "Federal," was a great propaganda coup for the cunning oligarchy. At the time of the bank's creation, Congressman Charles August Lindbergh Sr. saw through the propaganda and called the passage of the Federal Reserve Act the "legislative crime of the ages." Lindbergh said:
"This [Federal Reserve Act] establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President [Wilson} signs this bill, the invisible government of the monetary power will be legalized....the worst legislative crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking and currency bill."
Nearly a century after the creation of the monstrous Federal Reserve Bank, America is on the verge of bankruptcy and economic implosion because of the Fed's corrupt and illegal economic policies.

II. To Save America and the West, Save The Middle Class
"There are three classes of citizens. The first are the rich, who are indolent and yet always crave more. The second are the poor, who have nothing, are full of envy, hate the rich, and are easily led by demagogues. Between the two extremes lie those who make the state secure and uphold the laws." - Euripides
Tyrannical rulers who attempt to bring a nation down to its knees go after the middle class, and divide the people based on racial and income differences. We are see this twofold strategy in America and the West, which has been conquered from within by a corrupt and sociopathic global banking, intellectual and corporate elite.

This crazy ruling elite is working behind the scenes to force the collapse of industrial civilization in the West to make way for a new, post-industrial, collectivized, global civilization, and a new global totalitarian government.

In order to save America, Canada, England and Western civilization as a whole we must save the middle class in our countries and establish national public banking systems.

The treasonous oligarchy that controls the White House, Congress, Senate and U.S. Supreme Court want a two-tiered society with them living like kings on top, and the people living like rats at the bottom.

Society in America and other Western countries is already on its way to this reality because a generation of people have bought the lies of "free trade," and "globalization lifts all boats." The reverse is the case. The treasonous oligarchy has profited, while the Western middle class has been the loser in the global race for resources and jobs.

In the event of a societal and economic breakdown billionaire CEOs will hire private security guards to protect their loot from hordes of angry and hungry people.

An unjust and corrupt society always leads to resentment, hatred, anarchy, violence, and ultimately, an endless war between the establishment and the people. This is preventable if rich, poor and middle class patriots across the West unite together to restore the rule of law, generate new jobs and economic competition, establish public banking, support sound money solutions, and hold criminal government officials along with their banking paymasters accountable for their crimes and lies.

It is clear by now to everyone that the big private banks that control America and the West are parasitic institutions that don't provide financial security, or contribute anything of value to society. They are simply used by the treasonous financial oligarchy to suck the life and blood out of the economy and the American people.

As Max Keiser said in April, the global banking system is run on drug money and supported by drug cartels. Keiser said, "When we say bankers are terrorists and they kill people, and they have the moral equivalency of a Mexican drug lord lopping the head off of a baby to support their crime syndicate, that's what we mean. They're the two faces of the same coin. They're terrorists. [Lloyd] Blankfein, [Jamie] Dimon, Jose whomever drug lord, they're all terrorists."

These giant financial institutions that have committed crimes and robbed the American people are not too big to fail. They can be destroyed, and they should be destroyed because they are holding the global economy hostage to try to force down the throats of the people criminal austerity measures.

Every single Federal Reserve Bank building in America should be brought down brick by brick by as many hands as possible. Also, the Fed's board of directors and Chairman should be charged with treason against the U.S. Constitution and the American people, along with the leaders of the Democratic and Republican parties, including President Obama, former President Bush, former President Clinton, and former President George H. W. Bush.

Zionists Accused Norway of anti-Semitism Before Mossad/NATO Attack. Now Iceland is The Target.

Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen reports:
Iceland was recently accused of anti-Semitism by Israel, in the same manner Norway received similar accusations from Israeli officials prior to Breivik's terrorist actions. Now, from Hull, England, a report that a heavy Icelandic statue honoring British sailors was stolen by a team of five men.

Breivik is son of former Norwegian diplomat, stepson of Norwegian military officer.The "lone wolf" has connections. And Israel's hasbara force counters charges that Mossad was behind Norway attacks -- Israel would only respond if a nerve was hit. A deep nerve was hit.
In May, Hanne Nabintu Herland, a Norwegian academic, said, "Norway is the most anti-Semitic country in the West." Herland defended the criminal terrorist Shimon Peres and the propagandist Alan M. Dershowitz in her article, writing:
The President of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres’ critical comments on Norways reluctancy to follow EU, UN and USA in denouncing Hamas as a terrorist movement, are timely remarks. If one adds Harvard professor Alan M. Dershowitz article in the Wall Street Journal 30. March, it all makes me ashamed to be Norwegian. Under the title “Jews are not welcome in Norway,” Mr. Dershowitz told of his encounters with anti-Semitic Norwegian academics who made it clear that he was unwanted as a guest lecturer at Norwegian universities. This is how Norwegian intellectuals treat one the West’s most famous defense lawyers and an internationally renowned Harvard University professor.
So, Norway is anti-Semitic for refusing to rubber stamp U.S. and Israeli foreign policy in Gaza and the Middle East? LOL. These Zionists are crazy. God help us. They have a lot of bombs and a screwed up ideology. They're so paranoid and brainwashed that they honestly think they are always right and their critics are not just wrong but hate-filled Hitlers who need to be killed.

Now, Iceland is being accused of anti-Semitism by Israel's right-wing. This is a big clue. Watch out for another Mossad-NATO-CIA-MI6 terror attack in that country. If you criticize Israel, which is by definition a terrorist state, you get called anti-Semitic, and, if you persist in your criticism then you get bombed. That's how terrorists like to work. Keep your mouth shut, or die. This rule applies to both nations and individuals.

Also, let's not forget that members of the Icelandic parliament resisted the private banking rape of their country. This is a big motivation for the London/Wall Street private banksters to unleash their terror teams upon Iceland and teach it a lesson, telling Iceland: If you resist our economic terrorism, we will kill you.

Plus, Iceland's parliamentarians are supporting the Palestinian bid for statehood in the United Nations in September. My god! These are brave people. They are going against the two biggest terrorist coalitions on the planet: London/Wall Street private banksters and the "We are victims all day, every day" Zionists.

Manfred Gerstenfeld writes in "Iceland against Israel":
With his visit to the Palestinian Authority, Gaza, Jordan and Egypt last week, Ossur Skarphedinsson, the Social Democratic Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iceland, came to put his two cents into the Middle Eastern debate.

Skarphedinsson enhanced his country’s relations with the Palestinians and promised them Iceland’s support in their bid for statehood at the next United Nations General Assembly. He studiously avoided any diplomatic contact with Israel on that trip. Earlier this month, the Icelandic Birgitta Jonsdottir was the first parliamentarian of any country to visit participants of the failed second Gaza flotilla.
Birgitta Jonsdottir is a brave woman. She is behind the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative with the objective to protect whistleblowers from government censorship and make Iceland a beacon for freedom of speech. She talked to the National Post back in January about the Modern Media Initiative, saying "One thing it will make sure of is if you publish material through Icelandic servers, it should not be possible to take it down."

I wouldn't be surprised if the thuggish lunatics who run the CIA, Mossad and MI6 label Jonsdottir an info terrorist and take her out.

II. The anti-Semitism label is a trick

Former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni on Democracy Now:
Amy Goodman: Often, when there is dissent expressed in the United States against policies of the Israeli government, people here are called "anti-Semitic," what is your response to that as an Israeli Jew?
Shulamit Aloni: Well, it's a trick. We always use it. (Credit to representativepress on YouTube).
Norway experienced what it is like to come under the Zionist propaganda machine. Then they got a taste of a little Zionist medicine, some good ol' terror.

And Norway is not anti-Semitic at all. In fact, Norwegian Jews have said that the claim that Norway is anti-Semitic is overblown and counter-productive.

Read this article "Norweigan Jews claim "anti-Semitism" in Norway is exaggerated," that was published on the website WakeUpFromYourSlumber in June. An excerpt:
"They believe we are being eaten in the streets here", said Ervin Kohn, president of The Mosaic Religious Community in Oslo.

Rumors are circulating that Norway is the most anti-Semitic country in the West. This is spreading so much in Jewish communities in the United States that the Mosaic Religious Community has invited leaders of major Jewish organizations in the U.S. to a seminar in Oslo next week.

"We want to take the bull by the horns. We live in a world of myth, "says Kohn.

The program includes politicians, editors, commentators and voices from the Norwegian religious landscape. There are two myths the seminar will deal with. One is that anti-Semitism does not exist in Norway. The second, prevalent in the US, is that Norway is the most anti-Semitic country in the West.

"Both I think are completely wrong. We may be located somewhere in the middle", said Kohn.
But truth doesn't matter to true believing Zionists. They make up reality on the spot. They act on impulse, myth, falsehoods, propaganda, not facts and evidence. Irrationality defines all extreme forms of nationalism, and Zionism is by far the most extreme form of nationalism around today.

The thought that Mossad and the CIA had a hand in the 9/11 attacks can't even enter the heads of true believers. They can't face the evil crimes done by the governments of the United States and Israel in their name. So, instead of addressing reality, they lash out and call opponents "anti-Semitic," even if those opponents are entire nations like Iceland and Norway.

We have to resist these false labels and these ugly lies by exposing the ridiculous nature of Zionist propaganda.

On July 24, Katharina Hauptmann wrote an article called "Anti-Nonsense" for the Iceland Review Online, here is an excerpt:
The people of Iceland are being accused of being anti-Semitic. Nonsense.

Yesterday, an article on the website of the Reykjavík Grapevine about Icelandic- Israeli relations caught my attention and filled me with deep concern.

The Grapevine reports on another article calling Iceland and its people anti-Semitic.

Wait, what did just happen? Iceland? Anti-Semitic?

During his recent visit to the Palestinian region, the Foreign Minister of Iceland, Össur Skarphédinsson, expressed his support for a potential Palestinian state and thereby offended certain people.

By Monday, 18th July, Mr. Manfred Gerstenfeld, who is a political activist and Chairman of the Board of Fellows at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, published an opinion piece on the Israel based news website Ynetnews (the internet site of Yedioth Ahronoth, Israel's most read newspaper), titled “Iceland against Israel”.

In this article Mr. Gerstenfeld slams the Icelandic government for showing “considerable arrogance towards Israel” and says Foreign Minister Össur Skarphédinsson was well- known for his “plain egotism”.

Ok, I understand the conflict of Israel and Palestine is debatable and Mr. Gerstenfeld is of course entitled to his own opinion.

What makes me angry is the arrogance and condescension he's displaying towards the Icelandic nation.

In his little pamphlet he discredits and belittles my adopted home in a patronizing and mean way.

I am obliged to set a few things straight.

Mr. Gerstenfeld, whose main occupation is being an environmental expert and business consultant, begins his lampoon with a smug comment about Iceland gaining “major publicity” with the collapse of its banks in 2008 and “when ash clouds from an eruption (…) caused major disturbances in European air traffic”.

Alright, I admit it: the financial meltdown and the volcanic eruption were all part of a well-planned, genius publicity stunt.

Also, Iceland is “a country that caused huge financial damage abroad”.

Yes, Mr. Gerstenfeld, we know that as well.

Have you ever thought about who is suffering most from the financial crisis?

I bet you haven't wasted a single thought about the Icelandic people.
Do you think the Icelanders are enjoying living in bankruptcy?

Furthermore, Mr. Gerstenfeld tries to paint Iceland as anti-Semitic country simply based on the fact that only very few Jews live there.True, only very few people in Iceland are Jews.

Does that mean the country is anti-Semitic?

Do we measure the worth of a country by the number of its Jewish inhabitants?

The Icelandic Nation = 320 000 people!

Thereof not even 2% are of Roman Catholic belief, so do you call Iceland anti-Catholic?
Read the entire article.

Let's smash anti-human propaganda by paranoid and hate-filled Zionists to dust. I believe in fair play and honest friendship among all nations. I hate lies and smear campaigns, especially when entire nations like Norway and Iceland are smeared with the "anti-Semitic" label.

July 26, 2011

The War on Terror is a Sick Joke

Here is a joke:

Three secret intelligence agents from the CIA, Mossad and MI6 walk into a bar with a bomb.

Question: Do they place their bomb under the table of the Jihadists, the Right-Wing Christians, or the Neo-Marxists?

Answer: That's actually a trick question. The three government agents each made a bomb for all three tables because they are politically correct state terrorists who don't like to discriminate against patsies.

Believe me, this joke goes down well with the state terrorists in Langley and the home base of the Mossad and MI6. Lying to the American people and the whole world is funny to them. The sick government murderers who did the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks have a very sick sense of humour. They even did it on 9-1-1 to throw it in our faces.

They're probably saying to themselves, "These fucking ignorant shitheads believe everything we stuff down the media pipe. bwahaha!!! We eat human flesh for breakfast and then we pretend to actually like these people that we rule over!! bwahaha!!! We kill people for a living and they call us heroes and defenders against terrorism!!! They actually believe we care about them!!! bwahaha!!!"

It's funny to the sick state terrorists because there are millions of morons out there who don't have a clue that our defenders and our guardians who run our governments are in reality a bunch of sick murderers and liars. We are letting the crazies run the asylum.

State terrorists who run the CIA, Mossad and MI6: "We tell these clueless and stupid masses to be afraid of Muslims, and boom! They run to us like crying children. We tell them to be afraid of Christians, and boom! They run to us again, this time even faster. We have them in the palm of our hands. We tell them to be afraid of themselves, of their shadows, of their neighbours, while we take all the glory, profit, and power!! bwahaha!!! Stupid people are the best. Their stupidity allows us to live like kings. We tuck them in at night, tell them scary children stories about the Islamic and Christian boogeyman, and they believe it!!! LMAO. You gotta love stupid people, they make our sick lives enjoyable and worthwhile."

"Stupid people help us carry out our dreams of war and destruction. We can tell them anything because they have empty heads and no knowledge of history. We can tell them that Thomas Jefferson was a terrorist and they will agree. We can tell them money is made out of shit and they will suddenly start saving their shit and take it to the bank for deposit. bwahaha!!! God made these stupid people for a reason, to give us a huge laugh and a huge bank account!! bwahaha!!!"

"Stupid people still believe Osama Bin Laden did 9/11!!! bwahaha!!! It's been ten years and they still believe that lie. Stupid people believe Obama has the American people's best interests at heart!!! bwahaha!!! Stupid people kissed his feet in 2008, believing he was a new Lincoln, and a man of the people!!! And they still do!!!! Even after Obama helped the big banks rape America and rape the world!! bwahaha!!! Stupid people are hopeless and thoughtless."

"Stupid people believe we're in Afghanistan to help Afghans and rebuild their nation!! bwahaha!!! We are busy destroying their homes and villages and stupid people believe we're there to protect America and the West!!! bwahaha!!! Stupid people believe Afghanistan attacked us!!! They don't know we're raping and destroying an innocent country!! bwahaha!!! Stupid people don't know how sick and evil we are in the Pentagon, the CIA, the Mossad, and the MI6. They believe we are defending them from terrorists!!! bwahaha!!! You gotta love it. Stupid people are the best."

"Hitler loved stupid people. Stalin loved stupid people. All tyrants love stupid people. We especially love stupid people because there are so many now. We kill a few thousand of them through our false flag terror attacks like 9/11 and 7/7 and scare the shit out of the rest!! It's a win-win. bwahaha!!! And they call the people who are exposing our frauds and crimes "paranoid," "conspiracy theorists," and "crazy." bwahaha!!! Stupid people can't even recognize true heroes, sages and defenders of the good!!! bwahaha!!! History wouldn't be possible without millions and millions of stupid people. May god bless them. And May God supply us wicked devils with many more millions!!! bwahaha!!!"

The Failure of The Western Media: Lessons From Oslo

"Newspapers seek to inform their readers quickly rather than to inform them well. Truth is not the beneficiary in this setting of priorities." - Albert Camus, "Critical Journalism." September 8, 1944. From the book Camus at "Combat": Writing 1944-1947. Pg. 32.
Immediately after the first reports of the attacks in Oslo, Norway, journalists and media talking heads pointed the finger at Islamic extremists. They wanted to get a jump on the story, but they fell face flat because they saw what they wanted to see, not what the facts showed.

Many people make this common mistake, especially journalists who are invested in a particular view about terrorism and put their personal reputations on the line when they defend it and promote it.

Director Errol Morris mentions this truth to former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara in his 2003 film, "The Fog of War," telling him, "We see what we want to believe." McNamara added a truth of his own, saying, "We see incorrectly, or we see only half of the story at times."

The insane 24/7 television news media allows no time for news anchors to reflect and contemplate on what they are reporting to viewers. They literally run with a headline and don't bother to stop and ask themselves questions such as, "what is the source of this information?" or, "who stands to gain by this terror attack?"

As a result, journalists who work in newsrooms are probably the most uninformed people on the planet in this age of speed-reporting and government propaganda.

Bloggers are the most informed people because they have a lot of time on their hands. Enough time to ask serious questions and look past the headlines. Digging for the truth requires patience and humility, two things that "respectable" journalists lack.

The attacks in Oslo provide a good example of how mainstream journalists routinely fail the public by sticking to the official script instead of offering accurate reporting and critical analysis of a news event. Journalists overlooked so many things, from the shooter's contradictory profile, to the fact that numerous eyewitnesses reported two shooters at the scene.

The mainstream media also refused to look at Mossad, CIA and NATO as suspects in the attacks, which either exposes their deep ignorance of the reality of Western state terrorism or their complicity.

There are so many reasons to point the finger at Mossad, CIA and NATO as the parties responsible for the deadly attacks in Oslo.

There is documented historical evidence of NATO sponsored terrorism in European cities during the Cold War. There is the fact that Norway's expression of support of a Palestinian state angered the right-wing government in Israel, and there is also the fact that Norway was terminating its role in the Libya war beginning in the first of August.

As a general principle, independence is not allowed in the European Union so Norway was taught a very painful lesson by the terrorist masters who control secret forces within NATO, CIA and Mossad.

In any line of work it is stupid to totally dismiss anything out of hand, but especially in journalism because knowing the facts impacts our decision making, our view of governments, and our judgement of our political leaders.

Journalists are supposed to represent the first line of defense against government propaganda. But in the age of state terror journalists have been turned into the first attack brigades in the war against the public mind and against reality.

Raising the reality of false flag terrorism into global consciousness has been the aim of the global 9/11 truth movement. A better world is only possible if we know how the current world works and whom it works for.

The International Center for 9/11 Studies is leading international hearings on the September 11 attacks in Ryerson University in Toronto in the week of the 10th anniversary of the tragedy. Gohere for more information on the event. The "objectives of the hearings," are as follows:
(1) To present evidence that the U.S. government’s official investigation into the events of September 11, 2001, as pursued by various government and government-appointed agencies, is seriously flawed and has failed to describe and account for the 9/11 events.

(2) To single out the most weighty evidence of the inadequacy of the U.S. government’s investigation; to organize and classify that evidence; to preserve that evidence; to make that evidence widely known to the public and to governmental, non-governmental and inter-governmental organizations.

(3) To submit a record and a summary of the Hearings, together with signed Statutory Declarations by witnesses, to relevant governments, groups and international agencies with the request that a full and impartial investigation be launched into the events of September 11, 2001, which have been used to initiate military invasions and to restrict the rights of citizens.

(4) To engage the attention of the public and media through witness testimony as well as through public talks and media events during the four day event.
Don't expect the CBC or the New York Times to attend the hearings and suddenly support a scientific and independent investigation into the 9/11 attacks. Journalists who work for giant media institutions don't have the decency and the humanity to admit that they were wrong about 9/11. They have big heads, and not much in them.

But mainstream journalists don't have the power to construct reality anymore because nobody is listening to them. More and more people are freeing their sacred minds from their stupidity, ignorance, prejudices, blindness, and lies.

July 25, 2011

The Reign of Zionist-Globalist Terror

It has been three days since the Oslo attacks and the official story that a right-wing Christian extremist planned the atrocity by himself is being ripped apart in the alternative media. More pieces of evidence keep rolling in that shows the official version to be false and manufactured by Mossad and Western intelligence agencies for their own political purposes.

Paul Joseph Watson has done a great expose of the shooter's Facebook profile and political background in his article, "Anders Behring Breivik: Manufacturing a Patsy?" Watson illustrates how Breivik's Facebook profile was tampered with after the attacks to make it appear to the press that he is a right-wing Christian extremist. Watson writes:
The effort to smear European conservatives as unhinged radicals who harbor simmering urges for bloodlust is now in full swing, and it’s a demonization campaign firmly founded on the carefully crafted public portrayal of Anders Behring Breivik.

However, it’s quickly becoming apparent that just as many eyewitnesses reported two gunmen on the island where the rampage unfolded, there are two different personas behind Breivik himself.

Indeed, there are two different Facebook profiles for Breivik, one from before the massacre and one from after. The latter profile appears to have been embellished and deliberately altered to emphasize the notion that the gunman was motivated by his “Christian conservative” beliefs.
What we can discern from this new piece of evidence is that there is a deliberate political and psychological campaign by the corporatist globalists who run the big private banks and almost all Western governments, including the American government, to bring down the Western white middle class as well as to demonize Christian opponents of a new world dictatorial government.

Once the middle class goes then so goes the nation. It is as simple as that. Free, independent and democratic nations are the enemies of the tyrannical globalists who have been constructing a new world authoritarian government out in the open for decades.

By framing resistance to the corporate-banking takeover of human society through a world government as "right-wing extremism," the cunning globalists are able to pull in the naive masses into the fold, and move on with their plans to prepare the mass slaughter of the middle class.

What will be left in the wreckage will be a two-tiered society of haves and have-nots, of plutocrats and plebs, of insiders and outsiders.

It is a mistake to say only Israel was behind this recent false flag attack in Oslo because the new world order cabal also benefits from a state of fear and crisis in Western society. These two political coalitions greatly benefited from the false flag 9/11 attacks a decade ago. But just because they are joined at the hip now it does not mean this will always be the case.

Sooner or later one side may come to resent the other and push them off the boat. I think the globalists will probably tell Israel to shove it (just read top globalist Zbigniew Brzezinski on Israel and you'll know what I mean).

Both the Zionists and the Globalists are the greatest enemies of free speech and free governments. Their reign of terror in the West is documentable and self-evident. We must do everything in our power to bring an end to their violence against democracy, freedom, and justice.

If you need further convincing that Mossad and other Western intelligence agencies connected to the Cold War-era NATO Gladio networks were behind the attacks in Oslo, then read this excellent article by journalist Wayne Madsen called, "After Oslo: Time to Crack Down On Mossad Terrorism." Madsen says that Norway's honourable government refused "help" from the Netanyahu-Barak gang that runs Israel:
After Israel offered assistance to Norway, including forensic and medical assistance, as well as the evacuation of the wounded from the 7/22 attack, Norway declined the offer. The rejection of assistance from Israel indicates that the Norwegian government was suspicious of the offer from Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak.
My respect and admiration for Norway is so high right now. While other Western governments, especially the governments in America, Canada and England, sheepishly bow down to the Zionist terrorists and listen to their false words, Norway's government is standing up for the interests of its people and for the cause of freedom.

I view the struggle against Nazism, Zionism, Islamism, Communism and Fascism as one historical struggle against racism, tyranny, and government terrorism. Nazism was defeated in World War II. Communism was defeated in 1989. It is our generation's responsibility today to defeat corporate fascism in North America and the Western world, along with Zionism.

Islamism will be defeated by the courageous young people in Iran, Egypt and other Middle Eastern nations. It is not our fight. Our fight in the West is against the twin evils of Corporate Fascism and Zionism.

Defeating Zionism means exposing false flag terrorism and acts of state terror by the state terrorists who control Israel's government. But it doesn't mean splitting apart Israel or demonizing all of Israel. The people of Israel deserve to live in an all Jewish country.

When I think of Israel I want to think of the home of the Jews, just as when I think of Egypt I think the home of the Arabs, and Iran as the home of the Persians.

When I think of Israel today I think of the home of the state terrorists and arrogant murderers of innocent people. And they are bringing their violence and their terror to the West, as we saw in New York on September 11, and now in Oslo.

This has to stop. We cannot be silent, not even for a day. We must end the occupation of our societies by Zionist and Globalist terrorists.

July 24, 2011

Publicly, Separately, Under Oath, Accountable For Lies

Watch this awesome video about President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney testifying together in secret about the 9/11 attacks before the 9/11 Commission, and without a transcript.

The video is called "Publicly, Separately, Under Oath, Accountable For Lies," and it was posted by YouTube user Gold9472 on July 23, 2011.

Mossad, CIA and NATO Attack Democracy in Oslo, Norway

As usual, new evidence and new information is emerging about the terror attacks in Oslo, Norway on Friday, July 22, that raises suspicions that the event was orchestrated by secret Mossad, CIA and NATO forces.

I call them the coalition of the killing.

Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen reported on Sunday, July 24, that Anders Behring Breivik, the so called lone gunman behind the attacks, has ties with freemasonry and espouses the Zionist agenda. Madsen writes:
Anders Behring Breivik is suspect in massacre of over 80 at Labour Party Youth camp on Norwegian island and downtown Oslo bombing. Breivik is being called a Christian fundamentalist even though he was a Freemason and supporter of such vile Zionist Islamophobes as Pam Geller and Richard Pipes.
This fact by itself doesn't mean we should lay the blame squarely at Mossad's doorstep. But it is a piece of a puzzle that we are constructing in the dark, and it will take time before all the pieces are put together.

The other day I was wrong to say only Mossad was behind the attacks in Oslo. I forgot to mention the rogue CIA and NATO as being suspects in the murders. This is not purely a Zionist crime. This is a crime by the entire axis of evil that has captured Western democracies: the rogue CIA, the criminal Mossad, and the illegal NATO. All their interests were being challenged by the democratic government of Norway.

Investigative journalist Webster G. Tarpley reports in his article "Norway Terror Attacks a False Flag," that Norway was getting ready to call off its bombing missions in Libya and stop its involvement in that ongoing war crime in August.

Tarpley also mentions the fact that witnesses reported two shooters at the scene of the crime, casting doubt that this is another "lone-assassin" terror strike. Tarpley says:
The presence of a second shooter is of course most inconvenient for the lone assassin theory, since it represents incontrovertible evidence of a criminal conspiracy, the very thing which the media coverage is usually anxious to avoid. In the Norwegian case, the reports of a second shooter seemed to be persistent enough 36 hours after the main event so as to hold out some hope that the entire official version can be brought down on this particular.
So, Norway made itself a democratic enemy of Israel by supporting the Palestinian effort for statehood in the United Nations in September, and a democratic enemy of the CIA and NATO because it no longer wanted any part in the takeover of Libya's oil fields.

Read this June 10 article, "Norway to quit Libya operation by August," for more information on Norway's decision to quit the Libya war.

Norway was attacked by the corrupt and secret forces behind the CIA, NATO and Mossad for refusing to go along with their overall agenda. They figured they could kill two birds with one stone by bringing Norway back into line on the issue of Israel-Palestine and Libya. What we are witnessing is the strategy of tension playing out in Norway.

II. The Return of The Gladio Villains

During the Cold War, secret NATO 'Gladio' networks carried out false flags attacks in European cities that were falsely blamed on leftist groups and which were intended to create an atmosphere of fear.

The chief beneficiaries of the terror attacks were government security forces, intelligence agencies, and ruling political coalitions.

But state violence and state terror will not bring down the voice of the people of Norway and its democratic government. After the attacks, Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said:
"No one will bomb us to silence. No one wil shoot us to silence. No one will ever scare us away from being Norway. You will not destroy us. You will not destroy our democracy or our ideals for a better world." - (At a press conference in Oslo. Source: BBC's report "As it happened: Norway attacks")
God bless Norway and god bless freedom. The criminals in the CIA, Mossad and NATO have to pay for this crime against innocent human beings and the voice of the people.

And there is a way out of this dark age of state terror. We have to dig for the truth and then tell it, write it, scream it. We are not destined to be hostages of state terrorists.

We cannot give into artificially stimulated fear, into ignorant peer pressure, and into the blind herd mind that says "it's a conspiracy theory, you have no evidence, you have no proof that Mossad and CIA are ran by criminals." Bullshit.

We have all the proof in the world that the biggest terrorists on this planet are in the Mossad, CIA, MI6, and other Western intelligence agencies. They are destroying self-government, freedom of speech, and our basic humanity.

Madsen writes:
With ample evidence of Mossad involvement in Oslo, it is up to every one of us to report to the Nth degree any suspicious contacts with Israelis or Israeli sympathizers.
Truth-telling is a task that we must all embrace. We have to bury the nonsensical theory of the "crazed lone gunman" to explain politically motivated assassinations and terror attacks because it is simply not true. State political conspirators are responsible for the attacks in Oslo and other terrorist attacks in America and the Western world.

We cannot let the rascals and demons in the Mossad and the CIA get away with the murder of innocent people. For justice to be done, the truth must be spoken about State staged terror attacks, and as early as possible, as loud as possible, and as much as possible.

The Age of Conspiracies: How The West Was Deceived On September 11

"Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th - malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists themselves, away from the guilty." - Former U.S. President George W. Bush at the United Nations.

"I'm aware that there's still some who would question or even justify the offense of 9/11. But let us be clear. Al Qaida killed nearly 3,000 people on that day. The victims were innocent men, women, and children from America and many other nations who had done nothing to harm anybody. And yet Al Qaida chose to ruthlessly murder these people, claimed credit for the attack, and even now states their determination to kill on a massive scale. They have affiliates in many countries and are trying to expand their reach. These are not opinions to be debated. These are facts to be dealt with." - U.S. President Barack H. Obama at Cairo University.

"What will become of Rome, Cato asked, when she no longer has any enemy to fear? It is a question which every nation will have to ask if ever universal peace is established, for the fear of external rivals has been a potent force against revolution." - William Ralph Inge. 'The End of an Age.' 1948. London: Putnam & Co. Ltd., pg. 112-113.

"Robert McNamara: We see incorrectly, or we see only half of the story at times.
Errol Morris: We see what we want to believe.
McNamara: You're absolutely right. Belief and seeing, they're both often wrong." - From the 2003 film "The Fog of War," directed by Errol Morris.

"Someone comes up to you and they say, "well, I'm a post-modernist, I really don't care about truth. Truth is subjective, or they're all kinds of different versions of truth, your truth, my truth, someone else's truth." And then so you say to them, "well then it doesn't matter to you who pulled the trigger? Doesn't matter to you whether someone committed murder or not, or someone in jail is innocent or not? That's just a matter of personal opinion?"

I believe our intuitions strongly are that it does matter. It matters a great deal what happened in the world. Our vision is incomplete in every respect. We try to find out about the world by collecting evidence, by thinking about things, by looking at things. Nothing that we ever create is complete, but you try to figure out what our relationship is to reality, to the real world, to what happened, to what transpired. You use every means at your disposal. To me, journalism is an attempt, again, to recover reality.

We take in evidence with our senses, and we try to figure out on the basis of what we learn, what we read, what we see, what's out there. And it may sound horribly grandiloquent and pretentious and pompous but the issue is what IS out there, what is true, what is false, what really happened." - Legendary filmmaker Errol Morris in"Recovering Reality: A Conversation with Errol Morris for the Columbia Journalism Review."

"An idea is like a virus, resilient, highly contagious. The smallest seed of an idea can grow. It can grow to define or destroy you." - Cobb from the 2010 film "Inception,"directed and written by Christopher Nolan.

"We have a variety of controls. The main mode of control has to do with our degree of knowledge and understanding of the world. As you change what you know about the world you change how you're going to control your perception, for example. And you also learn about what you want to pay attention to and what you don't. So those are very important aspects. And you can create strategies that allow you to filter things that you don't want." - Antonio Damasio, Behavioral Neurobiologist, Professor of Neuroscience at the University of Southern California, speaking in a video posted by the YouTube channel "big think."

"The problem with the conspiracy theory label is that it is overly broad in its condemnation of speculation about political intrigue. The label provides no basis for distinguishing groundless smears from reasonable suspicions warranting investigation. History has shown all too clearly that public trust in high officials is sometimes misplaced." - Lance deHaven-Smith. "Beyond Conspiracy Theory: Patterns of High Crime in American Government." American Behavioral Scientist (February 2010), 53 (6).

The September 11 attacks will go down in history not as an act of war by Islamic terrorists against the United States of America and Western civilization, but as an act of psychological war by criminal government conspirators in Washington and Israel against the collective mind of the world.

We live in an age of mass deception. Political double games, doublespeak, conspiratorial politics, secret agreements, and lying are the foundations of the modern Western, post-democratic state. There is no way to get around this fact. President John F. Kennedy saw the development of this secret state in America and he was ultimately killed by the elitist forces behind its covert construction.

It has taken half a century to reclaim the truth about the CIA's assassination of JFK and the assassinations of other American political reformers who resisted the powers-that-be in the 1960s. Time has bear witness to the deep change in the psychology of the American people and the people of other Western nations. We are now at the edge of a historical tipping point, and greater changes are ahead.

But we are not out of the dark woods yet. The power of the American Totalitarian State to inject elitist ideas, false opinions and wrong beliefs into global popular culture and the global public mind is its greatest power, and it was used on September 11, 2001 for destructive and evil purposes. The nationalistic totalitarian propaganda of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany was provincial compared to the planetary totalitarian propaganda of the hijacked government of the United States of America.

After Kennedy's death, there arose a totalitarian philosophy of power in the heart of Washington. Machiavelli, who believed that morality and politics don't mix, is one of the dark angels of the hijacked American empire. Deception is used as an instrument of the state to construct popular reality within America and around the world. James Jesus Angleton, a former CIA counter-intelligence chief who was famous for being crazy and paranoid, said, "Deception is a state of mind and the mind of the State." The neoconservatives also put the art of deception under the province of the State, and make no room for honesty and transparency because of their hatred of the people and democratic values.

Deception works for rulers so as long as the people remain ignorant of the government's dirty deeds. But in 2011, deception and propaganda are proving useless in America and the West. We are seeing a revolution of knowledge and understanding about the criminality of the official policies of Washington and Israel that cannot be stopped by the ruling elite without the use of drastic measures like mass murder, imprisonment of activists and journalists, and recurring false flag attacks to create an atmosphere of fear and dread.

Terror is the order of the day. According to the ruling elite, the people must be put in a state of fear. Basically, the patient must be rocked to bed, or else the patient will get up and angrily confront his doctors who are guilty of injecting poison into his arms and clouding his mind with false ideas.

In this picture, the doctors are the top government officials like President Barack Obama who speak for the Global Totalitarian Empire in Washington, and the patient is the American people. The doctors are not bound by any laws or code of ethics, they are above all a gang of ruthless and cold-blooded killers.

William Ralph Inge, who was a British Anglican priest and professor of divinity at Cambridge, said that either chaos or tyranny develops when the word of a lawless government is worshipped by the people as the only truth under the sun. Inge wrote the following before the end of World War II:
The repudiation of all ethical standards has encouraged the most shameless Machiavellianism in Germany. Several instances are given, which need not be repeated now. Reasons of State are supposed to justify any atrocity. Huizinga points out very sensibly that there is no reason why the national State should be the only supermoral association. Not only may other States claim the same privileges, but groups within the State will also place themselves above the moral law. The logical result of the deification of the State is absolute anarchism or Satanism. (Inge. 'The End of an Age.' 1948. London: Putnam & Co. Ltd., pg. 13).
Inge added two plus two and got four. We have to do the same thing. The political and financial rulers of America and the West are waging a secret war against freedom and democracy. They are giving us an offer we can't refuse: Chaos or world government. The government criminals behind the September 11 attacks are the gardeners of destruction who planted weeds of lies into the soil of popular thought. They aimed for the total extermination of free thought and critical questioning. Cass Sunstein, the Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in the Obama administration, is one of the gardeners of thought destruction.

Since 9/11 we have seen the ghettoization of thought in culture and politics. Sociologically, undesirable ethnic and social groups are ghettoized and cast out of mainstream society, like Jews in Nazi Germany, or black people in American cities in the 20th century. The same dynamic of isolating a certain group also works psychologically in totalitarian societies. People who counter the official government narrative about reality and history are scolded as insane and put inside a mental box like "conspiracy theorists."

Language is the best tool that totalitarian governments use to ghettoize critical thought and isolate political dissidents who express views that are antithetical to government propaganda. And just as criminal governments commit ethnic cleansing there is also something called thought cleansing that criminal governments do. It is when a totalitarian conception of reality and history oversteps truth and historical facts. Dutch-American psychoanalyst Joost Abraham Maurits Meerloo called it "menticide," in his classic book, "The Rape of the Mind: The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, and Brainwashing." The definition of menticide is "the process of systematically altering beliefs and attitudes, especially through the use of drugs, torture, or psychological stress techniques; brainwashing."

The high treason and big conspiracy that is going on in Washington would not be possible without the expert use of mass brainwashing methods as well as the strategic use of state terrorism. Mind control is the modus operandi of the elitist conspirators behind false flag terror attacks and the agenda for a new totalitarian global government.

The American people deserve a better fate than being mind controlled debt slaves whose wealth is being systematically confiscated and turned over to a criminal group of private bankers and traitorous multinational corporations.

II. Curse The Totalitarian State and Pray to God, But With Your Head High

May God be with the American people in this hellish decade. May God be with the people of the Middle East. May God be with Canada, and the West. May God be with us all in this new age. And may no Church, Synagogue or Mosque be with any of us.