May 11, 2012

Two-Faced Emperor Obamney Vs. The Incorruptible St. Paul

Obamney: Bad For America, Bad For Humanity, And Bad For The Earth.

On issues of life and death, peace and war, prosperity and poverty, truth and deception, law and criminality, and freedom and slavery, Ron Paul stands on one side with his head held high and his heart firmly attached to America, while on the other side are Obama and Romney, two cowards who stand arm-in-arm under a dark cloud of tyranny that rains death on America and the human race. 

Who would rather stand beside in this historic fight? A revolutionary hero or two incompetent puppets of a criminal and psychopathic oligarchy?

Both Obama and Romney want the American people to sacrifice their blood, name, and treasure to enrich the criminal supranational banksters, protect the crimes of the insane military-industrial complex, and advance the secret political agenda of a rotten few who desire a global dictatorship. They are more anti-American than any Islamist.

The other day, the illegitimate, dishonest, and treasonous President Obama said that American soldiers are, "fighting on my behalf." He said this with a straight face. Any soldier or government whistleblower who exercises his God-given rights and questions Obama is punished and threatened with death, just like the slaves who served under Hitler and Stalin. 

Obama believes the President can act like an Emperor, and Romney agrees. Both psychopathic lunatics think that killing an innocent child in his sleep in some Middle Eastern village is natural, just, and necessary because such an act keeps America safe from "terrorists." To them, America's "national security," comes before international law, respect for others, common sense, and the moral laws of mankind. 

Ron Paul believes that friendship, trade, and peaceful negotiations with other nations will make America stronger, freer, and richer. He wants to help the cause of peace and truth by getting rid of the fragile mentality and paranoid worldview that gripped America's consciousness after the false flag 9/11 events. 

The emotional global public reaction to those traumatic events was immediately exploited by America's diseased ruling class and Israel's criminal terrorist leadership. They constructed the farce that is the global war on terror on the blood of their victims and the destroyed World Trade Center site --- a truly cannibalistic act. 

Cannibalism might as well be the bedrock of the belief system and worldview of the treasonous U.S. political establishment and their allies in Israel and around the world.

Morals and ethics have never entered the heads of Obama and Romney. They are vampires who hate America and humanity. A.M. Freyed exposes Obama's moral corruption and political psychopathy in his article, "The Disturbing Psychopathology of the Obama Re-election Campaign."

Obama belongs in hell, not in the White House. Following in the treasonous footsteps of the Bushes and Bill Clinton, Obama has destroyed America, robbed the American people, and killed hundreds of thousands of innocent human beings in the Middle East. For the sake of peace and security, these monsters must be put on trial.