June 26, 2012

A Divine Drama: The Esoteric Agenda Behind World War III

"Eternity shudder'd when they saw, Man begetting his likeness, On his own divided image." - William Blake.
"Towards a World War III Scenario: The Dangers of Nuclear War" by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky is a book that cuts through the chaos and deception to show the reader exactly how and why humanity is facing an existential threat. It is a wake-up call that the world is being pushed towards catastrophic conflict.

Western governments led by Washington are assiduously removing every check towards all-out hostility with the Islamic Republic of Iran, escalating economic sanctions, while mounting a fierce array of military power in the Persian Gulf.

Meanwhile, the Western public is disarmed from outright opposition to the juggernaut to war because the mainstream media has assisted Western governments in falsely portraying Iran as an imminent nuclear threat to world peace, and downplaying the gravity of what is at stake if a conflict should result – World War III." - Finian Cunningham, "Towards a World War III Scenario: The Real Imperialist Agenda, Review of Michel Chossudovsky's book."

"Fetichism, or the worship of stocks and stones, and rude nature in general, is the matrix from which the sublime idea of an Omnipresent Divinity derived its origin in the schools of philosophy. It is perhaps the most awful and impressive of all the forms of theology. To invest a rock or a mountain, a river or a spring, or even a shell or an amulet, with life and providence, by making it the representative of a powerful spirit, a Deus Loci, or God of the Spot, requires a large amount of imagination and faith; but, when once it is accomplished, nurtured in infancy, confirmed by tradition, and the legends of the old, the timid, the reverential and the credulous, it embraces a larger amount of spirituality and true divinity than modern literarians are in the habit of ascribing to it. The temple of the Fetichist is a large temple : it is the temple of Nature. He requires no church or chapel to solemnise his thoughts and awaken a consciousness of the Divine Presence. He carries it about with him wherever he goes. The temple of his god has no walls. The god has a district, and beyond that district his power may cease ; but the power of another assumes its place, for the world is apportioned and divided amongst the Elohim or Powers. The Fetichist, therefore, walks in temples, he lives in a temple ; the earth that he cultivates is consecrated earth; the forest that supplies him with wood is a sacred forest, and some particular trees and sports are particularly holy ; the rock that shadows him is a venerable rock, endowed with life and vision, and even with speech ; for the echo that distinguishes it can be nothing else but the response of the god. He is, therefore, a thoughtful, reverential, and worshipfol person, especially in a nation like that of the Greeks. To him we owe the first movements of the human in a logical search after the Omnipresent Spirit, the Infinite, and the Eternal. He is the true ancestor of logical theology. The prophet who heard a voice, and the seer who fell into a trance, were told of a being who filled the heavens and the earth ; but they did not comprehend, or did not believe, for they talked of their god as a local god, like their neighbours, and they even saw him, and ate and drank before him, like Moses and the Elders. They sought him not by reason, for he was declared to them by Revelation. But the Fetichist sought him logically, and could not fail, in the end, to discover him, for he is found by all those who diligently seek him.

The sudden appearance of Divine Philosphy in Greece is an outbirth from Fetichism; a search after God ; a diligent, pious, and sacred search after the origin and the nature of things ; after the source of happiness, the principle of moral rectitude or virtue ; and the early sages of Greece were as remarkable for their piety, their morality, their austerity, and scrupulosity in moral discipline, as even the early Christians themselves. Thales regarded water, Anaximenes air, as the original element ; whilst Anaximander, with greater obscurity, maintained that the infinite was the original, without defining it. Pythagoras, on the other hand, took to numbers as primordial principles. He even determined the sex of numbers, the odd being male, and the even female; the elementary principle of an odd number being unity, of an even number multiplicity. Nature was governed by the law of numerical harmony." - James Elishama Smith. "The Divine Drama of History and Civilization." 1854. Pg. 129-131.
"Where were you when they raised the cry
That the great god Pan is dead?
The sailors hauled up near the shore
While the dawn was glowing red.
With a single voice, they made lament
So that all might hear and know
That a mighty force had left the world
And joined the shades below." - Chris Floyd, "End Times."
The first question that immediately pops into your head upon finding out the truth about 9/11 is why?

What is the purpose of World War III? Is it to secure Middle Eastern oil and other resources for America, restart opium production in Afghanistan, prop up the U.S. dollar for the time being, and ensure American hegemony in the world?

Is it destroy the sovereignty and weaken the territorial integrity of independent nations like Syria and Iran?

Is it to bankrupt the United States of America and increase the power of the internationalist central bankers and oligarchs?

Is it to strengthen the position of Israel in the region, create a greater Israel, and completely drive the Palestinians out of Israel?

Is it to lay the political, geopolitical, cultural, and spiritual groundwork for an authoritarian world government?

Is it to reduce the human population down to a manageable number?

Is it to wipe out Islam, Christianity, and Judaism?

Is it to fulfill biblical prophecy?

Was World War III started on September 11, 2001, to achieve all these different goals, from the political and economic to the geopolitical and spiritual? If so, is there a human agency behind this grand plan, or a greater architect? Was this epoch of catastrophes written in the stars? Was World War III avoidable or not? Was 9/11 preventable in the spiritual sense? Or are we all hostages to divine authority and forced to watch this tragic drama unfold? Is history just a masonic conspiracy? 

I try not to interpret events because I'm not smart enough to decipher the larger meaning of history. But asking basic questions is a responsibility that we all share.

It is scary that certain government leaders in the United States, Israel, and Iran share messianic and millenarian beliefs, and believe it is their job to deceive their populations on an epic scale.

In my article, "5 Reasons Why The White House Is A Faith-Based Institution," I explained why the U.S. government is theocratic under the surface and how the President is like the head of a cult.

Barack Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad pretend to hate each other in public, but these cult-like messianic leaders have a similar worldview and seem closer to each other than to their own countrymen and constituencies. 

Why do all three men seek war and threaten regime change? Why not let Israel be, and allow the Jews and Palestinians to resolve their own problems? Why not let Iran be, and allow young Iranians to change their theocratic government from within over the course of time? Why not let America be instead of dragging it into destructive and unnecessary wars that severely damage its national security and its status in the world? 

Why must Americans and Muslims fight each other? Why do Jewish leaders punish the Palestinians and cry wolf about Iran?

This is either absolute madness, or, maybe, there is a greater purpose behind all of this destruction. 

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