June 25, 2012

Media Beast To America: Bow Down To Military Police, Your New Lord And Savior

 America is a military dictatorship.

The plan to implement martial law in the United States is slowly falling into place. The sighting of tanks on the streets of St. Louis is another sign that America is entering a new and dangerous era of overt military rule.

Kurt Nimmo writes why this shocking development represents the greatest threat to American liberty in his article, "Media Dismisses Warning About Tyranny and Troops on the Street as Kooky Conspiracy Theory":
"The “training” conducted in St. Louis is yet another example of the state conditioning us to the presence of a standing army in our midst. It has little to do with al-Qaeda or phantom terrorists. It is, as Madison noted, an instrument of tyranny designed to enslave the people."
The military is "the most respected institution in America," said President Barack Obama. But expect the military's reputation to change for the worse now that it is officially occupying America and guarding the international banksters who have looted the country and deprived the American people of economic security.

In the past, one could argue that the U.S. military protected America from foreign despots, although the ghost of General Smedley Butler would strongly disagree. Today, however, it is clear that it is nothing more than a guard dog that is infected with a bad case of rabies. This sick dog must be put down, but instead it is being unleashed on the American people as the country unravels and devolves into a third world cesspool.

"For the most part," says former presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin, "the sentiments of our founders ring hollow to modern Americans who, ever since World War II, have glorified, idolized, and practically even worshipped the standing US military."

The fighting men of the U.S. military should be honored and glorified. But no respect should be shown to the cowardly and disgraceful traitors who lead this evil institution. They have betrayed their people, their country, and their forefathers, all the while pretending to be Americans in spirit. Their patriotism is skin-deep.

There is nothing to be proud about in being a soldier in uniform, especially in an imperial army. The German poet Heinrich von Kleist said that the military is, "a living monument to tyranny." He left the military because of a "moral obligation."

Soldiers who have a moral sense and a patriotic bone in their body are tortured souls. Some turn to drugs to heal the pain. But there are far too many souls within the U.S. military who are so brainwashed that they don't know they're working for cold-blooded mass murderers and psychopathic liars. And they take orders very well. When the Commander-in-Chief gives the order to enforce martial law, or to confiscate the guns of the American people, they'll answer like well-trained slaves: "Sir, yes sir!" Those three simple words are the cause of so much evil, tyranny, and misery in the world.

Ron Paul's revolution is built on the power of one word: No. "Evil is not all-powerful, but we have to learn to say no," said Alex Jones.

The power of No can defeat authoritarianism and militarism. The military is not powerful enough to twist the arms of the American people and lay the chains of tyranny on them. A military dictatorship must be rationalized, justified, and legitimized with propaganda, a point that is frequently made by Alex Jones.

Tyranny has to be sold to the people under an agreeable banner, and championed as sacred. At least at first. But once the fear of death is driven into the mind of every individual even more than at present, the military will be able to hold onto power just by their presence alone. Plus, in a state of economic collapse and managed chaos, as cities are overrun by riots, a lot of people will be thankful for the restoration of order by the military and police. 

Also, the media's cooperation with the Pentagon and CIA is absolutely crucial in getting the American people to accept marital law and internalize the insane logic of a military/banking dictatorship.

The reality that America is a military dictatorship is being eased into the public psyche by government authorities and their collaborators in the media. The media beast is using its advanced powers of thought manipulation to psychologically prepare Americans for martial law under the illegal authority of an Emergency State.

When martial law is declared, the media beast will tell America:
"Bow down to your new lord and savior. All will be well in this financially broken, politically bankrupt, post-industrial, military dictatorship. Crime will go down. The imaginary Jihadists, militia patriots, and conservative Christians will dare not use terror against innocent civilians to spread their violent and outdated ideologies. The military is here to help and protect us. They are our brothers, friends, family members, and neighbours. As patriotic and proud citizens of this beautiful country, we must support them in their mission to keep the peace and restore law and order to our streets."
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