August 2, 2012

The Major Media Remains Silent On The Death of Prince Bandar Bush

 Was Saudi Arabia's Prince Bandar assassinated? Don't bother asking that question to mainstream journalists. They're too busy watching the Olympics to pay attention to world developments.

There is a strange sense of silence engulfing the world about the most critical of matters and in the most sensitive of times: the assassination of Prince Bandar, a highly influential Saudi Arabian insider and former ambassador to the United States.

Prince Bandar's suppressed history with Al-Qaeda and connection to the Sept. 11 attacks is well documented, but never discussed in the major media.

His death comes just days after he was named the director of Saudi Arabia's intelligence agency. Analysts say he was rewarded for carrying out a successful operation against high-level members of the Syrian regime.

The French news organization Voltaire Network deserves the credit for breaking this story. In a follow-up to their initial report on July 29 that Syria committed a revenge attack against Prince Bandar, Voltaire Network informed its readers on Monday, July 30, that, "Saudi authorities have not responded to inquiries by the media, refusing to confirm or deny the death of their newly appointed chief of the intelligence services."

In reaction to this shocking news, the major Western media has been as silent as death.

Meanwhile, the shaken government of Saudi Arabia has tried to contain this crisis by acting dead for the time being and hoping that the world stays glued to the Summer Olympics in London.

Naturally, conspiracy theorists like myself and state propaganda outlets are filling the vacuum and throwing up ideas about who killed the prince.

A lot of people are probably wondering, "So What?" The death of one man cannot start a world war, right?

No. That is not what history tells us.

Kerry Patton reminds us that World War I began with an assassination in an article written on August 1, called, "To be or not to be, that is the… assassination?" An excerpt:
"World War I was initiated because of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and in today’s day and age no one wants to let the cat out of the bag claiming a successful assassination of one of Saudi Arabia’s top government officials was killed. It could start World War III. That is, if we aren’t already fighting the third world war."
For a while now, historian Webster G. Tarpley has stated that summer 2012 is reminiscent of July 1914. Nations are lining up their armies for war while crowds are distracted with games. A dark spirit of unease is creeping its way across the spiritual landscape of the world. International tension is high.

II. The New Guns of August?

Will the world experience the long-awaited sequel to the Guns of August? If Mossad and MI6 commit a new false flag terror attack at the end of the 2012 London Olympics then the answer is yes.

Even if we do not witness a new false flag attack to rile up the West against Iran, a world war is still around the corner. The trigger event could be big or small. But war is a matter of certainty. Expect a new world war just as you expect the sun to rise tomorrow.

Preparation for war is almost equivalent to fighting a war. America, Israel, and Iran cannot escape the coming tragedy even if they wanted to. Military commitments have been made; weapons have been stockpiled; societies have been indoctrinated; reasons have been invented; sacred stories have been told; heartless traitors have been declared holy kings; money has been stolen from the people; massive fraud has been committed; generations have been robbed; betrayal of national values and traditions has been sold as patriotism and honourable defense of the homeland.

What is the solution to this epic crisis? War, mankind's finest tradition.

III. A Zombie Civilization: The Age of Mass Death
"It was always amazing to me to realize how, well I can't use the word readily, but how uncomplainingly these millions went to their death. It's perfectly extraordinary, isn't it? There were practically never any, well, revolt is not even the word one can use, but any sound, you know. One would've though they would scream or yell or something. Nothing. They just went." - Gitta Sereny, biographer, historian and investigative journalist, speaking about Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. From the video called, "The banality of evil - Gitta Sereny," by Web of Stories.
I have no doubt in my mind that a global occult priesthood is bringing into being a new age, and they need a new world war to achieve this grand dream. Read, "Shedding Blood For A New Age: The Art of Sacrificing Slaves."

In a new world war, millions will be sacrificed for the enrichment and empowerment of a few soulless and death-obsessed rulers who are cooperating with each other in total secrecy.

So do not pretend for a minute that our sick rulers care about "We The People" and the well-being of our countries. They are planning and executing a worldwide mass extermination campaign with the use of man-made diseases, an orchestrated global financial collapse, and a world war involving the use of nuclear weapons.

Depopulation is the goal. For more details, read, "The New World Order's Megadeath Plan For The World: The Five Theaters of Action."

Western and Israeli elites use the rhetoric of democracy, counter-terrorism, and human rights to get public support for their totalitarian wars while their counterparts in the Islamic world use the rhetoric of religion to control the minds of the Muslim masses and justify their top-down control of society.

Totalitarian priests rule both the West and the East. America and Humanity is occupied by demons. The world is under the control of a conspiracy of evil and a global cult of death.

Author Fritz Springmeier and radio host Alex Jones discuss the Satanic conspiracy against humanity in this incredibly important one-hour interview. Do not miss this one.