May 31, 2012

Occupy Bilderberg Video Streams

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The Meaning of Occupy Bilderberg: The Elevation of The Shadow Into Public Consciousness

 The Occupy Movement Grows Up And Takes On The Big Boys At The 2012 Bilderberg Conference.
"What a difference a year makes. Occupy Bilderberg? I love it. The Occupy movement seems finally to have realised that the problem isn't the 1%, it's the 0.001%. It's the guys and gals and whatever David Rockefeller is who are meeting in Chantilly, Virginia, at the end of the week. Many hundreds of protestors have pledged to show up. And who knows, they may just manage to drag the mainstream news media with them." - Charlie Skelton: Bilderberg 2012: the technocrats are rising at this year's annual conference; May 30, 2012.
"Do nothing secretly; for Time sees and hears all things, and discloses all." - Sophocles.
The occupy movement is growing up and taking on the big boys at the 2012 Bilderberg conference, held in Chantilly, Virginia.

Bilderberg is the shadow G8 and G20. Its much more powerful and influential in global affairs than those public bodies. It is the invisible layer of skin under the thick public skin of national governments, global media, global banks, global charities, and global corporations.

When you peel away the public skin, you find a virus spreading underneath, and that virus is the Bilderberg plutocrats who want to keep nations impoverished and under-developed for their own gain. Of course, their view of the world situation is the exact opposite. They see the 99% as a virus on the planet, and they are the cure. They seek to, "micro-manage the human race, which they regard as a plague on the earth," writes Paul Joseph Watson.

Instituting anti-growth policies on a global basis in the name of "protecting the environment" is a matter of pride to them. Launching illegal wars to reduce the size of the human population and increase the size of their bank accounts gives them joy and a great sense of accomplishment.

According to criminal Bilderbergers and their collaborators in the media, the Earth needs "healing" and the quickest ways of removing the human virus is by starting another massive world war, and creating poverty and starvation worldwide. Their highly secret global depopulation agenda came to life as a result of the false flag 9/11 events, which had the propaganda effect of pitting the Western world and Israel against the Islamic world.

Over the last several years, Bilderberg has come under increasing scrutiny from the global alternative press. Its plots and schemes, whether it concerns U.S. domestic politics, the global economic crisis, or the wars in the Middle East, have been discovered and exposed by a new generation of media activists and reporters.

In the field of Bilderberg coverage American journalist Jim Tucker still casts a long shadow, having consistently reported on Bilderberg conferences for over three and a half decades. His persistence and determination has inspired thousands on the ground, and infuriated thousands in the sky.

The Bilderberg sky gods are especially filled with rage this year because of all the buzz that dedicated protesters and activists have created. Their minions in the state security services have erected a fortress around the Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles hotel, where Bilderbergers are set to meet to discuss sensitive global issues, and make world policy decisions that will have repercussions for the entire world.

"Given the fact that a record number of demonstrators are expected to attend," writes Paul Joseph Watson, "Bilderberg has been more stringent than ever before in its efforts to get people out of the way." They've engaged in threats, spread false rumours to demonize protesters, and intensified security measures to intimidate journalists into vacating the premises.

All the security and secrecy is meant to cover up the fact that they're deciding the political fate of the world without consulting the people of the world.

The Bilderberg oligarchy's biggest long-term political project is the European Union, which is facing a severe legitimacy crisis in the wake of the global economic meltdown. The EU is a grandiose experiment but it is destined to fail and collapse under the current immoral, incompetent, and corrupt leadership.

Europeans don't want to be enslaved and robbed by a parasitic and transnational financial class anymore. Iceland has provided the best example thus far of an economic recovery without the banksters.

The lesson from Iceland is simple: nations prosper without the international private banking cartel, and die with it. America has been controlled by this heartless and satanic cartel for a century, and its currency and reputation has been destroyed as a result.

One of the biggest global political goals of the Bilderbergers is the destruction of America and all nation states, and the creation of a global security state. The NATO summit in Chicago gave us a glimpse into the dark heart of the emerging global security state. But the real heart of this invisible and secretive state is the Bilderberg conference.

Without popular legitimacy and political accountability at the highest levels, however, a universal security state will crash and burn.
Washington is the military enforcer of the Bilderberg's global political and economic policies. The tragic irony is that America is one of the biggest losers of the policy of corporate globalism. The undermining of American sovereignty by numerous White House administrations at the behest of the internationalist Bilderberg oligarchy has created a weaker and poorer America.

President Obama is the latest American presidential puppet to follow the secret policy of destroying America from within. Mitt Romney will continue on this treasonous course if he wins the election in November.

The political power that will guide the destiny of America in January 2013 will not be Mr. Obamney, but the Bilderberg oligarchy, as it has done for decades now. That is why elevating the secretive Bilderberg conference into public consciousness is so important.

In Barack Obama's shadow stands the Bilderberg oligarchy, and the same is for Romney's shadow. The president of the United States has no power today other than the power to lie and persuade. The President's function is to be a ghost, a liar, an image, an actor, a salesman, a comforter. It doesn't matter which liar and flip flopper wins in November. Obamney is just a smiley face on a sick and sinister machinery of power. Every word they speak is hollow.

Occupy Bilderberg is bringing the real yet ever mysterious shadow masters into the light of public consciousness. The symbolic power of the American president is disintegrating in front of our eyes. The people are waking up and confronting the criminal plutocratic manipulators who hide their power in the shadows, where they are plotting against the global public good and the general welfare of humanity.

Now that the Bilderberg has been pushed out of the shadows, it can't go back in the safe confines of the shade and play the secrecy game. The age of the shadow is over. And there's nothing that the Bilderberg scum can do about it. 

History can be manipulated, but history can't be stopped. The people can be misled and tricked for a long time, but not forever. The truth can be suppressed, but not erased. Those who perform evil deeds in the shadow can't keep their guilt hidden from the world.

The arrogant Bilderbergers thought they could manipulate history, trick mankind, suppress the truth, and plot evil in the darkness endlessly, all without being noticed, but things have turned out differently than they imagined.

May 30, 2012

The Anti-Truther Bible: The King Bibi Version

The Anti-Truther Bible: King Bibi Version. 2012.

The First Book of Mossad, Called
Genesis of Terror

1. In the beginning Mossad, CIA, and MI6 created Hamas, Al-Qaeda, and Muslim Brotherhood.

2. And these terrorist organizations were without leadership, and direction: and terror was but a name. And the Spirit of Satan moved like a snake in the hollowed spaces of the Sacred State.

3. And Mossad said, Let there be terror: and there was terror.

4. And Mossad saw the terror, that it was good: and Mossad divided the terror from the counter-terror. 

5. And Mossad called the terror Bad, and the counter-terror it called Good. And the war on terror became a holy war. And Terror triumphed in the evening and the morning on the first day.

6. And Mossad said, Let there be a terror attack in the heart of New York City, and let it win American public opinion for Israel.

7. And Mossad made the terror attack, and won American public opinion for its war on Islam, Palestine, and Iran.

8. And Mossad called the terror attack an Islamic and Terrorist aggression against America, and Terror triumphed in the evening and the morning on the second day.

9. And Mossad said, Let all the Muslims under heaven be gathered together in one Terror Room, and let the nuclear bomb appear, and it was so.

10. And Mossad called the nuclear bomb a holy safeguard against anti-Semitism and Terrorism; and called the gathering together of the Muslims a sacrificial offering to their God: and Mossad saw that it was good.

11. And Mossad said, Let the Terror bring forth more Terror, the lambs yielding defeat, and the American Giant yielding its bones, whose body is no longer needed upon the earth: and it was so.

12. And the earth brought forth Terror, and lambs yielding defeat, and the Giant yielding bones, whose body was laid waste: and Mossad saw that it was good.

13. And Terror triumphed in the evening and the morning on the third day.

14. And Mossad said, Let there be Terror in the Skies and in the Heavens to divide the gods from mankind, and the night from the day; and let men lose their minds for years and years:

15. And let them go stark raving mad in the woods and in the streets, to give the watchful eyes of the Sacred State entertainment and joy; and it was so.

16. And Mossad waged great wars: the greater war on the mind and soul, and the lesser war to rule the body: it also made a third war on memory.

17. And Mossad waged all the wars behind the Shield of the Holocaust and the Sword of 9/11 to give itself the cover of saint and victim in the darkness of hell,

18. And to pin down nations under heaven with social stigma and minds with taboo, and to divide the truth from history: and Mossad saw that it was good.

19. And Terror triumphed in the evening and the morning on the fourth day.

20. And Mossad said, Let the bombs drop over Tehran and Isfahan, and America may fly above Iran as a giant with wings.

21. And Mossad created great events, and big lies to fool dupes, which the Western media propagated as true, as agents of Mossad, MI6, and CIA: and Mossad saw that it was good.

22. And Mossad blessed the media, saying, Be obedient, and lie, and fill the minds of men with our propaganda, and let them sink like stones into the mass grave of the Earth believing us to be victims of Terror.

23. And Terror triumphed in the evening and the morning on the fifth day.

24. And Mossad said, Let all nations rot and perish one after the other, and make the winged giant strike the lion: and it was so.

25. And Mossad made Terror through the Night, preying on the weak, accusing the righteous, and blackmailing the strong: and Mossad saw that it was good.

26. And Mossad said, Let us make Terrorists in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the lambs of the land, and over the giants in the sky, and over the lion, and over all the earth, and over every sacred site upon the earth.

27. So Mossad created Terrorists in its own image, and in the image of the CIA and the MI6; Muslim or non-Muslim, all Terrorists were created with the Word.

28. And Mossad blessed the Terrorists, and Mossad said unto them, Be hateful, and irrational, and reproduce the terror, and subdue the rational: and have dominion over the children of the earth, and the doves of the air, and over every living foe that speaketh against Terror.

29. And Mossad said, Behold, I have given you protection against Terror, which has descended upon the West in the Night, and every Terrorist is marked down with shame and hate; it is all done for you and for peace.

30. And peace shall be known, and peace shall be won, and every last Terrorist shall be hunted down and buried beneath the earth, wherein there is Terror: and it was so.

31. And Mossad saw every film of Terror that it directed in the Night, and, behold, it was very good. And Terror triumphed in the evening and the morning on the sixth day.

ARSONomics: Anti-Truther Bible's 10 Commandments (Video)

Article: The Anti-Truther Bible: The Ten Commandments.

Video by ARSONomics.

The CIA Dark Ages

 Long before the CIA killed American imam Anwar al-Awlaki, it killed American President John F. Kennedy.
"But that’s the point: once something is repeated enough by government officials, we become numb to its extremism. Even in the immediate wake of 9/11 — when national fear and hysteria were intense — things like the Patriot Act, military commissions, and indefinite detention were viewed as radical departures from American political tradition; now, they just endure and are constantly renewed without notice, because they’ve just become normalized fixtures of American political life. Here we have the Obama administration asserting what I genuinely believe, without hyperbole, is the most extremist government interpretation of the Bill of Rights I’ve heard in my lifetime — that the Fifth Amendment’s guarantee that the State cannot deprive you of your life without “due process of law” is fulfilled by completely secret, oversight-free “internal deliberations by the executive branch” — and it’s now barely something anyone (including me) even notices when The New York Times reports it (as the ACLU’s Jameel Jaffer asked yesterday: “These Dems who think executive process is due process: Where were they when Bush needed help with warrantless wiretapping?” — or his indefinite detention scheme?)" - Glenn Greenwald, "How extremism is normalized," May 30, 2012.
The good news about the U.S. government's secret kill list policy is that it is finally coming clean about the fact that it has a secret kill list policy. Remember, not long ago, if you said the CIA secretly assassinates innocent individuals and targets political figures you would've been mocked and ridiculed as a conspiracy theorist.

Since the parental figures at the Washington Post and New York Times are now reporting on the Obama administration's admission that it has the power to secretly kill human beings without due process the little children in la la land can all admit this is real. But they still pretend that the conspiracy theorists are wrong and paranoid about all the other realities and facts they talk about.

We're still "kooks" and "nut jobs" for saying that radical elements within the CIA and Mossad killed Americans on 9/11, and that JFK, MLK, and RFK were all assassinated by the CIA.

These are not conspiracy theories. These are truths that can't be erased from history and human memory.

As of 2012, JFK, MLK, and RFK remain the biggest victims of the CIA's secret kill list policy, not Osama Bin Laden and Anwar al-Awlaki, both of whom were CIA double agents.

To believe the sick and medieval policy of secretly killing innocent people and political figures began with the Obama administration is poppycock. The CIA has been practicing this policy from deep inside the Killing Temples of Babylon in Washington for decades.

The CIA has killed more Americans than Al-Qaeda. The CIA is so evil that it gave birth to Al-Qaeda to kill Americans under the guise of being Arabs and Muslims. The killers in the CIA thirst for American blood so much that they invent foreign enemies to attack America and kill Americans. The CIA stands for Cannibals In America. 

But were still the "kooks" for simply for telling the truth. Why? Well, because the New York Times and Washington Post say we're kooks, and the little children believe it. Why? Because reality ends at the bottom of the pages of the New York Times and Washington Post. Anything that's not covered in those pages is not "reality." It belongs in the dirty, irrational, mucky swamps of "conspiracy theory," where rational, level-headed, and respectable citizens go to dig their social graves. 

But, at least there has been some progression towards public recognition of the truth. Now, people can say without fear that the White House and CIA are led by barbaric executioners who have a secret kill list policy and use the Spanish Inquisition as their model for governance.

II. The CIA Dark Ages

The CIA Dark Ages is real. And it would not be possible without the CIA's war on human consciousness. The growth of human consciousness and the rise of public awareness of buried truths is kryptonite to the CIA.

The CIA's biggest secret is that it is a cancer on America and the planet. It has used up the wealth of the American people to finance illegal wars around the world that benefit the very few who hate America and want to destroy it.

Forget the propaganda. The CIA does not protect American interests, but the interests of the international banking cartel that hijacked America in 1913 and rules America to this day. The CIA committed the biggest act of treason against America on November 22, 1963, and the biggest act of terrorism against America on September 11, 2001, with great help from Israel's Mossad.

It should be clear to all that the CIA is a traitorous and terrorist organization. There are reports from Syria that CIA death squads were responsible for the Houla massacre. The CIA is engaging in the mass murder of innocents, including women and children, on a scale that would make third world dictators blush.

The CIA's directors should be hanged, and its apologists should be shamed. The world has moved beyond little political reforms. No sane and moral individual can defend the CIA. The CIA deserves to be destroyed because it has created a second dark age in Western civilization. It has brought upon the people of the world a third world war, with Israel's Mossad and Britain's MI6 at its side.

If we want to end the war on terror, the CIA must be abolished.

If we want to end the Second Dark Ages, the CIA must be abolished.

If we want to end the threat of terrorism, the CIA must be abolished.

If we want to end the war on human consciousness, the CIA must be abolished.

If we want to end the secret assassination of American citizens and the citizens of other nations, the CIA must be abolished.

And the Mossad, MI6, and every other state terrorist organization must be abolished as well.

These secret state institutions are evil to the core. Their victims can be counted in the millions.

Anyone who defends the existence of these evil institutions and uses their false rationale to justify their position is dishonest and immoral. They want to keep humanity in the CIA Dark Ages.

The CIA's Inquisition: How Terrorism And Conspiracy Theory Became The New Blasphemy And Heresy
The CIA's History of Assassinations of American Citizens
The CIA's War On Human Consciousness

Glenn Greenwald: Obama’s Secret Kill List "The Most Radical Power a Government Can Seize"

Source: Democracy Now

May 29, 2012

History Is One Big Conspiracy Theory, Says The Sly Spirit of Hermes

"Hermes incarnate is rarely a central character in the Greek tragedies yet, as for example, in Aeschylus’ Oresteia cycle, he is always lurking in the background. The Libation Bearers begins with Orestes’ prayer to the swift-footed god: “Hermes, lord of the dead, look down and guard/the fathers’ power. Be my savior, I beg you,/be my comrade now” (1-3). In The Eumenides, Hermes is a character on stage, but he speaks no lines. Still his presence is always felt. His power resides in his invisible trickster nature." - Craig Titley, "The Mirth of Tragedy: Hermes, the Trickster Spirit, and the Real Oedipus Complex," June 6, 2006. 
"And Hermes mingles now
with all men and gods.
And even though
he helps a few people,
he cheats an endless number
of the race of mortal men
in the darkness of night.
The deceptions of Hermes are harmless only for the Gods. Like everything else Titanic, these deceptions dissolve in the laughter of the Olympians. For humans it turns out differently, especially if they meet up with the arts of Hermes in his special element, the night. In the night he executed his first theft. Indeed, for his sake the moon rose twice and thereby doubled the night. Apollo called him a "companion of black night" (290). After the theft "he lay dark as night in his cradle" (358), and deepest night belonged to the constellation of his conception and coming into being. It is certainly significant that the Hymn, which has celebrated him in birth as the "watcher of the night" in the sense of a dangerous adventurer, closes with this dark aspect of the God." - Karl Kerényi. "Hermes: Guide of Souls." 1976. Spring Publications Inc: Woodstock, Connecticut. Pg. 87. The first part of the quote is from the Homeric Hymn to Hermes.

"While in Sicily they passed by Mount Etna, where the people told them that the fire of the volcano was breathed out by a giant who had once taken part in a revolt against the gods and whom Zeus had pinned down beneath the mountain. This led Apollonius to attack the blasphemous stories the poets told about the gods and to praise by contrast the fables of Aesop, as simple, healthful food seasoned with good advice as to what should be done. Further, he said, Aesop has the honesty to make no pretence that the events told in his stories actually happened. Moreover, he teaches children to be fond of animals and to think of them as having characters of their own.

"My mother," he said, "when I was a little boy, used to tell me a myth about Aesop's wisdom. It seems Aesop was once a shepherd and pastured near a temple of Hermes. He was also a lover of wisdom and prayed to Hermes for it. Many other men, asking the same gift, resorted to the god, one bringing gold, another silver, another a herald's staff of ivory, or the like. Aesop had none of these things, but he saved up of what he had and used to pour out to Hermes for a libation as much milk as a ewe would give in one milking or to bring to the altar as much honeycomb as he could hold in his hand. And he took thought to bring myrtles for the god's banquets, adding a very few roses or violets. 'For why, O Hermes,' he said, 'should I plait wreaths and neglect my sheep?' So when they came to the day set for giving out wisdom, Hermes, who is the god both of wisdom and of business, said to the one who had given most, 'You take philosophy.' And to the next, 'And you go into rhetoric. And you, astronomy, and you, music,' and so on. Thus, although most learned, he used up all the branches of learning and didn't notice that he was overlooking Aesop. When he realized his mistake, he remembered that the Seasons, by whom he had been brought up on the peaks of Olympus, used to tell him, when he was still a baby, a story about the cow and how she talked to man about herself and the earth. Thus they taught him to love the cattle of Apollo. Accordingly, he gave Aesop storytelling, as the only thing left in the house of wisdom, saying, 'You may have what I first learned.' " - Moses Hadas and Morton Smith. "Heroes and Gods: Spiritual Biographies in Antiquity." 1965. Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd: London. Pg. 222-223.
A lot of people wonder what 9/11 was about. I used to dodge this question, but it is time to face it. This murder mystery is about death. Our death. There is no way of getting around it. 9/11 is about the end of an age. It spelled the death of America, Western Civilization, Islamic Civilization, and, God willing, Israel. After all, it is only right and just that if America, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Iran are being destroyed and sacrificed by the Luciferian globalists then Israel must also be destroyed.

There can be no special favours for any nation in this War of Armageddon. If Iran, Syria, and America are going to suffer and collapse because of this insane war then Israel will suffer and collapse as well. If death is our collective fate, Israel will not be made an exception. It will either be the center of mankind's annihilation, or its salvation. 

All the current political orders in the Middle East, especially the ones in Israel, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, are destined to die in the coming great war. The writing is on the wall. We lowly "conspiracy theorists" can try in vain to stop such a gigantic war from coming into being, but, you and I both know that this baby's head is already out of the mother's womb and all that is left to do is to cut the umbilical cord. We can't abort this war. It would be like aborting the movement of the stars.

We can expose the dirty truth about 9/11 and tell it to our heart's content. But where has a decade of truth-telling gotten us? We're trapped in a corner chasing our tails. Are we any closer to popularizing the truth about 9/11 and stopping World War III? Maybe there will be a 9/11 truth spring. But even if humanity is awake, fate can't be changed. It just means we get to witness our collective death with our eyes wide open instead of remaining dead asleep until we reach the grave.
We have a better chance of storming Mount Olympus and cut off Zeus's head than we do of stopping World War III in its tracks and bringing the real perpetrators of the 9/11 crime to justice. Am I losing hope? No. I think the 9/11 truth and justice movement has the potential to become a real political power. But, as of now, the reality is that we're screwed. The banksters/globalist/zionist war machine that controls Washington has programmed in America a mission of self-destruction, and attacking Iran is central to that mission. This is civilizational suicide on the part of America and the West. 

The elitist and satanic plan to launch a massive world war between the West/Israel and Islam has been in the works for decades. They've been busy at work on this mega secret project before you and I were even born, so can we really stop a disaster this late in the game? We can only prepare and adapt.

We can't turn back the clock and re-make history. What's done is done. There are so many "What Ifs." 

What if "Ayatollah" Khomeini was killed in 1963 by the Shah of Iran when he had the chance? History would have turned out differently. Instead, Khomeini was saved by a morally and intellectually superior Ayatollah named Mohammad Kazem Shariatmadari, who was later put under house arrest by Khomeini for questioning and criticizing his policies as the ruler of Iran. What an ungrateful bastard!

What if Israel was punished for sinking the USS Liberty in 1967 by the U.S. military and American people? Israel wouldn't feel so arrogant and powerful in Washington if it was a taught a lesson then. But rather than being punished for its act of transgression and war, Israel was protected and praised. Imagine that. Praising your murderers and executioners! America is nuts. But so is the rest of the world.

What if the traitors and fools in Congress did not pass the 1913 Federal Reserve Act in 1913 that destroyed America's financial sovereignty? Without the Federal Reserve money printing machine and American taxpayers' dollars the international private banking cartel wouldn't be able to finance world wars, engineer world depressions, and create a world dictatorship behind the scenes.

And on and on. What if men weren't stupid, weak, ignorant, and afraid? Then we wouldn't be stuck here, staring down into the abyss of World War III.

II. The Spirit of Hermes Is In The White House

In his essay, "The Mirth of Tragedy: Hermes, the Trickster Spirit, and the Real Oedipus Complex," Craig Titley says, "as we know from his Homeric Hymn, Hermes likes to cover his tracks." Doesn't that remind you of almost every politician and political leader? We can list any number of big names in modern politics who exhibit the trickster traits of Hermes: Barack Obama, Bibi Netanyahu, the Bushes, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Bill Clinton, Ayatollah Khomeini, the list is endless.

Karl Kerényi, an expert in Greek mythology, writes in his book, "Hermes: Guide of Souls," that there is a "connection between Hermes and the dead," and describes Hermes Logios as, "the shameless guide of souls," and, "the prototype of all future rhetoricians and sophists," (Kerényi. Pg. 78).

Hermes is our guiding god in this crisis, and the destination is death. The spirit of Hermes in the White House and media says: Go back to sleep, it's less painful that way, trust me. Why bother yourself about 9/11 truth and these silly conspiracy theories? History is a conspiracy theory, existence is a riddle you can't solve, so just enjoy life while you can, and stop with all this cathartic truth-telling. You think you can alter the course of the stars, and change destiny by telling the truth? Truth can't bring down giants and ruin empires, time does. Silly, silly boy. You are a speck of dust. You can't escape fate. You can't run from death. You can't undo what's been done. Your only choice in this matter is whether you want to die in your sleep, or die with your eyes open. 

III. WWIII: Another Dark Chapter In The Epic of History
"We previously called the Odyssey a journey epic, and we must now imagine the often experienced reality of "journeying" as something special, in contradistinction to "roaming" or "traveling." Odysseus is not a "traveler." He is a "journeyer" (even if this is something malgré lui, "in spite of himself"), not simply because of his moving from place to place, but because of his existential situation. The traveler, despite his motion, adheres to a solid base, albeit one that is not narrowly circumscribed. With each step, he takes possession of another piece of the earth. This taking possession is, of course, only psychological. In that with each extension of the horizon he also expands himself, his claim of possession on the earth expands continuously as well. But he remains always bound to a solid earth beneath his feet, and he even looks for human fellowship. At every hearth that he encounters he lays claim to a kind of native citizenship for himself. For the Greeks, the approaching stranger is kat' exochen ("an outstanding eminence") and hiketes ("one who comes to seek protection," "a suppliant" or "fugitive"). His guardian is not Hermes, but Zeus, the God of the widest horizon and the firmest ground. In contrast, the situation of the journeyer is defined by movement, fluctuation. To someone more deeply rooted, even to the traveler, he appears to be always in flight. In reality, he makes himself vanish ("volatizes himself") to everyone, also to himself. Everything around him becomes to him ghostly and improbable, and even his own reality appears to him as ghostlike. He is completely absorbed by movement, but never by a human community that would tie him down. His companions are the companions of the journey: not those he wants to lead home, as Odysseus his comrades, but those he joins, as it is said of Hermes in the Iliad (Book XXIV, 334-35). With companions of the journey, one experiences openness to the extent of purest nakedness, as though he who is on the journey had left behind every stitch of clothing or covering. Is it not true that those today who wish to be free of the bonds to the community in which they grew up and to which they were intimately bound, who want to be open to each other without reservation or boundary, as two naked souls---don't they go on a wedding journey (Hochzeitsreise)? Is this journey not a "Heimfurung"("taking home" the bride) as well as an "Entfurung"("elopement"), and therefore also "hermetic?" Journeying is the best condition for loving. The gorges over which the "volatized one" passes like a ghost can be the abysses of unbelievable love affairs---Circe and Calypso islands and holes; they can be abysses also in the sense that there no chance exists for standing on firm ground, but only for further floating between life and death." - Karl Kerényi. "Hermes: Guide of Souls." Pg. 44-46.
Can we stop World War III?

Can we destroy the myths of our time, especially the myths of 9/11, JFK's tragic death, and the creation of the private Federal Reserve?

It is definitely worth trying.

And it must count for something that JFK and 9/11 truth tellers have had a lot of success in opening the minds of millions of people to the reality that a secret globalist and Luciferian cabal is engineering world events and manipulating mankind to accept an authoritarian world government.

No one neck-deep in the sea of truth has labored in vain. Mankind is waking up. The secret occult masters of the world have been identified by activists and their diabolical machinations to keep humanity enslaved and in the dark are being exposed every day.

With that said, though, U.S., British, and Israeli aggression against sovereign and innocent nations will continue. They will get their war with Iran, because without World War III they will not be able to sell a world government to the world. 

In an article I wrote in March called, "Israel And America To Iran: Stop Your Nuclear Weapons Program, Which We Know Doesn’t Exist, Or We’ll Attack You And Say You Started It," I said:
"Absolute destruction lies ahead. Mankind needs not one, but many miracles. The first miracle would be an American-Iranian rapprochement. But that is not likely to happen because there are no peacemakers in power in America."
The talks in Istanbul and Baghdad between P5+1 and Iran have changed nothing. Starting a war with Iran remains the goal.

Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett write in their latest article called, "Nuclear Talks With Iran Highlight The Downsides of America's Ongoing Quest For Middle East Hegemony," that President Obama is following in the footsteps of his predecessors by refusing to engage with Iran in a serious manner and reestablish friendly ties between Washington and Tehran:
Of course, a willingness to accommodate the legitimate interests of a rising revolutionary power is precisely what enabled the realignment of Sino-American relations in the early 1970s.  When Richard Nixon entered the White House in 1969, twenty years of unremitting hostility toward the People’s Republic of China as part of a quixotic pursuit of hegemony in Asia “ended up getting us into the Vietnam war” and had damaged the United States’ broader strategic position, in Asia and globally.  Nixon and Henry Kissinger believed deeply that “the United States has interests in Asia; we’re not going to withdraw” from the region.  But they also recognized that “trying to be the hegemon, trying to be the guy who runs everything” had not simply failed—it had left the United States weaker.  Moreover, they were courageous enough to draw the right conclusion from their analysis for American policy—that the United States had to “come to terms” with the People’s Republic.

There is “a very analogous logic at play in the Middle East.”  The United States “tried being the hegemon” in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other places in the regionThe results are clear:  America’s pursuit of hegemony in the Middle East “doesn’t work”; in fact, “it actually makes us weaker.”  Just as the United States had (and has) interests in Asia, it has “critical interests” in the Middle East.  And it can only protect and promote those interests by “having positive relations with all of the important players in the region—and especially with Iran.”  This, however, is “a strategic logic” that the Obama Administration “seems no more capable of embracing than its predecessors in the Bush 43 Administration.”  (Or, one might add, the Clinton and Bush 41 administrations.)  It is a profound “strategic failure.” writer John Glaser said in his article, "Western Schizophrenia and the P5+1 Iran Talks," that the Obama administration's aggressive stance towards Iran is based on two factors: Obama's need to appear strong, and Washington's quest for hegemony:
"First, Obama feels pressure to prove himself a big tough man. If he doesn’t, Mitt Romney, Republicans in Congress, and the Israeli Likud leadership will call him a wimp. So Obama is fine going through this rather dangerous charade, waging economic warfare on innocent Iranians, etc., so long as he gets to seem tough. The second issue at play is simply the old chestnut of regional hegemony over the Middle East. The region is in flux now, but the U.S. is still the dominant influence and intervener in the region. Iran is the exception to that rule."
Both of the articles above are great but they fail to observe the reality that the Islamic Republic of Iran was created by the American and Western elite. The regime's resistance to the West and the "Great Satan" is put on for show. Khomeini would not have attained the throne of Iran without the aid of American and British intelligence agencies, which used malicious propaganda to rile up Iranians against the Shah, turn Khomeini into a revolutionary hero, and create international sympathy for his Islamist cause. 

The real reason why America and Israel want to preemptively attack Iran is not to stop Iran's peaceful nuclear program or secure hegemony over the Middle East, but to cause immense destruction and pave the way for an authoritarian world government controlled by the world's plutocrats.

The Luciferians in power need a world war between the Western world and the Islamic world to advance their secret, masonic, evil, and esoteric agenda.

If the public knew the truth about the 9/11 events and the one world government agenda, would it make any difference? Can the Satanic war criminals and state terrorists behind 9/11 and WWIII be brought to justice?

I don't know. 

But we have to try and tell the truth about 9/11 with all our power and will.

Spiritual battle to stop dark Bilderberg forces

Glenn Greenwald at NCPCF Annual Banquet

YouTube Video Description:
"Glenn Greenwald speaking about the two justice systems in the US. He was the keynote speaker at the First Annual Banquet of the National Coalition to Protect Civil Freedoms ( in Springfield, Virginia on April 15, 2012. Filmed and edited by Juan Underbakke."

9/11 Truth Spring And Bilderberg Spring

We first witnessed the Arab Spring which has so far produced little meaningful change on the ground. Then came the American Spring in the form of Occupy Wall Street. Now, people are talking about a Euro Spring.

But these little springs will all be overshadowed by the 9/11 Truth Spring, which will lead to a Global Spring. And, then, maybe, a Cosmic Spring.

Why not dream big? The sky is the limit. The stars are the destination. The journey is in the telling.

The 9/11 Truth Spring is not just about the mass realization that 9/11 was an act of state terrorism by the Mossad and CIA to justify the U.S./Israeli wars against the people of the Middle East. It is about the victory of truth, logic, justice, and reason over illusions, lies, injustice, and irrationality. It represents the spring and growth of human consciousness. Humanity is waking up, reclaiming history, and taking destiny in its own hands.

Numerous polls that have been conducted worldwide over the last decade show that the majority of the world does not believe in the official mythic narrative of the 9/11 events. The insane governments of Israel, America, and England have very little public support in the international community. Bush, Blair, and Netanyahu are known as war criminals in every village and city in the world. They are outcasts, and have been thrown out of the human family.

9/11 Truth Spring is mankind's message to these diabolical and sick leaders that they are not gods who can control history and human memory, and that they will be judged and punished in this life.

II. Bilderberg Spring

People who mentioned the Bilderberg group five years ago were laughed out of the room. Now, the group's infamous name and secret agenda are on the mind of millions around the world. The criminal Bilderbergers who have plotted against mankind in the darkness for decades are scared of the new light that's shining on them and their mysterious discourses.

Bilderberg apologists in the media still claim that nothing special goes on inside Bilderberg's annual global symposium. But then why the secrecy? Why was knowledge of the elitist group's existence suppressed for so long from the global public by the mass media?

They have something to hide, and it isn't pretty. They destroyed the Western democratic experiment in the shadows, while pretending all these years that they never existed.

"Clearly, they run countries around the world, not voting citizens," writes Adrian Salbuchi.

The Bilderberg Titans are afraid that the mortals of the world are waking up and protesting their illegal and destructive activities. They're not the gods that they thought they were. They're re-discovering the reality that the world can't be controlled by a few forever, and they realize they will face the wrath of the world for secretly plotting against the growth and development of all of humanity.

May 28, 2012

Manipulative Mass Media Uses Massacre Mascara To Paint Syrian Leader As A Monster

 Saladin's tomb in Damascus, Syria.
"We believe that there have been fewer suicide bombers coming through Syria, and we are cautious about this assessment, but we do think that the Syrians may have been taking more active steps against al Qaeda, which is understandable. I mean, if al Qaeda were ever to succeed in Iraq, the next thing they'd do is turn … [to] Damascus. I can assure you." - General Petraeus, American Chief of Al-Qaeda. Source: ABC, "Time to Head to Congress," September 4, 2007.

"Take notes. Because this is how it’s done, time and time again – another clear example how large media outlets can effectively drive reality in the direction of their choosing, and this is why so many millions of public media consumers are left misinformed and dis informed, eventually leading to a marginal public endorsement of Washington, London and Tel Aviv’s interventionist foreign policy objectives." - Patrick Henningsen, "Phony ‘Houla Massacre’: How Media Manipulates Public Opinion For Regime Change in Syria," May 28, 2012.

"What on earth could the Syrian regime have stood to benefit from this macabre massacre of Sunnis? What could its “logic” or motives possibly have been? How could the regime have ensured or at least contributed to its longevity by this act?  What interests could this heinous act have served other than militarizing the existing UN presence; inviting foreign military intervention into Syria; increasing calls among NATO countries for establishing “humanitarian corridors”; turning Sunnis (given the identity of those massacred) against Alawites; and further tarnishing the regime’s already badly beaten public image?" - Amal Saad-Ghorayeb, "Why it is highly unlikely the Syrian regime was behind the Houla massacre," May 28, 2012. 
Well, well, well, what do we have here? Another case of the media using the trail of blood and guts left in the streets by foreign-backed terrorists and savage Salafist mercenaries to discredit Syria's honourable resistance against Imperialism and the expansionist policies of Israel? I'm shocked, absolutely shocked.

The West's offensive media strategy against Assad is from the same playbook that was used against Saddam and Gaddafi. Paul Joseph Watson writes:
"The propaganda tool of falsely accusing governments of killing babies and children is not new to the middle east. Before the first Gulf War, then largest public relations firm in the world Hill & Knowlton crafted a hoax centered around the lie that Saddam Hussein’s troops were ransacking hospitals in Kuwait and throwing babies out of incubators. Despite later being proven to be a complete fabrication, George H.W. Bush administration aggressively pushed the story as part of their build-up to war."
The only humour to be found in this tragedy is that the BBC used a picture of its own child victims in Iraq in its latest sloppy propaganda onslaught against the Syrian state. Not only are these "journalists" in the Western mass media evil, but they're also stupid as hell. You'd think they would take their job as imperial propagandists more seriously.

It doesn't get more amateurish than using a picture of your victims in a past illegal war to paint your new victim as a monster in your new illegal war. I mean, come on! Has the art of propaganda been reduced to this? Edward Bernays is rolling over in his grave!

Shame on the BBC for not using a different image to deceive the world and makes us hate Syria. I expected more. I was under the impression that there would be continued greatness from NWO and Israeli propagandists. I did not anticipate half-ass media assassination squads roaming the global media landscape, spraying lies in the air with old propaganda weapons and hoping they land on the targeted populations.

I really wanted to hate Syria and Assad. I really wanted to cry for the  terrorists and Western-backed Islamists in Syria. But the BBC and CNN are taking my hatred for granted. They think they can make up any lie, fabricate any story, and use any image to secure my support for their evil wars? This is beyond insulting.

I want to believe in NATO's mission in Syria with a passion. I want to support the Western "humanitarian" campaign to depose Assad and liberate Syria with all my heart and will.  But, first, I demand state-of-the-art propaganda. No more outdated magic tricks. No more scare stories. No more cheap media mascara. I want my monsters from the Middle East to be painted with great care, skill, and military precision.

Washington, London, Tel Aviv, and Brussels should fire their lazy propagandists immediately and hire top marketing and public relations firms to vilify Assad and Syrian soldiers. No more stinking half-measures, damn it! Enough is enough. Give the world better propaganda, CNN and BBC! You can do it! You have greatness in you.

So, be kind media assholes, and show the world how Syria is led by a monster with a greater respect for the Western public's intelligence.

The Naked Emperor In The White House Is Cannibalizing America And The Constitution

 Barack Obama is a cannibal president who protects cannibal banksters.

What's the difference between the naked cannibal in Miami who ripped apart and ate the face of another naked man, and the naked emperor in the White House, who is cannibalizing the Constitution and ripping apart the Bill of Rights in front of everyone?

The naked cannibal in Miami is more civilized and dignified.

The cold and naked emperor in the White House has rejected all human values and abandoned his social responsibilities of safeguarding the rule of law, the environment, and the public good.

The naked cannibal ate one man; the naked emperor in the White House is eating an entire country and civilization. It is obvious who is the greater beast: the naked emperor in the White House.

Historian Webster Tarpley said in April 2011 on the Alex Jones show that President Obama, "has created a constitutional crisis."

The world is watching and standing by as Obama and the transnational oligarchs eat America alive. I'm not using cannibalistic imagery to describe Obama's relationship to America just for the hell of it. Barack Obama is a real cannibal president who is protecting cannibal banksters and cannibal war criminals. If you strip away the illusions, take a step back from the Orwellian propaganda, and look at the treason that is taking place in Washington with unprejudiced eyes, you'll see cannibals at work.

If the sick members of the Obama administration and other past White House administrations were doing on the streets of Miami what they're doing inside the sacred space of the Oval Office, namely, eating people alive, they would meet the same fate as the naked cannibal in Miami.

We must not be taken in by appearances and fall under the illusion that American, Western, and Israeli leaders are civilized humanitarians. They are anything but civilized. They follow the code of savages. They eat their own kind in broad daylight, as we all saw on 9/11 and 7/7.

Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr., and Obama are sicker monsters than the naked cannibal who ate a man's nose and eyeballs until he was put to death by Miami police. These "dignified and respectable" presidents and world leaders are monsters at heart. They are sewer rats who crawled their way into the White House and other top positions inside the U.S. government.

The U.S. political and financial ruling class is made up of primitive beasts who eat the flesh of humans, metaphorically, of course, but who knows, there might be a few perverted cannibals among them who enjoy the taste of raw human meat. Congress is full of sickos and freaks. And Obama has already admitted that he's eaten dogs, so why not human flesh? He is clearly one to experiment and expand his taste buds.

But "elite" cannibalism is nothing new. Political leaders like Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Dick Cheney, Ehud Barak, and Bibi Netanyahu are just following an ancient tradition. There is nothing special with these heartless demons and despicable creatures. Most of the world's conquerors have been cannibals of the spirit and killers of innocents. History's cannibalistic rulers and their specially selected servants of power feast on the people and sacrifice them to their cruel gods.

Obama is just the newest public face of humanity's cannibal cult that wages wars of aggression to reduce the size of the human population. He is a cannibal head of a cannibal civilization, though one that is modern, sophisticated, and "advanced."

The cannibal leaders in Washington don't eat the faces of the defenseless and the weak, they drop bombs on them from the sky, and fire missiles into their homes from thousands of miles away. But their inherent nature is still cannibalistic.

I have more respect for the naked cannibal, who at least has the decency to eat his victim out in the open, unlike the cowardly cannibals of the Federal Reserve System, Wall Street, the Pentagon, CIA, MI6, Mossad, and NATO, who hide behind propaganda.

The cowardly cannibals who did 9/11 and 7/7 are so shameless that they pretend to defend human values and human rights while they eat humanity and destroy the moral foundations of civilization in front of our eyes. These mass murderers and mass eaters are a curse on humankind.

May 27, 2012

The Anti-Truther Bible: The Ten Commandments

The State spoke from the Almighty's vacant tower: 

1. I am the Forever Knowing One, thy Father, thy Government, thy Savior and Eternal Protector, which gives you life and guides you to the light, to the right and true way. Thou shalt not have any other saviour besides me. 

2. Thou shalt not tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories.

3. Thou shalt not label any Western intelligence agency a state sponsor of terrorism.

4. Thou shalt not review the official 9/11 story, nor discuss contrarian views; for the official account is the only true account of the 9/11 events.

5. Thou shalt not publicize the evidence gathered by 9/11 researchers, first responders, survivors, authors, citizen journalists, and professionals.

6. Thou shalt not question the intentions of the leaders of the United States and Israel, thy Lords and Masters.

7. Thou shalt not bear true witness against thy Father, thy Government, thy Savior and Eternal Protector who prevents thou body from falling into the swamps of the underworld. 

8. Thou shalt not seek truth, for the truth is a curse that can't be lifted.

9. Thou shalt not treat 9/11 truth-tellers with respect and hospitality, or else thou shall also be cursed and casted out of the land of sanity and reality.

10. Thou shalt not open thy eyes to the realities of the world beyond this one, if thou wishes to not be known as a conspiracy theorist, nut job, crank, and paranoid schizophrenic.

Video by ARSONomics.

Vice - Motherboard TV: William Gibson in Real Life

Source: Vice.

Iran: The Phantom Menace [Alternate Focus]

This is an excellent one-hour documentary by Alternate Focus.

May 26, 2012

10 Reasons Why Reality Is A Collective Dream

 The government beast to the people: sleep now, little child. Everything is going to be alright. Mommy and I are not going to let anyone hurt you.

1. The Western media is keeping mainstream Western consciousness in a state of sleep. It is doing this in order to suppress public awareness of massive crimes against humanity by financial, media, and political leaders in the U.S., England, and Israel.

2. Time is speeding up, and leaving little time for reflection and thinking. The world is changing at a pace that exceeds our ability to grasp what the changes mean for us as individuals and for our collective destiny as a species. The overwhelming sense of lost time is too much to bear for a lot of people, so they get depressed, disengage from the real world, and escape into their fantasy worlds.

3. Everything we are led to believe about official reality and official history by society's institutions is a lie. A sense of meaning to our lives has been lost, and we are desperately looking for answers. Some of us get trapped in the maze of information, and give up our personal quest for understanding. And some of us continue to slog on through the darkness, night in, night out, because we are never satisfied with our current level of knowledge.

4. On 9/11, we witnessed the Orwellian leaders of the U.S. and Israel destroy reality and reason, and replace them with illusion and irrationality. Their political use of terrorism to mentally condition the people of the West into believing that the threat of terrorism demands their vigilance and sacrifice to the state has created societies of sheep that instinctively react against truth-telling and anti-conformist speech.

5. The politicization of news has created a culture of disinformation, distraction, and deception. 24-hour "News" is the most dangerous and lethal thing in the world. Television is a cancer on the mind. Since 9/11, television has been utilized as an instrument of psychological warfare against the people in America, Canada, and other Western countries. 

6. Esoteric-minded individuals in government, media, secret societies, and Hollywood are pursuing a secret political and religious agenda. Deception and secrecy are instrumental to their demonic mission. Their commitment to suppressing historical facts and objective reality is total and absolute. 

7. Movies are more than entertainment, they are a subversive and successful form of mass programming. Hollywood is a dream factory, and its dreams become reference points for people, media, and politicians. On 9/11, responders and survivors said that they felt like they were in a movie. There are so many more examples of this social, cultural, and psychological phenomenon. 

8. Seeing life as a dream is a trick of the mind. For the criminals of the world, especially those who control governments and financial companies, being separated from reality allows them to engage in illegal activities with an exaggerated sense of confidence. The state terrorists who did 9/11 feel untouchable because their absurd lie has been mindlessly accepted as an objective fact by the majority of the world, rather than as an evil deception. They are the masters of reality, and they know it, which is why they are not afraid to stage another false flag event in the West to justify another criminal war.

9. Consensus reality under a system of dictatorship is reached at through the use of terror and systematic propaganda. How do we arrive at a consensus on public policy and government spending programs in a democracy? Idealistically, through intense debate, political dialogue, public education, and public discussion. But that is not what happened in the days and weeks after 9/11.

Western nations arrived at a consensus about the threat of terrorism after the shadow governments of the United States and Israel committed the biggest act of terror in history. The consensus reality we have lived under since 9/11 is a collective spell, and a long nightmare. The social fruits of this collective spell are death, poverty, and misery.

The propagandists who work for Washington, London, and Tel Aviv are masters at devising an "international consensus" on political and military objectives, whether in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Libya, Syria, or Iran. But they don't use logic and reason to win over the world, instead, they use big lies and false flag terrorism to intimidate nations into accepting their twisted version of reality.

10. Regimes of terror and fraud create a collective dream state to limit the consciousness of the people so they do not wake up and realize the magnitude of the crimes that have been committed against them while they slept. The propagandists of totalitarian regimes of terror are constantly engaged in a war on collective memory. Their target is the collective psyche of the society. And they use all kinds of psychological, military, and scientific techniques to realize their goal of creating a dispirited, unconscious, ignorant, fearful, and psychologically traumatized population.

But there is a way out of our collective nightmare. We can reject the terror-based consensus reality that has been constructed by the tricksters behind the 9/11 events. We can dream a new dream.

May 25, 2012

Shedding Blood For A New Age: The Art of Sacrificing Slaves

 The Masters of Destiny To The Slaves of All Ages: Sacrifice.
"With what eyes do you think Homer made his gods look down upon the destinies of men? What was at bottom the ultimate meaning of Trojan Wars and other such tragic terrors? There can be no doubt whatever: they were intended as festival plays for the gods; and, insofar as the poet is in these matters of a more "godlike" disposition than other men, no doubt also as festival plays for the poets." - Nietzsche: "On the Genealogy of Morals," Second Essay, Section 7.

"Creation And Sacrifice: Let us linger a moment over this mythic motif, for the matter is becoming complicated. It would seem that we are now dealing with a myth of extremely wide distribution, and one which appears in a considerable number of forms and variants. But this is the essential theme: that Creation cannot take place except from a living being who is immolated---a primordial androgynous giant, or a cosmic Male, or a Mother Goddess or a mythic Young Woman. We note, too, that this "Creation" applies on all the levels of existence: it may refer to the Creation of the Cosmos, or of humanity, or of only one particular human race, or of certain vegetable species or certain animals. The mythic pattern remains the same: nothing can be created without immolation, without sacrifice. It is thus that certain myths tell us about the creation of the world out of the actual body of a primordial Giant: Ymir, P'an-Ku, Purusha. Other myths reveal to us how human races or different social classes came to birth, always from a primordial Giant or an Ancestor who is sacrificed and dismembered. Finally, as we have just seen, the edible plants have a similar origin; they sprang from the body of an immolated divine being.

This myth of creation by a violent death transcends, therefore, the mythology of the Earth-Mother. The fundamental idea is that Life can only take birth from another life which is sacrificed. The violent death is creative--in this sense, that the life which is sacrificed manifests itself in a more brilliant form upon another plane of existence. The sacrifice brings about a tremendous transference: the life concentrated in one person overflows that person and manifests itself on the cosmic or collective scale. A single being transforms itself into a Cosmos, or takes multiple re-birth in a whole vegetable species or race of mankind. A living "whole" bursts into fragments and disperses itself in myriads of animated forms. In other terms, here again we find the well-known cosmogonic pattern of the primordial "wholeness" broken into fragments by the act of Creation.

From this we can understand why the myth of the creation of the useful plants and animals out of the body of a sacrificed divine being was incorporated into the mythology of the Earth-Mother. The Earth is the universal Genetrix and Nurse above all others: she creates by hierogamy with Heaven, but also by parthenogenesis or by self-immolation. Traces of the parthenogenesis of the Earth-Mother survive even in highly evolved mythologies like the Greek: Hera, for instance, conceived by herself to give birth to Typhon, to Haephestos and to Ares. The Earth-Mother embodies the archetype of fecundity, of inexhaustible creativity. That is why she has a tendency to assimilate the attributes and the myths of the divinities of fertility, whether they are human, aquatic or agricultural. But the converse of this is also true: these divinities appropriate the attributes of the Earth-Mother, and sometimes even replace her in the cult. And we can see why: the Waters, like the Mother, are rich with the germs of life, and the Moon, too, symbolises the universal becoming, the periodical creation and destruction. As for the goddesses of vegetation and agriculture, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish these from telluric goddesses; their myths reveal to us the same mystery of birth, of creation, and of dramatic death followed by resurrection. Reciprocal borrowings and mutual entanglements occur between the mythologies of all these divinities. One might say that the Earth-Mother constitutes a form that is "open" to, or susceptible of, indefinite enrichment, and that is why it takes in all the myths dealing with Life and Death, with Creation and generation, with sexuality and voluntary sacrifice." - Mircea Eliade. "Myths, Dreams and Mysteries: The Encounter between Contemporary Faiths and Archaic Realities." 1960. Harvill Press: New York. Pg. 183-185.
Nothing can jump start the process of historical change like war. Periods of social and political transformations revolve around major wars between world powers. War also serves as a psychological release in highly tense and anxious societies. They provide entertainment and excitement to crowds, and aid rulers in times of crisis and transition.

There is no question that modern warfare is evil. It is organized murder. It is hell. In modern war, 97.7873837% of the casualties are innocent people, according to my unscientific calculator.

Author Tom Woods explains the culture of moral, economic, social, and political corruption that a war state creates in a country in this lecture called, "War: Big Government's Best Friend."

A state of permanent warfare, whether against a purely imaginary enemy or an exaggerated threat, degrades a country's political leadership, especially when the country is an aggressor and initiator of conflict.

But let's be real and admit that war also has its positive side effects. We have to be intellectually honest on this point. We have to recognize that war has its merits. Look at where war has gotten us as a species: into the heavens. Do you think a state of peace would've alone enabled mankind's cosmic evolution? Not in this world. If empires remained static, history wouldn't progress.

So if we want to be intellectually fair we cannot just concentrate on the bad side of war and downplay the advances in science and technology brought about by the incredible energy in the engine of war. This destructive engine has taken many victims to the grave, but it has also given humankind gifts throughout history.

In the West, we are disconnected to the human consequences of war because it is the policy of our governments that we be shielded from reality and life like little children. And the reality is that war is our way of life. Samantha Nutt explains how our societies basically run on a worldwide culture of war in this interview on TVO. She names two ways that our civilization is connected to war: pension funds investing in lucrative war companies, and consumers and banks enjoying the fruits of the conquests of resource-rich countries.

Where would mankind be without the great force of war? We would not be the same vibrant species that we are today if we abandoned war 2,000 years ago. There would not have been an America without war. War has destroyed whole civilizations and wiped out cultures, but it has also served humanity in under-appreciated ways. That is the tragic truth of war and the destiny of human civilization. I have trouble accepting the other side of war: creation. But we cannot in good conscience banish the god of war from Mount Olympus. That would be evidence of our immaturity and ignorance.

II. The Western War Against Iran
"The Obama administration says it prefers sanctions and diplomacy, but as long as impossible demands are made on Iran, the chance of war is real. Many retired military officers oppose it — Iran would make Iraq look like a schoolyard — yet Obama and other prominent political figures irresponsibly rattle their sabers. It is sheer madness." - Sheldon Richman, "War with Iran Would Be Madness," May 10, 2012.
The talks in Baghdad between Iran and the six powers have proven to be another meaningless act in this divine drama. Flynt Leverett, a former senior member of the National Security Council, told AntiWar Radio's Scott Horton that the Obama administration didn't want to strike a deal with Iran, but to put on a show and prolong the talks until November.

America and Iran haven't even reached square one in this absurd game of monopoly. They're still arguing about who is going to be the boot and who is going to be the hat. Meanwhile, Israel is crashing the board game, throwing the pieces on the floor, and demanding that Iran not even be allowed to sit and play. If this continues, Iran will be forced into a corner and it will react with vengeance.

III. The View of History From On High: Excerpts From The Iron Mountain Report
"Accordingly, primitive man, being closer to his instincts, like the animal, is characterized by fear of novelty and adherence to tradition. To our way of thinking he is painfully backward, whereas we exalt progress. But our progressiveness, though it may result in a great many delightful wish-fulfilments, piles up an equally gigantic Promethean debt which has to be paid off from time to time in the form of hideous catastrophes. For ages man has dreamed of flying, and all we have got for it is saturation bombing!" - Carl Jung and Carl Kerenyi. "Essays on a Science of Mythology." 1949. Princeton University Press: Princeton, N. J. Pg. 82. 
The 1967 Report from Iron Mountain is without a doubt an important historical, political, academic, and cultural document that helps us understand the greater purpose behind staging the false flag 9/11 events, overthrowing the Shah of Iran and putting into place the Islamic Republic, confronting Iran, and initiating a mythic clash of civilizations between the Western world and the Islamic world.

This new world war will be the largest and most consequential of the three modern world wars because it has a religious dimension to it, and centers around the holy land.

The suggestion that this report was a grand literary hoax by Leonard C. Lewin cannot be taken seriously. The report is very intelligently written, and way too relevant for our war crazed times for it to be sidelined as a satirical work. The authors of the report clearly have a fascist and eugenicist worldview. They worship the god of war with great passion and reverence.

The most interesting and truthful quote from the report is this: "Economic systems, political philosophies, and corpora jures serve and extend the war system, not vice versa."

Below are excerpts from the report. (I forgot to make note of and write down the page number for some of the quotes, so I'm sorry for that). I have highlighted in bold what I think are the most important and interesting sentences.
"It must be emphasized that the precedence of a society's war-making potential over its other characteristics is not the result of the "threat" presumed to exist at any one time from other societies. This is the reverse of the basic situation; "threats" against the "national interest" are usually created or accelerated to meet the changing needs of the war system. Only in comparatively recent times has it been considered politically expedient to euphemize war budgets as "defense" requirements. The necessity for governments to distinguish between "aggression" (bad) and "defense" (good) has been a by-product of rising literacy and rapid communication. The distinction is tactical only, a concession to the growing inadequacy of ancient war-organizing political rationales.

Wars are not "caused" by international conflicts of interest. Proper logical sequence would make it more often accurate to say that war-making societies require---and thus bring about---such conflicts. The capacity of a nation to make war expresses the greatest social power it can exercise; war-making, active or contemplated, is a matter of life and death on the greatest scale subject to social control. It should therefore hardly be surprising that the military institutions in each society claim its highest priorities."
-     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     - 
"Without a long-established war economy, and without its frequent eruption into large-scale shooting war, most of the major industrial advances known to history, beginning with the development of iron, could never have taken place. Weapons technology structures the economy."

"Since it is historically axiomatic that the existence of any form of weaponry insures its use, we have used the work "peace" as virtually synonymous with disarmament. By the same token, "war" is virtually synonymous with nationhood. The elimination of war implies the inevitable elimination of national sovereignty and the traditional nation-state.

The war system not only has been essential to the existence of nations as independent political entities, but has been equally indispensable to their stable internal political structure. Without it, no government has ever been able to obtain acquiescence in its "legitimacy," or right to rule its society. The possibility of war provides the sense of external necessity without which nor government can long remain in power.

The historical record reveals one instance after another where the failure of a regime to maintain the credibility of a war threat led to its dissolution, by the forces of private interest, or reactions to social injustice, or of other disintegrative elements. The organization of a society for the possibility of war is its principal political stabilizer."
"On the long-term basis, a government's emergency war powers --inherent in the structure of even the most libertarian of nations -- define the most significant aspect of the relation between state and citizen."

"It seems clear that a new quasi-eugenic function of war is now in process of formation that will have to be taken into account in any transition plan." (42-43).
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"A brief look at some defunct premodern societies is instructive. One of the most noteworthy features common to the larger, more complex, and more successful of ancient civilizations was their widespread use of the blood sacrifice. If one were to limit consideration to those cultures whose regional hegemony was so complete that the prospect of "war" had become virtually inconceivable ---as was the case with several of the great pre-Columbian societies of the Western Hemisphere---it would be found that some form of ritual killing occupied a position of paramount social importance in each. Invariably, the ritual was invested with mythic or religious significance; as will all religious and totemic practice, however, the ritual masked a broader and more important social function.

In these societies, the blood sacrifice served the purpose of maintaining a vestigial "earnest" of the society's capability and willingness to make war-- i.e., kill and be killed---in the event that some mystical--i.e., unforeseen -- circumstance were to give rise to the possibility. That the "earnest" was not an adequate substitute for genuine military organization when the unthinkable enemy, such as the Spanish conquistadores, actually appeared on the scene in no way negates the function of the ritual. It was primarily, if not exclusively, a symbolic reminder that war had once been the central organizing force of the society, and that this condition might recur.

It does not follow that a transition to total peace in modern societies would require the use of this model, even in less "barbaric" guise. But the historical analogy serves as a reminder that a viable substitute for war as a social system cannot be a mere symbolic charade. It must involve risk of real personal destruction, and on a scale consistent with the size and complexity of modern social systems. Credibility is the key. Whether the substitute is ritual in nature or functionally substantive, unless it provides a believable life- and-death threat it will not serve the socially organizing function of war.

The existence of an accepted external menace, then, is essential to social cohesiveness as well as to the acceptance of political authority. The menace must be believable, it must be of a magnitude consistent with the complexity of the society threatened, and it must appear, at least, to affect the entire society."
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"Men, like all other animals, is subject to the continuing process of adapting to the limitations of his environment. But the principal mechanism he has utilized for this purpose is unique among living creatures. To forestall the inevitable historical cycles of inadequate food supply, post-Neolithic man destroys surplus members of his own species by organized warfare.

Ethologists have often observed that the organized slaughter of members of their own species is virtually unknown among other animals. Man's special propensity to kill his own kind (shared to a limited degree with rats) may be attributed to his inability to adapt anachronistic patterns of survival (like primitive hunting) to his development of "civilizations" in which these patterns cannot be effectively sublimated. It may be attributed to other causes that have been suggested, such as a maladapted "territorial instinct," etc. Nevertheless, it exists and its social expression in war constitutes a biological control of his relationship to his natural environment that is peculiar to man alone. War has served to help assure the survival of the human species. But as an evolutionary device to improve it, war is almost unbelievably inefficient. With few exceptions, the selective processes of other living creatures promote both specific survival and genetic improvement. When a conventionally adaptive animal faces one of its periodic crises of insufficiency, it is the "inferior" members of the species that normally disappear. An animal's social response to such a crisis may take the form of a mass migration, during which the weak fall by the wayside. Or it may follow the dramatic and more efficient pattern of lemming societies, in which the weaker members voluntarily disperse, leaving available food supplies for the stronger. In either case, the strong survive and the weak fall. In human societies, those who fight and die in wars for survival are in general its biologically stronger members. This is natural selection in reverse.

The regressive genetic effort of war has been often noted and equally often deplored, even when it confuses biological and cultural factors. The disproportionate loss of the biologically stronger remains inherent in traditional warfare. It serves to underscore the fact that survival of the species, rather than its improvement, is the fundamental purpose of natural selection, if it can be said to have a purpose, just as it is the basic premise of this study. (41-42).
IV. War As A Means of Collective Sacrifice
"The Iron Mountain Report "has already created our present. It is now shaping our future," one single-mindedly for war to the detriment of all but imperial interests and profiteers that benefit handsomely." - Stephen Lendman, "The Case for War: The Iron Mountain Report," July 7, 2010.
The findings of the Iron Mountain Report are extraordinarily bleak and apocalyptic. It demonstrates the dark genius of the new world order and the occultists in governments around the world.

The report is also a reminder of why President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by the powers that be for his revolutionary act of ending the Cold War mythology in his later speeches and giving a new vision of peaceful coexistence between all nations.

JFK was crucified for taking a brave stand for world peace while being the sitting head of state of the world's biggest empire. He was going against the gods, and he knew the price was death, but he did it anyway. He was a true tragic hero.

But the masters of war got their way. They got their way in Vietnam and Cambodia in the 1960s and 1970s, in Iran from 1980 to 1988, in the Persian Gulf in 1990, and in New York City and Washington in 2001.

And they continue to get their way with the world. They are set to attack Iran once again.

In 1980, America's NWO leadership generously gave the usurper Khomeini the war that he needed to militarize and Islamize Iranian society by arming Saddam Hussein's Iraq and pressuring him to attack Iran. Hundreds of thousands needlessly died in the Iran-Iraq war, but the secret objectives of Khomeini's cabal and the NWO leadership in America and Britain were accomplished by the end of the war.

The most important objective of the unholy war between Iran and Iraq was establishing an Islamic political order in Iran that could not be challenged internally. Without the war, Khomeini's system of government would've faced powerful and sustained resistance from different political and religious factions, and the Iranian people as a whole.

And the tragedy is about to happen again. Israel, America, and the West will give the Islamic Republic a new lease on life by attacking Iran a second time in thirty three years. And the elites have already planned the outcome of this insane and absurd war: a new world order. The bloodletting is just a mass ritual, like 9/11.

The Baghdad Games

Flynt Leverett, a former senior member of the National Security Council, tells AntiWar Radio's Scott Horton that the Obama administration didn't want to strike a deal with Iran, but to put on a show and prolong the talks until November.

In his article, "BS in Baghdad," editor Justin Raimondo writes:
"Our own intelligence community has told us – with "high confidence" – the Iranians gave up their nuclear weapons program in 2003, and never restarted it. The Supreme Ayatollah, Iran’s chief religious figure, has declared nuclear weapons are a sin against God, and disavowed any effort to build them. In spite of a number of Israeli-generated alarums – including outright forgeries and recycled pre-2003 materials – there is not a single iota of clear evidence Iran is engaged in making nuclear weapons or has any desire to do so.

That isn’t good enough for the "world powers," however – especially including the one not represented at the talks, which is Israel. Washington, London, and Tel Aviv have already passed a death sentence on the Iranians, and all that remains is to trump up a sufficient number of charges before pulling the switch. In the kangaroo court of the "world powers," Tehran is guilty and logically cannot prove their innocence. After all, since the Iranians have the knowledge, isn’t it just a matter of time before they have the means – how can they prove they won’t ever build nukes, even if they aren’t doing so now?"
And John Glaser writes in his article, "Western Leaders Reject Iranian Proposal for Wider Access for UN Inspectors":
"The sanctions that have been heaped on Iran are quite serious and far-reaching. They have already damaged the economy severely, facilitating increased unemployment and rampant inflation. The purpose behind them seems to be to harass and intimidate leaders in Tehran as opposed to being punishment for some unlawful act.

The fact is that the Obama administration, and the whole of the U.S. intelligence community, knows full well that Iran is not developing nuclear weapons and has not demonstrated any intention to do so.

Even the top brass of the Obama administration and military leadership, from Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey have publicly declared that Iran is not pursuing nuclear weapons.

So despite the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program and despite Iran’s demonstrated cooperation with the international inspections regime, Western powers – led by the U.S. – refuse to ease the sanctions in return for even more access for U.N. inspectors."
So much for Obama's brand of "diplomacy." It is bullshit layered under more bullshit. It is a pyramid of bullshit.