August 31, 2012

Terror Management Theory (Sheldon Solomon - Ernest Becker)

"Terror management theory (TMT), in social psychology, states that human behavior is mostly motivated by the fear of mortality. According to TMT theorists, symbols that create cultural worldviews are fiercely protected as representations of actual life. The terror management theory posits that when people are reminded of their own deaths, they more readily enforce these symbols, often leading to punitive actions, violence, and war. Experiments conducted by Sheldon Solomon, Tom Pyszczynski, and Jeff Greenberg sought to lend evidence to the concept that mortality salience, or the awareness of one's own death, affects the decision making of groups and individuals."

In A Desperate Bid To Secure The Jewish Vote, Romney Throws America Under The Bus

Only madmen attack Iran.

I don't support Barack Obama because he is a liar and a war criminal. But to say that he has thrown Israel under the bus, as Romney said in his acceptance speech at the RNC, is a big and transparent lie. Obama has done more for Israel than any U.S. president in history.

President Obama has let the crazed Israeli leadership drive the agenda on so many issues, from endorsing Israeli settlements on Palestinian territory to putting diplomatic and economic pressure on Iran. If Israel asks for more from America, if it asks for a shooting war against Iran, then Israel is greedy and deserves to be ruined.

As American military leaders know, Israel cannot be trusted.

What is Israel trying to do? Pit Iran against America in a catastrophic war, while it cleans up its backyard and wipes the Palestinians off the face of the Earth? This is a stupid idea. Iranians and Americans do not hate each other. They don't want war. Both countries are not getting along with each other at the moment, but they are not suicidal.

If Israel brings a war upon Iran, Iran will defend itself. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth. And if America makes the mistake of attacking Iran with Israel, then Iran will fight ten times harder. The rotten, oligarch-controlled American Empire will be driven out of the Middle East for good, and everyone in the Middle East will cheer on that day.

The leaders of America and Israel will find out the hard way that Iran is not Libya or Iraq. Iran will not be the only one doing the dying. Iran will fight back. Iran is immortal. Arrogant Israeli leaders and fake American leaders have not read enough history to know that.

Nobody Assassinated Bin Laden

 Picture perfect stories are just that: stories. The story about the Bin Laden raid is a classic ghost story. 

Newsflash: Bin Laden Was Not In The Bin Laden Raid.
Bullshit Is The Middle Name of Both Obama And Osama.

I know what you're thinking. "You're beating a dead horse, man. We already know Bin Laden was not at the compound in Pakistan. We know the official version is a total fiction. We know he really died shortly after the 9/11 events because of kidney problems. There's no need to repeat it."

I agree. I don't want to repeat the truth about Bin Laden's death. It's boring. It's old news. But if repetition works for the likes of Bush, Blair, and Obama, then it will also work for 9/11 truth-tellers and Bin Laden truth-tellers.

To us in the "conspiracy theory" world, repeating old news is pointless. But we must remember that many people are still asleep and actually believe that Bin Laden did 9/11. They are more likely to learn the truth when it is repeated to them.

We have to keep in mind that even educated, enlightened, and intellectually fearless people like Glenn Greenwald and Richard Silverstein still believe the fallacy of 9/11. They also unquestioningly believe the story of Bin Laden's death that the Obama administration came up with to enhance Obama's foreign policy record.

In a new article called, "Navy SEALs Assassinated Bin Laden," Silverstein writes:
"In the aftermath of the assassination of Osama bin Laden, amid the contradictory reports from the Obama administration about the event, I came to believe that the Islamist was likely assassinated deliberately. The stories about resistance put up by Bin Laden made little sense since they were immediately withdrawn and replaced by an equally implausible scenario."
Greenwald has also written about the new Bin Laden book by the Navy SEALs officer. Here is an excerpt from his article, "The Bin Laden raid exposes the Obama administration's selective secrecy":
"Earlier this year, the Obama administration responded to a lawsuit seeking videos and photographs of the Osama bin Laden raid by claiming (as usual) that it was all too secret to disclose. A federal court (as usual) acquiesced to those assertions and dismissed the suit, finding that "the release of the images and/or videos 'reasonably could be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security.'" The administration made the same secrecy and national security claims to deny the requests of multiple news agencies for related materials about the Bin Laden raid.

Those materials would have resolved still lingering and serious questions about that raid – questions created by the administration's numerous inconsistencies and false claims, including whether it was a "kill-not-capture" mission from the start and whether Bin Laden resisted capture in any way. Despite the decree of the always-imperious Democratic Senator John Kerry that everyone wanting answers should just "shut up and move on", actual journalists continue to ask the right questions."
I have tremendous respect for Glenn Greenwald and Richard Silverstein. I read them everyday. They are fiercely independent writers who have intellectual integrity and moral conviction. For them, telling the truth is more important than blind loyalty to morally and intellectually bankrupt parties and ideologies. 

But that is why their articles about the Bin Laden raid are so troubling. Why have they accepted the basic premises of the both the 9/11 story and the Bin Laden raid story? Since they are interested in ending the war on terror, extrajudicial assassinations, and drone strikes, should they not question the basic premises of the events that uphold these crimes and justify them in the American public's mind?

It is important to remember that 9/11 legitimized the criminal and evil war on terror, and turned Bush into a Commander-in-Chief. Obama's team emulated Bush's team. The lie about the Bin Laden raid turned Obama into a Commander-in-Chief and legitimized Obama's illegal shadow war against Pakistan.

Bush and Obama are political animals of the worst kind. Giving these proven liars any respect and credibility is a grave mistake.

II. The Left's Anti-War Dissent Is Meaningless

It is a big problem when the West's guiding intellectual lights and dissenters are toeing the official line on the two biggest events of the century: 9/11 and the death of Bin Laden.

Popular delusions about the two epochal events in the US-led global war on terror persist even in the high-minded intellectual community that calls itself the "Left." Remember, these are people who read books, unlike the Muslim-fearing Christian conservatives. 

So the people on the "Left" are at least working with a brain. They can read. This is good. We have an opening, as they say. They may be open to new ideas and new ways of seeing the world. This is important information, because it tells us that they are not totally brain-dead stupid.

But stupidity comes in many intellectual forms and ideological stripes. Religion is not the only thing that makes people stupid and servile. 

III. Being Driven Like Cattle To The Slaughter

Why do educated and sophisticated people who are associated with the "Left" still maintain the belief that 9/11 was done by Al-Qaeda and that Osama Bin Laden was assassinated by Barack Obama? Are they stupid? Are they blind? Are they not aware that governments lie? Do they believe that the U.S. government and the Israeli government are incapable of doing what Hitler and Goebbels did in Nazi Germany because of moral reasons? Are they that brainwashed and naive?

Why take the words of Mr. Bush and Mr. Obama at face value? Hasn't Obama lied about everything, from campaign promises to his birth certificate?

It is crazy and scary that a lot of well-meaning people actually feel proud about voting a second time for a deceiver and a destroyer. They point to his fake assassination of a known CIA terrorist leader as evidence of his brilliance as a President. This is the type of stupidity and gullibility that destroys nations and leads to epic catastrophes.

In the 20th century, Germany, Russia, and China experienced national catastrophes because of the criminality of their leaders and the stupidity of their people. In this century, Israel, Iran, and America have fallen victim to the twin evils of criminality and stupidity.

Criminal and cunning leaders like Bush, Netanyahu, and Obama love stupid people because they can make as many absurd statements as they like and still be taken seriously. Obama can say he killed Bin Laden without providing any evidence to support his claim and still be believed. You can't buy this kind of power.

But the power of the President to twist reality is not invincible. His power to invent history is god-like, but the President is not God.

The car of lies that President Obama is driving America and the world in is not truth-proof. Truth can still enter through the propaganda-tinted windows, the totalitarian roof, and the oppressive sound system.

The message of peace behind 9/11 Truth and Bin Laden Truth must get through. But even if the truth doesn't get through in time, eventually Obama the crash dummy or whatever political mannequin is at the symbolic wheel in the White House will slam the car of lies that currently passes for reality into the wall of catastrophe.

When that final crash against the wall of objective reality occurs, two startling facts that have at present been accepted only by the fringe conspiracy theorists will become mainstream knowledge: 1) Nobody assassinated Osama Bin Laden, and 2) The CIA and Mossad, not Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, were responsible for 9/11.

The Mainstreaming of The Fringe: Why Psychologizing 9/11 Dissent Is Not Working

Totalitarianism isn't history. It is here and now. But it can and will be defeated.

The story of Brandon Raub, the former marine who was illegally detained in a mental institution for telling the truth about 9/11 on Facebook, is chilling. But it is chilling not for the defenders of truth, freedom, and justice, but for the totalitarian nuts who are running America into the ground.

It is chilling for them because they have lost control of the narrative. 9/11 truth is becoming mainstream. Raub was vindicated in this strange episode. His case was dropped because it was based on nonsense. And he is now suing the U.S. government. Not only is his sanity in check, but his moral compass is too.

The crazed U.S. government has once again brought shame upon itself by targeting an American hero who fought for America in two wars. What exactly did they think they would achieve by putting Mr. Raub in a mental institution? Make an example of him? They only created a hero.

Whose bright idea was this? Who thought it was a good idea to tarnish the reputation of a man who fought for his country?

The idiots who run the U.S. government brought greater media attention to the scandalous 9/11 cover-up after pulling this stupid stunt against a veteran.

Psychologizing dissent didn't work in the Soviet Union, so why does the totalitarian American government believe it is going to work in America? Are they clueless idiots or monstrously evil?

The thought controllers in America and the Western world believe they can crush the human spirit and destroy the freedom of thought, but they're mistaken just like the Soviet thought controllers. They've failed to control what people think about 9/11 and how they remember the event. They've lost the battle for the hearts and minds of America and humanity.

Terms such as "fringe conspiracy theorists" and "loony truthers" are losing their magical hold over the consciousness of the American people, the Jewish people, and all of humanity. These totalitarian political terms belong in the dustbin of intellectual history.

The rising political prestige and intellectual influence of the global 9/11 truth and justice movement cannot be stopped with the use of words, bullets, or psychological diagnoses. There is no form of damage control in the world that can make the truth about 9/11 go away.

Calling an American veteran "mentally ill" for standing up for his country and for the truth is really a pathetic and ineffective way of discrediting legitimate dissent. 

What is the totalitarian government of the United States going to do? Lock up every soldier who tells the truth about 9/11 in a mental hospital? They don't have enough mental hospitals!

Is building new mental hospitals to detain American dissidents part of Obama's job plan? Will Obama get the stupid people to build these facilities, and then lock up the smart people to rot and die in them? Is this his plan for America?

Will the criminal mass murderers who did 9/11 kill all of us who think differently about 9/11? Are they genocidal maniacs? Have they lost all contact with reality?

Don't they know that the world does not stand with them and does not want to mask their atrocities?

Don't they know that the fringe is now the mainstream? 

9/11 dissent gets more popular by the day.

The state terrorists who did 9/11 are the fringe, not 9/11 truth-tellers.

They are the mental patients who should be locked up and treated with drugs, not 9/11 truth-tellers.

II. The Death of The Big Lie

The big lie is the casualty of the Internet and the new free media that it has brought into being throughout the world. The big 9/11 lie was bound to collapse. It is the stuff of vapor. It is dust. It is ashes.

The propaganda smokescreen that the 9/11 events created for the sick governments of America and Israel is gone. Their crimes against humanity cannot be veiled behind a victimhood myth.

Those days are over.

August 30, 2012

We Are Change - Doug Wead: Romney Threatened Ron Paul with PR A-Bomb

"The fringe element to me is the Republican National Committee." - Doug Wead.

Go to the 15:20 mark to hear the comment about the Romney campaign's threat to drop a PR A-Bomb on Ron Paul's name and legacy.

U.S. Official: Of Course Prince Bandar Is Alive, Why Do You Ask?

U.S. Official: Prince Bandar is alive.

Remember those unofficial reports from last month that said Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia aka the Arab Bush was killed in a strike on July 26?

A lot of people speculated about who killed him. Here were some of the suspects: Syria, Iran, Washington, Israel, an internal Saudi faction, Bigfoot. I went with Washington.

Rumours of his death went away for the bulk of the month of August. The blackout worked. Nothing was getting out of Saudi Arabia or the United States about the story for weeks.

But eventually the Saudis gave in to the media pressure, acknowledged the Internet rumours, and lifted the blackout on the story.

On Friday, August 24, Brent Gardner-Smith wrote in an article for The Aspen Times called, "Bandar still alive, insiders say," that the Saudi and Qatar governments reported Prince Bandar was "in Mecca and Jeddah in mid-August." He added:
"Since then, the speculation about Bandar's death has quieted, but there have been no stories confirming that he is, in fact, alive.

Wednesday's statement from a State Department spokesperson appears to be the first acknowledgment from a U.S. official that the reports earlier this month of Bandar's death were in fact false."
The author does an excellent job of recapping the origins and spread of the rumours about Prince Bandar's death.

The rumours will persist because the dark Prince has still not been seen in public since late July. This is unusual because it is an ancient custom for high-level figures and government leaders to appear in public to end rumours of their deaths. I guess Prince Bandar is not an important enough figure so the Saudi government feels politically justified in not following this custom.

But they are making a big mistake. 

Customs matter. Appearances matter. Pictures matter. Evidence matters.

We cannot take the words of US and Saudi officials at face value. 

Until proven otherwise, Prince Bandar is dead.

The question on everyone's minds is: when is his funeral? 

Maybe there will be no official state funeral.

Could Prince Bandar be sleeping with the fishes in an unknown ocean alongside Osama Bin Laden? Where are the bodies of these two Saudi pimps? The whole world wants to know.

Don't pay attention to what U.S. officials say. For all they know, Bin Laden is still alive, too.  

Rumi - The Musical Reed Finds the Divine - Through The Pain of The Heart - Duncan Mackintosh

A Fallen Nation: 9/11, Occult Symbolism, And The Sacrifice of Prometheus

Here was a man who embraced his fall, and came to be called, "The Falling Man," a title given by Tom Junod in September 2003 in a piece for Esquire. The infamous picture was taken by AP photographer Richard Drew, who was also present at the moment of Robert F. Kennedy's death.
"Hesiod had only to hint at the prototypical character of this act of Prometheus, for it was perfectly obvious in a world where at every sacrifice the gods received chiefly fat and bones, while the sacrificers took most of  the meat and entrails. A strange division! Yet every division presupposes a whole to be divided and a common bond between those who do the dividing. And this brings us to still another prerequisite for division: a distinction between the sharers. The idea of the Greek sacrifice takes in both: the distinction and the common bond between gods and men. Hesiod puts this idea of the sacrifice, with its implication of balance and freedom from conflict, in the age of gold. Hesiod characterizes the sacrifice as an act of establishment, as the foundation of our world, by stressing the difference in the division and explaining it on the basis of a contest. After the division, the world came into being--a world in which gods and men were absolutely different. And in Hesiod's eyes this was perfectly just, because men are exactly as they showed themselves to be in their sacrificing: deceived deceivers. Even if Hesiod had based his mythological view of the world not on a tradition but on a doctrine to be derived from the Greek sacrifice, it would be grounded in an inherently justifiable conception of man's nature." - Carl Kerényi, "Prometheus: Archetypal Image of Human Existence." 1963. Princeton University Press: Princeton, New Jersey. Pg. 43-44.

"Get all by honest means, would you secure
Wealth and respect that will through life endure.
Who seeks to heap his store by force or fraud,
Shall lose it all: though half the world applaud
His ill-gained wealth, there's an all-seeing Eye
That closely scans his actions from on high;
And Retribution soon or late shall sweep
Himself and treasures to oblivion's deep." - Hesiod, "Works And Days of Hesiod." 
The false flag and ritualistic September 11 events marked the fall of a particular version of America. It was a spiritually dead, complacent, apathetic, politically corrupt, and ignorant America. The world is waiting for a new and better America to emerge from the crisis that was unleashed by 9/11.

It is important to remain optimistic. A fallen nation can get back up if it has the will, the spirit, and the visionary leadership. America does not lack these three qualities, so the hope of recovery and renewal is not lost.

But for there to be a recovery we must be brutally honest. 9/11 shook America and the world in more ways than one. We all know about the immediate effects of the event: the launch of illegal wars in the Middle East, the looting of America on an industrial scale, and the continuous transformation of the American government towards a fascist totalitarian system.

Looking back at 9/11 eleven years later, it is normal to get emotional. But we must not lose sight of how the tragedy was cleverly exploited by the leaders of the United States and Israel for military, political, propaganda, and commercial goals.

No rational person can argue against the claim made by the global 9/11 truth and justice movement that 9/11 was totally staged by the U.S. and Israeli governments. This truth should be filed under the sad record of history's ugly truths.

II. Bailing Out The Pentagon And Israel

We hear the word "bailout" almost every day now. It is embedded in the public lexicon. This word should hold significant meaning in our re-examination of 9/11. It is obvious the Global War on Terror was a giant bailout of the Pentagon and Israel. There is no better way to put it. The military-industrial complex needed an enemy to justify their existence, so they went crazy and created two global enemies: international terrorism, and transnational Islamic Jihad. Israel's enemies became America's enemies.

These assertions are no longer controversial and conspiratorial. They have become cliché. It is crystal clear to all but the willfully ignorant that the leaders of Islamic Jihadist groups like Al-Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, and Hamas are directly trained and financed by the CIA, Mossad, and MI6. Their services are used by the West in countries like Libya and Syria, where they wreak havoc by blowing up buildings and massacring innocent civilians.

For America, defeating Al-Qaeda and Radical Islam is as easy as stopping the delivery of military hardware and monthly paychecks to Al-Qaeda fighters. There is really nothing to it. If the U.S. government was really interested in ending the threat posed by Islamic extremists it would do so, but why kill the goose that lays the golden eggs? America is in love with Al-Qaeda; a divorce is out of the question.

III. A Matter of Destiny

In the grand sense of history and destiny, 9/11 was unavoidable. American leaders were faced with two options: a new world war, or the total dismantling of the world's largest and most powerful military. War was chosen because men are not angels. Any other nation would have done the same had it been in America's place at the turn of the 21st century. So it is a mistake to blame and hate America for what is at bottom a matter of destiny.  

But it does not mean that we have to march to the drum of the state terrorists and war criminals who did 9/11. There are alternatives to state terror and war. The grassroots global political awakening has great potential to change the course of history and bring rogue governments down.

There will be twists and turns in this great awakening. The 9/11 truth movement must not abandon the path of patience and lose heart in the face of government tyranny and mass denial. Escaping the enslavement of established explanations of extraordinary events such as 9/11 is not done overnight. Waking up is a long, emotionally exhausting, and contemplative journey.

IV. The Price of America's Soul

9/11 truth deniers cannot justify their ill treatment of 9/11 truth-tellers with facts because they don't have any. Their anti-9/11 truth case rests on myth, media might, mockery, and madness.

Tom Breidenbach wrote in his article, "None So Blind (a lament)," on January 21, 2007: 
"Liberal commentators regularly assert they “just can’t,” “won’t” or that they “simply refuse to believe” 9/11 could have been an inside job . Yet such irrational and emotive statements merely confirm the cognitive impairment of their speaker. It is a firm matter of historical record that governments, very much including our own, have planned and executed horrendous, even murderous acts of deceit in the past, including ones against their own people. Denying this would be denying the dynamics of power as they’ve been understood since remote antiquity, and those who decry even the possibility that 9/11 was an inside job (in spite of the vast array of evidence as well as eminent expert, professional, and military opinion clearly indicating it was) are stretching an already tenuous appeal to American Exceptionalism, the fallacy that “it could never happen here.”"
American exceptionalism is based on a truth; America is an exceptional country. It put a man on the moon; end of debate. But 9/11 killed American exceptionalism because it revealed that America is liable to commit evil and wage wars against the world like every other powerful empire.

Does this mean America will remain a fallen nation forever? No. Nobody's fall is permanent, not even Satan's. In the ancient Kurdish religion of Yezidism, Satan is forgiven for his transgression against God's kingdom and eventually redeemed. Melek Taus is their name for Lucifer/Satan. Noshir H. Dadrawala writes: "Malek Taus is an evil and a fallen spirit; but not fallen beyond redemption. He is a sort of celestial Absalom - vicious, tyrannical, rebellious, but secure of ultimate pardon and rehabilitation."

America's place in history will not be judged solely based on the false flag 9/11 events and criminal global war on terrorism. It is a great error to focus on the bad and forget the good. And there is plenty of good in America. People say America is dead. But how can that be when there are good Americans who are willing to defend truth and justice?

America is not dead. Alex Jones is the heartbeat of America, and he is pumping life into America every day on his talk show. How can America's soul be dead when a good man like Ron Paul has an army of supporters? The "End the Fed" and 9/11 truth movements have staying power. The heart and soul of America did not die on 9/11.

America's fate hangs in the balance, but so do us all. As Tom Junod wrote on January 30, 2012, in his article, "Falling (Mad) Man":
"At a time when the country was desperate for images that were communal and redemptive, Drew gave it a man left to the mercy not of God but of gravity, and dying utterly alone.

 The photograph was not called "The Falling Man" back then. It was called leering pornography, and sentenced to an invisible career as cultural contraband. It did not resurface until Esquire published a story entitled "The Falling Man" in its September 2003 issue, whereupon the photograph gained its title, and its symbolic status. You see, by that time it was clear that despite the best efforts of the American government and the American media, the legacy of 9/11 was not going to be moral clarity but rather moral unease — an almost vertiginous sensation of the ground giving way beneath our feet, along with just about everything else. That sensation, alas, has never gone away, and it is what has been mined brilliantly by the makers of Mad Men. If, in 2003, America was finally able to look at a two year-old photograph suggesting that it had to revise what it thought it knew about how people died on 9/11, by 2007 it was primed to watch a prime-time melodrama suggesting that it had to revise what it thought it knew about how people lived in 1960. It was ready to hear that what it had always regarded as American exceptionalism got its start as American entitlement, and was always fated to fall back to earth.

After I wrote "The Falling Man" in 2003, I got a call from a friend of mine, who said, "Well, now you have a book." I asked him what he meant, and he told me that anyone I wanted to write about could be written about for a book called "The Falling Man," because, in his words, "We're all falling men now." I never wrote the book, but I remember what my friend said every time I look at Richard Drew's photograph or, for that matter, the credit sequence for Mad Men. We're all falling men now. Drew's photograph became a symbol both specific and universal because it dared to tell us that 9/11 was not the beginning of something but rather the end, that it didn't constitute the "victory of the American spirit," as presidents and pundits tried so hard to tell us, but rather a loss, final and decisive, with which we'd always have to reckon. The "controversial" Mad Men poster has some of the same resonance, because it reminds us that the reckoning goes on — who could not imagine the figure of Barack Obama silhouetted against that limitless white background? — and started before most of us were even born."
Can America be redeemed? Can Israel be redeemed? Can humanity be redeemed?

Yes, in time.

August 29, 2012

We Are Change: Gary Jonhson on Humanitarian Warfare, Audit the Fed & The Meaning of Life

The Coward Netanyahu Failed To Assassinate General Dempsey

When I heard of the news that General Dempsey's plane was struck in Afghanistan, I just thought, "Those Afghans are tired of the war, so they decided to take their resistance to another level, but they went nowhere with their attack."

But there is more to the story, as it turns out. Much more.

On Friday, August 24, 2012, Gordon Duff, senior editor of Veterans Today, wrote:
"Today, General Dempsey, Chairman of America’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, the man who flew to Tel Aviv and informed Netanyahu that America wanted no part of his scheming against Iran was the subject of an assassination attempt in Afghanistan.

This wasn’t an act of terrorism or Taliban militants. It was a “mob hit” against someone who failed to kiss the feet of Netanyahu. His response was to unleash killers, not a fact for the public but a fact just the same, one the American military knows very well. Netanyahu has a problem with “hubris.”

The culprits, “militants,”managed to escape undetected from the most sophisticatedly defended real estate on earth, the perimeter of Bagam Air Force Base.

Lucky for them they attacked at night, a time when America’s 5th generation night vision, ground radar and other detection systems were mysteriously disabled.

The rocket detection systems, early warning blimps with ground penetrating synthetic aperture radar and the continual coverage by UAV drones using infrared detection, $2 billion in technology on this one perimeter alone, cost the plane of America’s top military commander and wounds were sustained by two crew members."

Continued. . . 
The U.S. military and media have swept this story under the rug, each for their own different reasons probably. I can't really blame them. This is embarrassing stuff.

The official version is that Afghan militants carried out the operation. Apparently, such operations against high-level U.S. military officials by Afghan militants are not "unusual" in Afghanistan.

But that's not plausible.

No disrespect to Afghan militants, but penetrating U.S. defenses, especially on a sensitive site, is a very tricky and difficult maneuver. As always, Mossad is the number one suspect.

Hillary Clinton also survived an assassination attempt recently, in Israel of all places.

What is it with these Israelis? They just love to stir up trouble, don't they?

Well, if you seek trouble, trouble is going to find you.

Conspiracy to Reality: Black Hawk Helicopters Buzz City & CIA Arming Syrian Rebels

August 28, 2012

Alice In The White House: Barack Obama And The LSD Presidency

"To governments that control with fear, the truth is the enemy of the state. Propaganda, censorship, and mass mind control produce homogenized thinking conforming to the will of the Controllers." - Tarra Light, "Angel of Auschwitz: A Spiritual Memoir of Forgiveness & Healing," 2009. Frog Books: Berkeley, California. Pg. 187.
The ability to lie to hundreds of millions of people every day while keeping a straight face is a rare political gift. Some presidents, like George W. Bush, are not masters of this craft. They smirk and giggle when they deliberately tell lies to the public. President Barack Obama is much better. His "I ordered the death of Osama Bin Laden" speech was an amazing display of deception.

I'm sure every modern totalitarian leader looking on at the show from beyond marveled in amazement when Obama delivered those divinely inspired words. On that day, he spoke as a poet and a philosopher. And also as a con man par excellence.

The truth that Obama forged his birth certificate is not nearly as interesting as the truth that he forged reality in one single speech. With the simple use of words Obama transformed a buried and forgotten corpse into a netted sea monster. The timeless hunt for the White Whale in the 21st century's version of Herman Melville's mythic tale was a grand, though belated, success.

It took ten years for the American government to capture Bin Laden and bury him in the bottom of an unknown ocean. At least that is how it was presented by the Obama administration to the American people and the world. The public narrative of Bin Laden's death and the real story are as different as night and day.

II. Acid In The White House: The LSD Presidency
"I had no inkling that the new substance would also come to be used beyond medical science, as an inebriant in the drug scene. Since my self-experiment had revealed LSD in its terrifying, demonic aspect, the last thing I could have expected was that this substance could ever find application as anything approaching a pleasure drug." - Dr. Albert Hofmann.
How intoxicated is the President of the United States? How psychotic is he? How mad? How high?

You have to be high as hell to want to be president of the American empire in the post-9/11 world. It is not a job for the sane and sober. I wouldn't be surprised if Obama, like Bush and Clinton before him, is taking drugs in the Oval Office. I don't mean this as an offense to the President. Taking drugs does not degrade the "dignity of the office." The dignity was lost when Cheney walked in it, actually, way before then.

White House medical doctors probably prescribe drugs to presidents on their down time to help them with the pressures of the job. I don't know how any sane person could get through it and survive it with their full mental capabilities intact. It is really an anti-human job. Too much is demanded of a modern President. The world's eyes are on him every second he is out in public. All it takes is one slip of the tongue and one misstep for the media's fire to descend on him and burn him to shreds for what he said.

But the President's fragility should not make us doubt the extent of his power. Obama has his own Kill List, for Christ's sake. The man is a Beast. He can kill whomever he wants. And that is the least of his powers. The President's power to shape reality with words and manipulate global public opinion is truly otherworldly. Obama is a bigger brand than Apple. The blind trust that is placed in him can prove to be fatal for America and the world.

It is always a mistake to trust a leader based on faith alone, but that is what a lot of people will be doing in November. Over the last four years, Obama has shown that he does not deserve the trust and goodwill of the American people. But Obama will still be re-elected because the White House is a faith-based institution, and it seems its captured flock is not ready to head down a new and scary path in search for a new saviour.

The LSD President isn't going anywhere. The trip is just beginning.  

Ahab - The Hunt

5 Reasons Why The Global War on Terror And Waking Up To 9/11 Truth Is a Psychedelic Experience.
An Altered State of Government.
An Altered World: 9/11, Obama, And The Attempted Annihilation of Consciousness 

Alex Jones: Veterans Forcibly Sent to 'Mental Institutions' with Firearms Taken Away

August 27, 2012

Newsflash: Bin Laden Was Not In The Bin Laden Raid

 Photo: A group of professional actors watching an early preview of Kathryn Bigelow's much-anticipated film about the mysterious Bin Laden raid called, "Zero Dark Thirty."

The discussion about the mysterious Bin Laden raid on the night of May 1st, 2011, has been focused around government leaks and minor plot revelations, but has avoided the larger issue at the center of the drama, which is that Osama Bin Laden was not in the raid.

Again: Bin Laden was not in the Bin Laden raid.

Where was he?

He was busy being dead.

Bin Laden wasn't acting dead to avoid U.S. suspicion, he was dead for real, like 'Weekend at Bernie's'.

Remember what "being dead" meant? Remember what "for real" meant? It means that when a person is dead, he is dead for real and gone to the next chapter of his spiritual existence. A dead person cannot be resurrected for political purposes by the earthly gods of the dead.

Bin Laden is not Jesus of Nazareth.

I know some people within the U.S. and Israeli intelligence communities still want to portray Bin Laden as the Arab Che to justify their illegal war on terror, but let's be real, he was not a revolutionary or Messiah figure. He was a two-bit punk whose anti-American rebel army consisted mainly of CIA rejects and gullible dupes.

Since the "Bin Laden raid," the White House has tried to turn Abbottabad, Pakistan into Bin Laden's Graceland, but their grand hoax has not stood the test of time.

There is a movie due out in December by Kathryn Bigelow called 'Zero Dark Thirty,' and a new book by a Navy SEALs officer, both of which seek to unwrap a mystery that never happened.

It is really charming if you think about it. Grown-up adults (if you can call them that) are arguing about a mythical event and taking the debate so seriously that they are fighting about leaks and counter-leaks.

Take a step back, and laugh at this collective insanity. 

No proof of Bin Laden's body has emerged in more than fifteen months since the raid. And his burial at sea didn't take place. Where does that leave us? Are we supposed to wait for the tide of time to recover fragments of Bin Laden's limbs to the shore of our consciousness? What are we, children?

Bin Laden lived and died in the land of myth. That is the truth.

"He has been dead, was dead, and is dead. There has never been any evidence of his body, a video, forensic evidence, or autopsy," said former State Department official and psyop master Steve Pieczenik on the Alex Jones show on Friday, August 24, 2012.

Dr. Pieczenik, referring to the explosive comments he made in May 2011, again on the Alex Jones show, when he told the American people that Bin Laden died of Marfan syndrome in late 2001, added on Friday:
"The intelligence community, State Department, the President of the United States, never refuted my statements. Having worked for five presidents, I stated it categorically. Having still been involved in the intelligence community and military community, I maintain that this has been a serious lie that has been the crux of corruption of both our military and intelligence community."
The Bin Laden saga belongs on the screen, since the telling of his life and death is best done with the arts of fiction.

One should watch the film 'Zero Dark Thirty' not with the mentality of a child but of a seasoned mental warrior who has lived through and survived the psy-op war against global public consciousness by the United States government.

Walk into the theater with more than just a skeptical mind. Walk into the theater knowing that the entire story about the Bin Laden raid is fake.

Aesop Rock - Zero Dark Thirty

Manifesting the Mind: Footprints of the Shaman (2009) [Full Documentary]

Thank You Gwenyth Todd

Former Navy adviser Gwenyth Todd exposed and stopped the Neocon conspiracy to provoke a war with Iran in the Persian Gulf during the Bush years.

For her act of heroism the government went after her.

For more details about this story, read Juan Cole's article, "Plot to Provoke war with Iran thwarted by Navy analyst."

The world thanks you, Gwenyth Todd.

Beyond Paranoia: The Ridicule Style In American Politics

Kings are paranoid for a good reason.
"And then the conspiracy theorists who come along later have to piece everything together with the Zapruder film and the footage of the Grassy Knoll and so forth, which enables us then to begin to perceive that based on piecing these images together there most likely was a conspiracy.

So it's either that or we see this the way the Warren Commission wanted us to see it, in which case we would have Lee Harvey Oswald as a lone gunman, which would then fit the assassination within the pre-existing celebrity myth of the death of the celebrity by a stalker.

Here we would have Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone gunman who inserts himself into history by assassinating the Sun King. Now, the Sun King is also known as the Oak King. He's the King Noon who battles with his lunar adversary, which in the ancient/medieval myth would've been the Holly King. So you have the Oak King vs. the Holly King, the summer solstice vs. the lunar winter solstice. And that puts Lee Harvey Oswald in the role of the lunar adversary, the Judas vs. Christ, Set vs. Osiris, the boar that kills Adonis. So he fits into that mode.

Although the one bit of cognitive dissonance within that paradigm of seeing him as a lone stalker who decides to insert himself into history by killing a great Sun King is the fact that this scenario with Jack Ruby, who comes in and shoots him live on television. That's another televisual first, by the way, the first live murder caught on television. As far as I know, and all the other stalkers that have killed celebrities, they never generate their own stalkers. This would be a case in which a stalker generates his own stalker, Jack Ruby, which is a little bit odd and doesn't quite fit the theory. And it's one of the main things that leads us to suspect that Oswald was embedded in a larger web, that sends ripples out beyond him and captures them in this mesh of complicated interrelationships.

But, in any event, so we have him assassinating the Oak King, he inserts himself into history, and this is all consistent with what the myth that Jean Baudrillard describes, that America as being based on an attempt to escape from history. The whole idea of America as a Utopian colony that escapes the historical cycles that have hitherto governed all the other civilizations in history, especially European civilizations. [These historical cycles] don't apply here. We don't assassinate our presidents here.

So the myth goes that tends to foster this lone gunman theory that America is based on an escape from history and that it has suspended the laws that normally govern historical processes. Coup d'états are normal all throughout history. They're a normal part of the way history has worked everywhere. But in America somehow it's an ideal new world that has suspended all those old laws. So I think there's a predisposition on the part of our American academic-literary establishment to just stick with the official case of the Warren Commission and just see this as an example of the celebrity myth of the stalker who makes himself famous by killing a famous person." - John David Ebert, "John F. Kennedy Assassination," December 13, 2011. [4:05 - 7:20].

"The story is fashioned this way because Adonis is the Sun and the boar is winter. Indeed, the boar killed Adonis because when winter comes, the sun runs out of heat and dies. Venus, the earth, weeps, because the earth produces nothing when winter obscures the sun." - Ronald E. Pepin, "The Vatican Mythographers." 2008. Fordham University Press: New York. Pg. 120
The day before President John F. Kennedy was assassinated at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, renowned American historian Richard J. Hofstadter delivered a lecture at Oxford University that would later turn into his most famous essay entitled, "The Paranoid Style in American Politics."

The timing was purely coincidental, of course. To suggest that the two events were connected in any way would affirm the essay's thesis, which has been dishonestly used as an intellectual cover by the Establishment media to pour cold water on JFK and 9/11 conspiracy theories.

Hofstadter's basic point was that the intellectual devolution of political discourse on both sides of the political paradigm has one source: the paranoid and conspiratorial mind. He wrote:
"American politics has often been an arena for angry minds. In recent years, we have seen angry minds at work, mainly among extreme right-wingers, who have now demonstrated, in the Goldwater movement, how much political leverage can be got out of the animosities and passions of a small minority. But, behind this, I believe, there is a style of mind that is far from new, and that is not necessarily right-wing. I call it the paranoid style, simply because no other word adequately evokes the sense of heated exaggeration, suspiciousness, and conspiratorial fantasy that I have in mind."
The word "paranoia" is used by Hofstadter almost with a religious zeal, and the defenders of his essay to this day have spread his gospel with an equally fervent sense of historical mission.

To be clear, I admire Hofstadter and appreciate his scholarship. Also, I am not denying the existence of sub-cultures that have their own conspiratorial scriptures to which they pay allegiance even in the face of new revelations.

But the all-out dismissal of conspiracies of power by high-minded intellectuals despite the long historical record that proves that such things are commonplace in the evolution of societies and empires reeks of totalitarianism.

Whenever American intellectuals and journalists bring up 9/11 and JFK conspiracy theories they refer to Hofstadter's timeless essay. His catchphrase, the "paranoid style," has become their default intellectual position because they cannot come up with their own ideas to combat the proponents of alternative history.

The lives of controversial and buried truths, most famously the truth about the JFK assassination, have an energy of their own because they are based on documented facts. If they were based on pure paranoia and cosmic make-believe then they wouldn't persist this long.

Describing alternative historians and citizen researchers as "paranoid" is a lame attempt at suppressing the evidence that vindicates them and their factually based beliefs. It doesn't bother me that intellectual elites reject conspiracy theories because that is their job, but throwing mean-spirited insults at others for holding unorthodox views about modern history goes too far. It reflects a poor mind at work. Ridiculing and belittling the other side is one of the oldest rhetorical tricks to avoid a debate.

In a honest dictatorship there does not exist a need for the perpetual exercise of cunning rhetorical tricks to control the population because force is openly defended when it is used to silence critics and impose the will of the government masters. Honest dictatorships justify their iron grip over society to the people on the grounds of ideology, fighting a foreign enemy, and establishing common security. In dishonest dictatorships the ruling class is forced to be more constraint in its methods and strategies. 

The American dictatorship is the furthest thing from honest. Instead of relying on force, it masterfully deploys humour as a political weapon against democratic critics. Humour is used with deadly effect by US leaders and the press to cast anti-regime opinions as kooky and nutty. Barack Obama has routinely poked fun at questions about him forging his birth certificate.

The best way to make people rethink their old assumptions about American society, U.S. leaders, and modern American history is with humour. Comedians understand the dismissive quality of humour when it is used deliberately as a social weapon, which is why many of them are more alert to the conspiracies in America compared to the rest of the population.

The late greats Lenny Bruce, Bill Hicks, and George Carlin, as well as living legends Dave Chappelle and Eddie Griffin, all talk about conspiracies in their stand-up material. Comedians have done more to educate society about these subjects than all the historians and writers put together.

One simple reason is their humanity cannot be denied due to the nature of their existence so when they raise uncomfortable truths on stage people listen to them, trust them, and respect them. Millions of people share an emotional connection with comedians because they spill their guts out on stage so the trust factor is big. When other individuals raise the same truths they are ridiculed as paranoid and insane conspiracy theorists because it is less easy to see any humanity in them and thus respect them.

Fantasy literature and films are the two other mediums that have woken the American people up. Last week, Alex Jones talked about the important contributions that Tony Gilroy's Bourne series have made to America's political understanding. They have expanded the boundaries of the lackluster political conversation by raising issues and themes in a thematic and accessible manner.

The Bourne films have, above all, lifted the lid on the reality that in the post-9/11 world the anti-American villains are more often than not internal. The deep state is where all the intense dramatic action is, and the complex network of characters who loyally serve this state are more intriguing from a filmmaker's perspective than a phantom Arab terrorist or a rogue Russian general.

August 25, 2012

Disbelief In Grand Enemies: The End of National Myths In A Dying World

 The old world is dying, and the new one faintly appears in the distance.
"In the old days, your tribe's values were clear, and you transgressed them to your own risk. They would vanish you or kill you if you got too far afield. It wasn't any problem about knowing what the values were. You know, you heard all this stuff about the crack in the cosmic egg. Well, until modernity there weren't any cracks in the cosmic eggs. People didn't have a crisis of meaning. The only crisis of meaning you had was when your cosmic egg didn't agree with the one that had the political power. Like if you were one of the heretics in the medieval period you knew what was right, you had your values clear, they just differed with the Pope. And the Pope had those troops." - Robert Moore, Ph.D., from a lecture given in the late 1980s called, "Archetypal Images of the Magician and the Lover." The lecture was uploaded onto YouTube by the user 'DrBerninski,' on October 31, 2011. [1:40:30 - 1:44:27].
"We need an enemy for reinforcing our own identity." - Umberto Eco, from "Umberto Eco in conversation with Paul Holdengräber." [0:12:50 - 0:13:33]. 

"Inventing the Enemy acquires its title from the initial essay in the collection. Here, Eco develops a theme of his earlier novel, The Prague Cemetery, by demonstrating how the existence of an enemy is crucial to a nation’s success—so crucial, in fact, that if an enemy does not exist, a nation must create one. Such a target may well be an outsider, but people can apply the term “enemy” even to an insider who conducts himself differently than those around him (as evidence, Eco cites several examples such as the Church’s persecution of heretics). Eco maintains that this creation of an adversary is unavoidable." - Kathryn Longenbach, from her review of Umberto Eco's new book called, "Inventing the Enemy."
America's psychological hegemony since the end of World War II has rested on its powerful ability to shape the global narrative about global threats and global problems, and also on the fact that it saved the world from both the menace of fascism and communism so it deserved its huge political credit.

But people around the world no longer maintain the naive belief that America is a benevolent superpower because the record of history shows otherwise. The collapsing 9/11 myth and war on terror consensus has destroyed the universal belief in America's goodness and revealed Washington to be the true menace to global security that it is.

There is still a lot of good in America, but it is being buried in the shadows. Peacemakers are denied a voice, and ridiculed as "conspiracy theorists." The problem is that the deep moral integrity of the American people, who have been blinded by the 9/11 myth, is not allowed to surface in national conversations about America's foreign policy.

American hero Alex Jones has done the most to remove the blindfold and shatter the 9/11 myth to cosmic pixie dust, but it takes more than one man to challenge the awesome might of the Empire's media.

If the moral voice of America was allowed to express itself, America would regain its power and its image as a global leader. At the moment, it is a bully that has lost contact with reality and the moral laws of the universe. America's position in the world will continue to deteriorate until it rediscovers its moral center and abandons its hubris-driven wars in the Middle East.

If America were to preemptively attack Iran with Israel egging it on, it would represent the final steps in a long transformation of a global superpower into a failed terrorist state

Israel, another failed terrorist state, has benefited from Washington's god-like power to convince the world that its version of reality is the truth. For many years now, Israel has been corrupting the U.S. political system and the American media with money and threatening the American people with emotional blackmail.

But Israel's aggressive hawks are losing credibility, not only with their own people, but with America and the rest of the world. The divisions between Israel's deranged political leadership and its military and society cannot be bridged. The Israeli people are protesting against a strike on Iran because they do not share the same concerns about the Iranian threat as their megalomaniac leaders. This tells us that Israel's robust democracy is choosing its fate, and it is doing so out in the open, which is extraordinary and admirable.

The source of the political crisis in Israel is the same as the ones in America and Iran, and it is this: The people of these countries do not want to fight with each other. Americans, Israelis, and Iranians do not hate each other. They are not as brainwashed and closed off from the world as their detached leaders like to think.

Different opinions on the Internet and alternative media outlets are available in all three countries, so despite the totalitarian nature of all three governments, the people can access information freely and come to their own conclusions based on logic, self-confidence, and common sense. 

In the new world of freely available information, alternative broadcasters, and popular social media, there is no space for grand ideological enemies. The grand enemy that menaces the nation is a thing of the past. The enemy of America is in America; the enemy of Israel is in Israel; the enemy of Iran is in Iran.

In all three countries, the government is the enemy, not the outsider and the foreigner. In fact, the leaders of all three governments have more in common with each other than they do with their own people. They are all isolated from the common people and arrogantly disregard their suffering and sacrifices.

These so-called leaders cannot justify their own failures, corruption, and oppressive policies by pointing to the enemy. This ancient practice of ruling is coming to an end in our time because the people of all countries realize that their destinies are interconnected.

Of course, Washington is still desperately trying to create new enemies to feed the demonic power of the banking-military-industrial-media complex, but it is not succeeding.

In the past few years, Washington's construction of the grand Islamist threat has become undone. On one level, this failure can be attributed largely to Washington's own contradictory foreign policy moves that create an awkward situation in which extremist Islamist organizations like Al-Qaeda are on the same side as U.S. forces in numerous Middle Eastern conflicts. Syria is the most recent case.

Another reason why Washington cannot credibly portray Al-Qaeda as the enemy is because of the growing influence of the global alternative media and its success at disproving official narratives about U.S.-instigated conflicts.

Also, the declining believability of the Al-Qaeda threat to American security and global interests cannot be changed. A second 9/11 is unlikely to evoke a new-found fear in this once elusive enemy.

The day is soon at hand when U.S. leaders will be forced to throw the body of lies that is Al-Qaeda into the sea of history and explain to the American people as well as the world why they chose to take everyone for a wild joy ride in the "9/11" car.

Blue Sky Black Death - Farewell To The Former World

Umberto Eco in conversation with Paul Holdengräber

Infowars Nightly News: Gov't Following 'Stalinist Model' for Detaining Veterans Under NDAA

Alex Jones interviews Stewart Rhodes about the illegal imprisonment of Brandon Raub and the war on veterans.

August 24, 2012

The Jungian War On Terror Comes Home: Old Shadows, New Enemies

 Say goodnight to the old bad guy, and make way for the new bad guy: The American Veteran. 
"Question from student: 'This relates to what you were talking about the container. I don't quite understand that fully. You were saying something about society doesn't provide [containers]?

Robert Moore: In the old days, your tribe's values were clear, and you transgressed them to your own risk. They would vanish you or kill you if you got too far afield. It wasn't any problem about knowing what the values were. You know, you heard all this stuff about the crack in the cosmic egg. Well, until modernity there weren't any cracks in the cosmic eggs. People didn't have a crisis of meaning. The only crisis of meaning you had was when your cosmic egg didn't agree with the one that had the political power. Like if you were one of the heretics in the medieval period you knew what was right, you had your values clear, they just differed with the Pope. And the Pope had those troops. 
But in modernity the containers that carry the human soul have just been dissolving all over the place. And the best thing to do if you haven't study this in history or cultural history is to read Peter Berger, the great sociologist, and read his book 'The Homeless Mind.' And it lays this out.  
But the fact is religions for educated people tend not to hold it anymore. The reasons around the world that fundamentalisms are resurgent in every tradition is because of the need for containment. And we should not laugh at people so much about this. They understand something. One of the reasons that the Ayatollah is doing what he is doing is not as bad a reason as we might think without thinking about it. He has looked at what is happening to the young people in his culture who have got into Western culture, into drugs, sex, and rock n' roll, in a totally out of control way, and he's decided 'hey, this stuff is destructive for my people.' And he and the other Shiites, that's what they're about. They are against nihilism. 
And you know, if you start looking at what's happening to the young people of this country, you have to ask the question, okay, you don't want the Ayatollah, and you don't want Jerry Falwell, and you don't want blah blah blah, where are the containers to help these young people not destroy themselves before they're twenty one? The whole issue is where are the cultural vessels? Well, I'll tell you some names and some cultural vessels in our society for young people. Madonna, that's a cultural vessel for a lot of young people. You gotta be clear about it. Prince is a cultural vessel for a lot of people." - Robert Moore, Ph.D., from a lecture given in the late 1980s called, "Archetypal Images of the Magician and the Lover." The lecture was uploaded onto YouTube by the user 'DrBerninski,' on October 31, 2011. [1:40:30 - 1:44:27].

"A great myth is relevant as long as the predicament of humanity lasts; as long as humanity lasts." - C. S. Lewis, from his essay, "The Mythopoeic Gift of Rider Haggard," in the book, "Of This and Other Worlds," pg. 112.
The war on terror is coming home to America and the new bad guy is the former good guy: the American Veteran. Once honored for his bravery and self-sacrifice, the American Warrior is now disowned and despised by what is presumably his own government. The question is why? Let's drop the labels, ignore the media's false representations of returning veterans, and look at this clearly.

Veterans are being labeled "white supremacists," "mentally ill truthers," "mentally defective," "domestic terrorists," and "right-wing Tea Party radicals." But they are none of these things. They are patriots. The scapegoating of American veterans must end. For a society and a government to scapegoat its own warriors who risk their lives for the safety of the weak is the lowest crime imaginable.

If we mindlessly accept the validity of the totalitarian labels that are being used to scapegoat veterans then it becomes easier to justify our silence when they are illegally taken away to psych wards for exercising their free speech.

We have to admit to ourselves that it is bizarre that the warriors who were tasked with destroying the old bad guys (Al-Qaeda, Muslims) are now classified as the new bad guys who must be vanished from the tribe and extinguished. This shocking turn of events should make us question the foundations of not just the criminal war on terror, but of our own fragile psyches, which can be so easily manipulated by politicians, bureaucracies, and the modern mass press.

The warriors who are coming home from Afghanistan and Iraq deserve praise and gratitude, but they're not getting it. Instead, they are being received with a cold shoulder and treated like a disease by the press, the government, and society at large. This is not healthy nor honourable behaviour.

Why are people so fickle? The U.S. government is turning heroic defenders into domestic terrorists almost overnight, and some people think it is morally correct to go along with this nonsensical narrative?  How can people disown others in their community who are a part of themselves, especially returning warriors, so quickly and thoughtlessly? This article tries to answer that painful question.

II. At War With The Shadow At Home And Abroad
"There is the individual's personal shadow, which is formed in the context of a family. And a family shadow, your family shadow, may have certain things that are acceptable and certain things that are unacceptable. The unacceptable ones go into your family shadow. Mine may have a different set of feelings and attitudes that go into the family shadow, but in each case that family is embedded in a cultural shadow. It could be a fundamentalist Christian culture which would have a certain set of ideas about what's unacceptable and therefore goes into the shadow. It could be a liberal, politically active, Jewish culture and certain issues there go into the shadow and others don't. It could be an atheist, very politically active, socially conscious sub-culture, different shadow material. And internationally we found that different cultures in Western Europe have different shadow content than America. So there is a larger component than just the individual. And we're all influenced by all of this material, and the media plays into it as well. What is presented as acceptable and what is forbidden." - Connie Zweig, author of "Meeting the Shadow: The Hidden Power of the Dark Side of Human Nature." This quote is from part two of her interview with Jeffrey Mishlove on his show Thinking Allowed.
The "shadow" is a Jungian concept. Watch Jeffrey Mishlove's interview with Jungian analyst Connie Zweig to get a better grasp of this concept. From what I understand, the shadow is that side of ourselves, both on a personal and a collective level, that includes everything we reject and repress, either because of fear, shame, ignorance, pain, or pride.

When the shadow is not integrated into the larger personality and collective identity then deep problems surface, causing a profound psychological crisis.

In our culture, 9/11 truth and the subject of conspiracy in general has been buried in the shadow, making it easier for people to reject 9/11 conspiracy theories without thinking too deeply.

The Jungian concept of the shadow has been consciously deployed in the war on terror by U.S. political leaders to galvanize American and Western public support for the war. In this way, a U.S. intelligence agent named Osama Bin Laden came to represent evil in the world. A lot of people are still satisfied with this narrative of reality despite all the evidence that shows Bin Laden was merely the scapegoat.

Previously, the U.S. totalitarian state and American society was at war with Al-Qaeda, which personified the shadow in the American and Western collective consciousness for a decade. But now that the U.S and Al-Qaeda are open allies in Syria, this mythic Arabic organization has finished serving its domestic propaganda purposes in the United States.

As a result, the personification of the shadow has changed from Al-Qaeda to the Tea Party movement, Occupy Wall Street activists, and veterans, who are all, in the state's language, different forms of "domestic terrorists."

The returning American warrior, who is responsible for eliminating the old shadow, has transformed before our hypnotized eyes into the new shadow.

III. The New Enemy: The Shadow Warrior Returns To A Lost Homeland
"Since the end of the Cold War, America has been on a relentless search for enemies. But the real dangers are at home." - David Rothkopf, "The Enemy Within."
"Forget about al-Qaeda and state-sponsored radicalized Muslims, the newest Boogeyman that the US government wants the American public to fear are our own US veterans." - Susanne Posel, "The Manufactured US Veteran Threat Against Obama That Will Justify Martial Law."
In the new psycho-social map of the world, the heroic American veteran is the enemy and Al-Qaeda is yesterday's news. Their presence in Syria is suppressed in the Western press. The reason for this propaganda shift is that the US police state no longer needs a foreign boogeyman to justify its vast budget, at least not a non-state entity, because Iran is still being vilified.

The new boogeyman is closer to home. The armed citizen is now considered the most dangerous threat to society. And not just any armed citizen, but former members of the military.

According to the totalitarian state's new narrative, the American veteran is spiritually, mentally, and politically divorced from American society. He is damaged goods. So he is banished to the wilderness and the shadow underworld upon returning home. If he speaks up for what he thinks is right and for his brothers then he is put down and neutralized, whether by an absurd label like "terrorist," or by naked force.

In the case of Brandon Raub, the former marine who posted 9/11 truth statements on Facebook, the political method the totalitarian state used to put him down was pseudo-psychological language. The scriptures of every totalitarian state, whether Soviet Russia, Communist China, or post-9/11 America, are mainly composed of psychiatric mumbo jumbo.

The professional psycho-magicians who submissively serve the totalitarian state showed up at Raub's door and threatened to re-brainwash him.

The good news is that there is fierce grassroots resistance to the politically motivated stigmatization of veterans like Raub. Veterans are de-brainwashing themselves and discovering the painful fact that they have been deceived by their political and military leaders into fighting shadows and ghosts on the other side of the world.

Returning warriors realize instinctively that they have allies in the "conspiracy theory" world. We are interested in their safety, their souls, and their mental well-being. We will not allow them to be humiliated by being labeled "mentally ill," and thrown to the wolves in white lab coats who pretend to be caring therapists and psychologists.

These professionals are not mental healers, they are mental destroyers. They are using the power of the totalitarian state to rein in the individual's mind and keep it on a tight totalitarian leash.

But this totalitarian leash has already snapped. The American mind is free of terror and free. Trying to use veterans to scare the American people into submission a second time, after the false flag of 9/11, is a stupid idea.

What the hell can they do now? The totalitarian state cannot put a new leash on a dog who has left his master because of abuse. The era of the totalitarian leash in America and the West is over.

Infowars Nightly News: Psychiatrist Threatens & Terrorizes Marine Over 9/11 Facebook Posts

"You can be taken away, not charged with a crime. This is 1984. This is Orwell. This is Brave New World. And, also, I think it's pre-crime." - John Whitehead, lawyer, founder of the Rutherford Institute.

August 23, 2012

W. H. Auden - Tell Me The Truth About Love (Documentary)

The Mystery of Edgar Allan Poe

Henry Corbin: "To be a philosopher is to take to the road. . . "

 Henry Corbin.

"Thus every spiritual person, every mystic, is always seen as a salik, a voyager, or pilgrim (homo viator). To be a philosopher is to take to the road, never settling down in some place of satisfaction with a theory of the world, not even a place of reformation, nor of some illusory transformation of the conditions of this world. It aims for self-transformation, for the inner metamorphosis which is implied by the notion of a new or spiritual rebirth. The adventure of the mystical philosopher is essentially seen as a voyage which progresses towards the Light." - Henry Corbin, "The Voyage and the Messenger: Iran and Philosophy," Pg. 139 - 140.

Henry Corbin (14 April 1903 – 7 October 1978) was a philosopher, theologian and professor of Islamic Studies at the Sorbonne in Paris, France.

Corbin was born in Paris in April 1903. As a boy he revealed the profound sensitivity to music so evident in his work. Although he was Protestant by birth, he was educated in the Catholic tradition and at the age of 19 received a certificate in Scholastic philosophy from the Catholic Institute of Paris. Three years later he took his "licence de philosophie" under the great Thomist Étienne Gilson. In 1928 he encountered the formidable Louis Massignon, director of Islamic studies at the Sorbonne, and it was he who introduced Corbin to the writings of Suhrawardi, the 12th century Persian mystic and philosopher whose work was to profoundly affect the course of Corbin’s life. The stage was then set for a personal drama that has deep significance for understanding those cultures whose roots lie in both ancient Greece and in the prophetic religions of the Near East reaching all the way back to Zoroaster. Years later Corbin said “through my meeting with Suhrawardi, my spiritual destiny for the passage through this world was sealed. Platonism, expressed in terms of the Zoroastrian angelology of ancient Persia, illuminated the path that I was seeking.”
From "The Prophetic Tradition and the Battle for the Soul of the World: An Introduction to the Work of Henry Corbin," by Tom Cheetham:
"Henry Corbin's immense work reveals the meditations of a man living a life in sympathy with beings. We desperately need the example of such a life, in a world where, as Kathleen Raine has said, "the idea of energy has replaced the presence of beauty." Corbin understood his primary task as a philosopher to be to aid in the salvation of the Soul, both anima humana and anima mundi, from two complementary catastrophes: imprisonment in the static and opaque Truths of dogma, and a Fall into the abyss of nihilism. He wanted to serve as midwife for a rebirth of possibilities long since abandoned by the dominant ideologies of the West.

Perhaps Corbin's greatest gift to us is the transmission of a tradition in which the principle of individuation is allied with the concept of Imagination. We are ultimately responsible for ourselves, and for making ourselves capable of our God. But more than this: the spiritual birth accomplished by the soul, for the Angel, far outstrips both the bounds of the ego and the bounds of the literal world as well. Every battle for the Angel is a Battle for the Soul of the World, for the transfiguring light that brings into being a transformed and transforming world. It is not that we must escape this world to find salvation in another, for the world too is in Exile and must be returned to Paradise. This journey of Return begins when we realize that “the other world already exists in this world.” The human vocation is to give voice to the song of this other world and so bring it into being."

The Corbett Report - The South China Sea: Flashpoint of the Asia-Pacific

The 9/11 Myth, World War III, And The Modern Mental Health Crisis

"If we are looking for solutions to problems there is no use looking where problems are being made are never solved. If we want to find out how to survive, we must gradually discover what is threatening our survival and do what we can to correct it. Somewhere within the individual, if he digs deeply into himself, there is a mysterious faculty that perhaps we can call common sense. It is in all likelihood the basic qualities of mind. It is that intellection which has been given to all of us by a power greater than ourselves.

The mind is an instrument to be used, not to be abused. Its uses must always solve something, its abuses must always tear down something. Now the mind being a mysterious instrument which no one has been able to accurately define, and our higher professionals do not even attempt it because to do so they would be forced to examine causes and factors they wish to ignore.

But the mind remains as the one saving hope in this particular emergency. Somewhere within each individual is a kind of solutional power which should be cultivated instead of inhibited. The moment we find that a child has a mind to think with we should help it to think with that mind. Thinking is very different from accepting somebody else's thoughts. Thinking is not to be gained simply by reading a textbook and agreeing with the author, or, for that matter, disagreeing with the author.

The real fact of the matter is that every effort today is made to prevent the actual positive use of the mind. It is being cultured to become an instrument. We are trying to make the mind into a robot. We want to have a mind that will serve situations that are essentially false. We want a mind that will agree with the prevailing policy, even though that policy is going nowhere.

Actually, therefore, each of us must become capable of using the mind with which we have been endowed by a life greater than our own. Actually, the tendency to break away from the conventional and the conservative is growing every day. We are more and more aware that we are the victims of something that is not right. We realize as we stand closer and closer to the possible war of the worlds that have been well dramatized in motion pictures. We know something is wrong or these conditions would not and could not exist.

They do not exist because humanity as a group wants them, or that they serve humanity in any way. They have continued because small groups of ambitious persons want to play chess with the human destiny. They are not concerned with trying to solve problems. They are inclined only to consider the possibility of further advancements in some highly specialized structure of munitional warfare. They are interested only in digging in and finding more abstract theories which they can turn to the advantage of limited groups.

Now, these minds have formed a partnership, or they haven't formed it, it has occurred naturally, with other walks of life, which feed into this monopoly. These are the walks of life, for example, one of them is the psychosis of wealth. They have tried to make every human being subservient to a colossal ignorance simply by offering a reward. They have taken the attitude that if we will follow the leadership of these self-appointed leaders they will help to make us rich, will help to make us famous, and will help us to become dyspeptics or in one way or another destroy the body in which we live.

We are told that if we think for ourselves we will be poor. If we think as we are told to think by the Elect, we may retired as vice-president of some monopoly and have a grandfather's clock presented to us in recognition of forty-five years of faithful service. My uncle got one of those clocks. But the years of faithful service - what did it do to him? It destroyed in him the entire structure of individual creativeness. He did what he was told, he went to office every day, he followed the rules exactly, he had a fair living and was able to support his family, and he passed out of this life at the end of 83 years without actually having thought anything through for himself. He had no idea the kind of world he lived in, and for him pleasure and success was to be able to take a ride in a sailboat. Now this is what has been gradually happening. The sailboat has now become a yacht, and living has now gone into the multiple figures so that the elite can hardly get by on a million dollars a year.

But with all this money what is being solved? Nothing. The individual in his wealth goes down to sickness and death, and the more money he has the more extravagant his death will be.

So we are in a bind, and those who are supposed to get us out of the bind are getting us further into it. So the problem arises that more and more there are rebellions, revolts, revolutions, in which individuals are tired of the way we are mistreated by those who are pretending to be our superiors. We are not referring now to political superiors, we are not referring to those who become dictators or to those ragged and rugged generals who lead bandits through the hinterland. We are referring more directly to the type of leadership which under one guise or another prevents us from growing out of the disasters which have been created for us.

Now they will almost always say, of course, that we made these disasters for ourselves. There is no reason why we couldn't have lived well despite of the upper crust with its eternal problems. The answer to the thing is it doesn't work quite like that. The moment we fail to conform we are penalized. It is not a case of where we are better off by trying to be ourselves. We are told, and it is proven to us, that if we break the pattern, if we do not follow the mistakes of the ages we will be in tragic conditions now and there will be no remedy.

In other words, if we want to go out and beg for world peace, this is a kind of treason for which we will be penalized not only by the leaders but by those whom they have indoctrinated right down to members of our own families.

The whole situation is out of hand. But inside of us there is still this humanity. There is a power inside of the person which is the only possible solution to the problem." - Manly P. Hall, from a lecture called Idealistic Humanism. The quote is taken from part two of the lecture. 
The issue of mental health has been raised recently in reference to an ex-Marine named Brandon Raub who posted about 9/11 truth on Facebook and as a result was illegally taken to a psychiatric ward.

No doubt this was done by the U.S. government to suppress public anxieties that there may be something to the claims that 9/11 was an inside job.

In the crazy cosmology of the U.S. Totalitarian State rejecting conspiracy theories is a sign of psychological well-being and sanity, rather than the other way around. It is strange, but that's life.

How strange and absurd is life? Get this: soldiers who don't want to sacrifice their lives for a big lie are declared insane, illegally detained in a psych ward, and given pills, while politicians who tell lies to motivate them to fight in illegal wars are treated with respect.

Questioning 9/11 is the moral, right, and sane thing to do. Anyone who says differently is deliberately lying or is willfully ignorant. 

For a soldier it is better to be perceived as insane for refusing to fight for a lie than to die in a stupid and aggressive war. Thinking soldiers would probably say that the psych ward is better than the grave.

Brand me crazy, but I choose to stand beside the dissenting soldier, not the cowardly politician. If standing up for free speech means I'll be dragged to the nearest psych ward at any hour along with you and the legion of dissenting soldiers in the military then that's okay, no problem.

If choosing truth and life over deception and death means you're crazy in this upside down world then I'm crazy as hell, and you are too.

Do you see how crazy this is? We're supposed to accept this situation obediently and pretend we're not living under a crazy system that produces death, disease, and destruction on a cosmic scale.

The totalitarian media wants us to believe that warriors like Brandon Raub who reject the 9/11 fairy tale are insane for no other reason than because they want to live a full life and raise a family.

"How dare soldiers question the 9/11 myth," declare totalitarian propagandists in the media. "Don't they know they must mindlessly believe what they're told so they can sacrifice themselves for us happy few and our corrupt system? How arrogant of them! How insane of them! It is mentally ill to express doubts about our narratives. End of discussion."

How does a sane person respond to this arrogance and madness from the totalitarian mainstream media? With calm, understanding, peace, and love. It is pointless to get mad at mad people. The global 9/11 truth and justice movement does not try to mirror the madness of the imperial ruling elites, the state terrorists who did 9/11, and the totalitarian propagandists who cover for them.

This is a global peace movement that is pulling the world away from the nuclear abyss, and pushing it beyond the modern legacy of political madness and totalitarian warfare.

We in the 9/11 truth movement are not in the business of starting fires, but of putting them out. This is our sacred mission. If we are provoked into straying away from this peaceful and educational mission then we will have failed.  

The message of the global 9/11 truth and justice movement is a simple one. It says that we as a species are finished with playing little mind games and big war games that only benefit a politically connected few.

We want to reach for the stars with our heads held high and arms stretched out, not waste away our potential by constantly throwing dirt on each other in a children's playground. We do not want another world war and we do not want to live under totalitarian thought-control systems that rule our spirits, our bodies, and our minds with iron fists.

Is that too much to ask? Is it crazy to reject World War III and its insane mythology? Is it crazy to choose life over death? Is it crazy to demand truth, integrity, and honesty from our political leaders? If so then the global 9/11 truth and justice movement is totally crazy, Brandon Raub is nuts, and the tyrants in charge are just wise old men who have everything under control.